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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Narrandera and Piccies Found

Well I do not know what I did but my photos from yesterday have magically appeared on my computer...yay! So needless to say this will be a mammoth post. I did try not to overwhelm you...sorry.
This morning we awoke to find this stuff on our car....
Remember we are Queenslanders so it was quite a novelty for us. We then set out heading southwards and did a little side trip before Parkes to the CSRIO radio telescope....boys stuff!!!
We had a lovely coffee with a HUGE biscuit.
While having our coffee Mr R was asked ever so nicely if he would take a Family snap for the Stanes Family (not sure of the spelling) it appears Mrs Stanes had just turned 90 and all of her 7 children and their families had come to help her celebrate. She comes from this district so they all met there to say their goodbyes as they headed back overseas and to all corners of Australia. Mrs Stanes came and thanked us for taking the photo and told us all about herself...such a lovely lady and one of the many strong Aussie women from the land that helped make our country great. Just had to share it.
The telescope was made famous in 1969 for picking up television signals from the Apollo 11 moon may remember we also made a film about it called "The Dish". It was I have to admit very interesting and I loved the gallery of amazing photographs in the Bowen Gallery.
All along the way we have had paddock after paddock of bright yellow Canola keeping us company.
It is so pretty though.

I am going to share a couple of the zoo photos with you. I am not going to subject you to them all. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was though that I had not deleted them all.
There was so much that I loved it is hard to pick a favourite...but of course the elephants always steal my heart.
Every girl loves a facial and a mud pack.
We loved seeing the giraffes get their breakfast and they were not at all polite about it either.
But who could not forgive someone with those eyes...
Mr R. loved the black Rhino.
and as a huge fan of the "Meerkats" ad on TV the choice was 'simples*' we were captivated by the sentry on duty the while time we were there.
He never shirked his duty and we don't know how he stayed upright for so long...gorgeous creatures.
Also loved the Blackhanded Spider Monkeys...
and the very excitable Ring-tailed Lemurs.
Lastly they had big Elephant sculptures for the kids to play on and so I had to as well...couldn't resist.
Tonight we are camped beside Lake Talbot at Narrandera, NSW.
I think we are in for another chilly start in the morning. The scenery changes with every mile and I just love to see what is over the next rise...I'll say good evening with a photo of a beautiful Native shrub in the garden at Parkes...have no idea what it is ( grevillea type blooms)but it was gorgeous!!
Take care all,
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Ha Ha That is so funny
    Not very computer literate myself
    Pleased to see all the photos Thanks for sharing

  2. Looks like a great trip so far!

  3. Glad your photos turned up, Michelle. Great photos, and giraffes do it for me, every time!

  4. thankyou for sharing your lovely pics and love this post,safe travels my friend.xx

  5. So glad your pics turned up! I'm not totally sure, but I think your pretty red flower is a grevillea.....but which one, I couldn't say.

  6. Great photos Michelle and glad you hadn't lost the ones from the zoo. That frost looks rather chilly start to the day

  7. hello..
    Keep the trip news coming.
    Stay warm and safe..xox

  8. Lovely pic sharing Michelle. I hope I'm not making too much noise while travelling along with you!
    Keep 'em coming! :)

  9. SO GLAD you found your pics!!! Love that elephant sculpture, have you ever ridden one? I'll never forget THAT experience. lol. Australia sure is filled with beauty!!

  10. Glad you found all your photos again Michelle. They all look great.

  11. So pleased your pictures materialised and you were able to share them with us.

    Those animal shots are just gorgeous!

    Stay rugged up- its going to stay cold in the mornings for a while (its freezing here this morning)

  12. At last I can say I have been there too (Parkes).... a little piece of international history! Can you believe those animals were once native to where I lived and I was so used to them in the wild!

  13. So pleased you found those photos and thank you for sharing - just love those giraffes. It is lovely to see photos of these places we have been to - keep posting them. I am enjoying coming on the trip with you.
    Take care. Hugs xx

  14. enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing with great photos

  15. I'm glad you found your photos, you have some lovely ones of the animals, we love to visit zoos too! Your spot by the water looks a perfect place to spend an evening, enjoy!! Hugs Wendy

  16. Gorgeous pics of the animals.
    Parkes is very interesting.
    Enjoy your travels.

  17. just love travelling along with you Michelle!!!! My husband just loves meerkats......we have to watch every program on tv about them....I'll have to tell them they're there and we might even go for a road trip one day!!!! LOL Keep warm and safe and keep having fun! xoxoxo sugary hugs

  18. Love your travel photos , great they were not lost,enjoy yourselves!


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