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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hi from Dubbo

Hi folks, here we are in Dubbo, Central NSW. We had a very chilly start yesterday morning in Tamworth -2 degrees but thankfully we decided not to stay in Glen Innes that evening as they awoke to  -8...brrr! Our heater also decided to pack it in so we were a wee bit chilly in body and mood. Once we got moving however and the sun showed it's face we warmed up considerably (and made a hasty visit to buy another heater) Phew! And yes Marina the dreaded red beanie was donned.
We headed west along the Oxley Highway through the town of Gunnedah. Someone very special lives there. My friend Sandy from Cookies and Cream Craft. So a quick visit for a hug and a chat was in order. Sandy is 99.9% responsible for encouraging me to have a you now have someone to  She has also been so very supportive of all my designing ya! Poor Sandy had just come in from Gym...hence the headband....but she did say not to dare go through town without dropping in.
Lovely to chat in real time instead of on the telephone. We then continued westward through Coonabarabran, Gilgandra and on to Dubbo.
Today we went to the Taronga Park Western Plains Zoo. We had a really great day. Learnt lots. Walked all day, picnicked under the trees, watched with fascination all the birds and animals and unfortunately I only have these photos....
Sculptures outside the cafe...
and the very cute "Lemur Love"...oh those gorgeous tails.
All the rest of the really great pics were accidentally deleted by yours truly...quite a lot of this took place *#%*#@** and now I am just really disappointed. I told you I was techno challenged. So not as exciting a post as I was hoping to share with you all. Still it can't take away from the lovely day we had. The zoo is really worth a visit if you are down this way. We are very tired so I think it will be a very early night as an early start in the morning.
Tomorrow we are heading towards Parkes, the hub of all things relating to Astronomy.
Catch you later,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. mmm a bit cold but refreshing I'm sure - shame about your pictures...actually a B shame...

  2. That is a lovely drive down to Dubbo. So sad about your photos but at least you have the memories. The zoo is an amazing place isnt it. Enjoy your next stage of travels.

  3. Thanks for taking us along. It's the only way I'll ever see your area.

  4. Michelle you are bringing back great memories of our trips down the Newell highway. Rotten luck re the photos, the sort of thing I tend to do at times...Isn't the Dubbo zoo great? x

  5. Michelle you are so close to me! Parkes is 25 minutes from me! I was in Parkes today bit of shopping. Stay safe and enjoy your travels.

  6. What a shame about the photos but your post was still an enjoyable read as they always are. Hope it is not too cold for you. Hugs.......

  7. I just realised I need to visit the Dubbo Zoo again - I worked out it is 27years since my one and only visit!. Despite the temperature your trip is sounding lovely. Where are you headed to?

  8. You didn't pick a good night to stay was the coldest night this year! Shame about deleting the pics, do you know a technical person who can get them back for you?

  9. so glad you got another heater Michelle,you will need it down our way and how lovely you got to meet Sandy face to face.xx

  10. -8 wow definitely beanie weather lol
    shame those photos got deleted I bet there was a beanie shot in there.
    Well done to Sandy for getting you into blogging!
    hope for a better day tomorrow

  11. It's quite comfy here in the backseat, and I've got my tour book so I can read all about the attractions. So kind of you to invite us along.

  12. Well the pictures that survived are quite lovely - hope you have your owner's manual along, lol, I enjoy traveling with you!!!

  13. Loved your post. I hope to visit the Dubbo zoo one day.

  14. Keep the pictures coming Michelle (assuming you dont accidentally delete them!)

    How lovely to meet up with a friend on the way and to see our wonderful country. Those lemur tails are just too sweet.

  15. lovely to go there and wonderful to catch up with Sandy... now watch those delete buttons for the rest of the holiday ?????

  16. sounds like your on a wonderful adventure, loving the pics!!


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