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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well as promised I have my lovely gift from Cheryl to show you..better piccie this time.
How cute is that and it is so beautifully stitched in variegated thread. Can't wait to find a spot for it come Christmas...and it came with a gorgeous little hanger too...very spoilt here.
If you thought the nature pics were over...Sorry!
Today we thought we would visit some of the more sedate and easily accessible lookouts. We began with the Boroka lookout and the views were quite stunning and such a lovely vista over the valley.
It was quite windy hence the 'windblown and carefree' look.
The next on the agenda was the Reid lookout which has a 1km walk there and back to a spot called "The Balconies" problems thinks I, 2kms is not far and another great view.
I was struck along the way by these little pink bell type beauties which seem to be just coming into bloom.
Now as we were powering along and enjoying ourselves we thought that we would make the Mackenzie Falls our last stop and we also had it on good authority that we could view the falls from the top and it was not to strenuous walk. Here is Gary looking cheerful on the path to the falls.
The view of the falls from the top was wonderful..
Isn't this lovely I thought and then I heard the voice beside me say 'it would certainly be some thing to see from the bottom and you know seeing as we are here'.....I groaned but off I went. I then find out there are 300 steps down which means there are also 300 steps back up. Did I think to turn around and say NO! Of course not....down I went...
Following the smiling sadist..

The "voice" was right and it was certainly something to see from the bottom...
Couldn't resist a photo mainly to show you the size of it and this is only one section of the falls....his and
These are a few of the 300 steps it took to get down here and that I had to then walk back up.
The "voice" then discovered this was not the end...ohh noo! There was more yet to see and walk too...
Oh wait and then there was this..
and then thankfully the end was in sight and as they say the peasants were revolting and so I viewed the end from afar...
Then the mighty journey up all those steps and pathways to where it all began..oh my! You know how you get really silly and incoherent when you have over exerted yourself...well that was me. I even came up with a name for us as we moaned and groaned our way to the top..."The Mutant Whinger Turtles" being not myself by this stage I thought that was hilarious and hysterical laughter insued.
Finally we reach the blessed, beloved top and head for the carpark only to be diverted by "him" to look at "Broken Falls"...
I tell you I was not only broken I was shattered..I just know I will be thrilled I went to see these wonders of nature...when the pain subsides. That's the Grampians for us folks. I will leave you with a few of Mr. R's friends that he couldn't resist playing with.
Gotta fly,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your best friend tomorrow may just be "radox"... Oh I can feel those sore legs already! But then again you are probably fitter than I am! lol
    EnJoY your travels! :)

  2. Ouch! I remember when staying in that caravan park we were woken at stupid o'clock each morning (well before 5am) by flock of corellas flying over.

  3. "Double Ouch" - but what a view and the reward will be the memories and photographs later!!lol. Are sure you his 'friends' aren't the only friends he has - they can at least fly up to the top!!!!

  4. oh my you are seeing some beautiful sights.xx

  5. Qwhat a fabulous view! I would have moaned and groaned too, but it really was worth it. Your pics are wonderful! Love the little stitchery you sweet!

  6. Glad you loved your stitchery Michelle. Forgot to tell you that snow covered Boroka lookout just two weeks ago. Wish you could stay longer, but have loved been able to catch up and look forward to following you in the rest of your travels

  7. I think after that adventure Mr. R. just might have to carry me back up those stairs lol! It sure is a beautiful spot though , worth all that pain ;-) Hugs Sheila

  8. Loving all the nature pics but "The Mutant Whinger Turtles" steals the show.

  9. What beautiful Birds!
    We've done a few of those difficult treks in our time at other Falls. Not sure I could now, though.
    Mama Bear

  10. I have so loved stalking your blog during your trip (and of course on previous occasions) but find myself laughing to myself this morning while reading todays blog...I love your new name...and I can emphasis with the trek down and up (I did one once and thought I was going to die - my heart was trying to jump out of my chest) - looks like a beautiful spot though - you have inspired me to visit it one day - keep on having fun...xx

  11. I havent walked 108375 steps and I think The Mutant Whinger Turtles is just about the most hilarious thing Ive heard this week.

    Unless they put a lift in there Im never seeing that view for real so thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. a lovely mini from Cheryl... and will be a special addition to your christmasy decorations...
    the carefree windblown looks suits yoiu and it sound like you will come back ultra fit.... more wonderful picitres...

  13. Sounds like you are having a wonderful, if tiring time,

  14. Oh what a great adventure.. I enjoyed it sitting here able to admire all your efforts...wonderful memories. xx

  15. I am loving the tour, what gorgeous locations.

  16. No wonder you still have the hurties with all those steps to get up and down!!! Loving your travels and photos! Stitchery is lovely too.

  17. your photos were a lovely reminder of our visit to the same spots around this time last year.
    Those steps were a killer! Hub and I could have completed the 'whinger turtle' quartet. there was a lot of huffing and puffing and clutching the heart when we were there.
    Looks like the weather has improved for you.

  18. You did it! (That's all that matters, haha) Fabulous pics Michelle. Sharyn:)

  19. Oh, those falls are seriously gorgeous, when you get to the bottom...but 300 steps?? You must have excellent knees young lady!

  20. I am very impressed with your 300 steps, rather you than me though!! The view is beautiful. Love your gift from Cheryl too.

  21. I enjoy your travel photos very much, thanks for sharing!
    The stitching is adorable!



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