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Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Great Day at Paddington and Homespun

WARNING: Another lengthy post may need a cuppa and Tim Tam for this epistle. Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my friends to celebrate my big day last week at a long time favourite haunt of mine, Paddington one of our oldest Brisbane suburbs close to the city. It is overflowing with quaint and Vintage shops stocking all manner of wonderful treasures and great places to eat.
My day began with  a side trip to a gorgeous nursery, gift and coffee shop at East Brisbane called "Jillian's"with friends Bev and Gaye who just happen to be sister's and my chauffeurs for the day. They had been wanting to share it with me for ages.
We had lovely coffee under vintage candelabras surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and gorgeous plants. All the vintage treasures throughout also had to be admired and oohhed and ahhed over.
We had to visit the gift shop of course and I fell in love with this beautiful crinkle shirt. The photo doesn't do it justice and it looked so pretty on.
It is just so fresh and summery (beads and earrings chosen already)....then it was off to Paddington for lunch at the Hamptons, a lovely cafe I had been wanting to try after a wander through the Antiques Centre just across the road.....for me Heaven!!
The girls waiting for lunch...
other side...
I was once again very blessed and humbled by all manner of gorgeous gifts....
Beautiful linen, lovely china, 2 gorgeous coffee cups, note book set, earrings, all manner of sewing supplies (Lorel doesn't want me to run out on holidays) she also gave me a contribution to my red/cream fabrics, a cute little craft carry all and....choccies!
There was of course the most beautiful cards too and my lovely friend Gaye gave me a handwritten poem..
"A Letter to a Friend"...tissue box stuff. You all know how I adore lovely words.
I am truly filled with so much gratitude that I have such special friends in my life and am able to share life's special milestones with them....I am sure you know how I feel with your special friends.
Now how would Vintage-loving friends end such a great day? Well a cuppa at Blake & Taylor... a very sumptious recycled furniture and homewares store of course...
Here is Gaye looking very French in her sunnies...checkout those gorgeous white pitchers above the fireplace.
Did any of this gorgeousness hop into my bag to journey home with me????? Of course it did!!
A few pretty tiny mementoes of a wonderful day. A vintage "found in France key" and wooden cotton reel, a beautiful glass heart and a porcelain disc with a beautiful saying on it....perfect!
Beautifully enchanced I have to say by being displayed on Fiona's  gorgeous table centre.
You would think that this was quite enough excitement for one girl for one day wouldn't you...well... NO!
About 6 months ago I alluded to a little project I was working know one of those annoying sneaky peeks.It was a pretty little felt sewing set featuring pretty  Cupcakes...
Well I was very excited to discover that my little sewing set has ended up here.....

On the front cover of Homespun Magazine. Insert here [****] screaming, running up and down the hallway arms waving wildly in the air, dancing on tippy toes and pumping the air with lots of Yes!! Yes!!!... ok Phew! I am quite recovered now...I think but I just had to share!!!
Oh what a lovely surprise....hope you all like it.
I think I shall go now and leave you all in peace....
Lots of preparations are now in hand for our upcoming road trip. So there is lots of list making, finding winter woolies, sorting and of course packing the stitching bag and books.
Bye for now,
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. A lovely way to spend with friends for your birthday. And congratulations on your project being in Homespun!!! How are you going to top this day??

  2. What a wonderful day Michelle and such a lovely area to visit. Congrats on the cover of Homespun, a must make set I think. Have fun with the packing. hugs......

  3. Hi Michelle! Wow what a gorgeous post this is to read...
    So much prettiness in continuing celebration of your birthday, and the cherry on top to be in Homespun!!
    I am hand-waving and cheering for you here, that's just great!

  4. Woo Hoo Michelle! On the cover! I've got my copy but it is still in the plastic. I loved it and now I love it even more knowing it is yours!

  5. Lovely goodies for your birthday Michelle and a g time out and about. Love the look of the pretty things on the magazine, I am really going to have to buy that one.

  6. Wow wow wow... a lovely post. What a wonderful day spent with your friends. Love all the gifts and purchases too. Congratulations on your projects in Homespun... and doesn't the cover look AMAZING... Super excited for you xx

  7. Wow, lots of jumpy claps for you Michelle - a covergirl at last!!
    Can't wait to buy that issue..
    You have been supping at 3 of my favourite haunts - we at the Hamptons last Saturday! So nice to eat in beautiful surrounds, and I adore that glass heart. Your birthday just keeps on giving xx

  8. wow maybe you could go 60 again next year,lol,what a wonderful birthday you are having Michelle and what beautiful friends you have.xx

  9. More gorgeous gifts, well deserved too. Fabulous project and the cover as well, super fabulous. And you are heading down our way. Hope I get to catch up again. Hugs

  10. I always have a smile on my face after reading your posts Michelle. A person never deserved all this 'special tome' more than you, congrats! Sharyn:)

  11. Definitely wow! For your sewing set on the cover of Homespun. It looks fabulous. Your day out looks like it was perfect.

  12. Congratulations on your front page feature. The perfect complement to your birthday celebrations. Well done.

  13. What a wonderful day for you and your friends Michelle.
    I have just seen the Homespun Magazine at the Eltham Library, not able to borrow the copy being the latest edition, I can't wait to buy one, love your sewing set. Hugs R.

  14. You are so very blessed with dear friends. Congrats for being a cover girl!!

  15. How special to be still celebrating your birthday with lots of friends...lots of lovely memories. SO awesome to be a cover girl - congratulations!!! I'll look forward to receivng my copy :-)

  16. What a pretty spot, if I ever get to Brisbane it looks like my kind of place!

  17. What a great day you had celebrating your special day, again and again. It is just like that add with the never ending tim tams! I have to buy myself homespun just to have another pattern of yours.

  18. How beautiful! Congratulations, Michelle! xxx

  19. Another wonderful day for you. Congrats on being a covergirl, it looks gorgeous!

  20. So much to comment on I hardly know where to start!

    Your day looks perfect. Don't you love extended birthdays and ongoing celebrations! You have a lot of special people in your life because you attract awesome-ness. Like attracts like my friend.

    And the COVER!!!!!!!!!! Im doing the happy dance for you. I think Im almost as thrilled for you as you would have been. Lovely project too!

  21. Oh my goodness Michelle what a wonderful post, loved everything about it. I got my Homespun mag today and your projects will be going on my "to do list" straight away.


  22. Michelle sounds like the most wonderful day - wish I could have been there, and all those gorgeous presents and lovely little treasures you bought. And wow - front cover - can't wait to go buy it

  23. So great to see your wonderful projects on the cover of Homespun! Congratulations!!!!

  24. Well now, the cover could not have been more beautiful than that. Well done, and well deserved. Love Paddington - one of our favourite places when Kerryn comes to visit. We often go to Hamptons as well as the Antique centre. All the best with the packing.
    Hugs xx

  25. I am catching up on blog posts... what a lovely day and well done with the Homespun... I am waiting for mine to arrive!


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