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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Next Instalment & FNWF

Ok folks the next lovely instalment in my Birthday celebration.....I can hear you groaning LOL!
Some of you may have seen my dear friend from up the mountain Fiona from Bubz Rugz recently working on a lovely lacy project which was a vintage cutwork doiley and I like all of you was quite smitten with it. Well! Turns out it was for me. I could not believe it when I opened the parcel. It is just so gorgeous....
It is so minutely quilted and hand beaded on beautiful linen. Isn't it something? There was also chocolate but unfortunately the Chocolate Faeries ate it before I could show you....oops! Thank you my lovely are so very clever and this is such a treasure.
I also received a beautiful gift from my friend Teresa from All Things Vintage which contained all manner of gorgeousness.....
Low-cal chocolate (soap), beautiful wooden tags, very sweet notebook, a funny book to help make turning 60 more bearable and a piece of yummy fabric from the Quilt Show at the Art lovely! I had been very keen to buy some of that fabric but my book won out so I am very excited to have some.Thank you so much can see why I feel so spoiled around here.
My dear friend Melody also made my heart sing with her gorgeous parcel...a simply beautiful bag upon which is an original artwork piece of a dear little birdie by Michele L. Palmer that Melody knows I adore.
The postcard fabric we bought together at Patchwork Teahouse last year. But wait there is more...
Gorgeous fabric, sweet little girl motifs and a ticket in NOTYQ Quilt exhibition raffle for a beautiful quilt....ohh wouldn't that be something.....thanks ever so much you dear girl.
Two pressies from my online friends group also arrived...just when I thought I was done..
From Simone from Quilting is My Down Time look at my lovely piece of fabric and that gorgeous bar of yummy smelling soap with the sweetest card.
Thank you Simone..
Allison from This Old Aunty Quilts gifted me beautiful fabrics, a darling little hat pincusion, the sweetest little scissors in their own case, a lovely chenille face washer and beautiful soap...I am going to smell sooo nice....
Thank you so much to all of my lovely blogging helped make my Birthday so special.
I have one more thing to show you. My Mum came to stay to celebrate my Birthday with me and also spoilt me rotten...part of my gift from her was some treasured pieces of Family special!
and you all know how much I hate old china NOT!!! Aren't they beautiful pieces. I was so very touched.
I am quite confident now that this will be the last instalment so it will be safe to visit me once more..tee hee!
Finally I must tell you that I don't have anything too exciting to show you from FNWF as I did a bit of sketching and more quilting on "Portobello Friendship".
I have been trying to pop in and visit you all but house guests make it a bit difficult to get there.
I also had a lovely lunch yesterday with all my Yoga Sisters as all of us had something to celebrate...a couple of big birthdays and lots of new Grandbabies. Sore jaw from laughing and talking.
Thank you to Cheryll  our lovely hostess....did you know she has just become a Nanna again. Big congrats to you and your family Nanna Cheryll xxx
Enjoy your Sunday. It is the most glorious sunny Queensland winter's morning here today so I am going to make the most of it....perhaps a little quilting in the sun while my Mum keeps me company.
"Friends are the gift you give yourself"
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Just beautiful Michelle , so very happy for you to receive all of the lovely gifts .

  2. Oh my goodness You have been spoilt Must be a very special person to receive so much beauty

  3. wonderful.... if this is what turning 60 does I can't wait to get do realise that you only get those lovely gifts because you are such a great friend.... love that china from your mum

  4. Wow Michelle you've been truly that little quilt from Fiona, it just takes my breath away!

  5. Hope you had a great birthday. You've certainly been blessed with wonderful friends...

  6. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts and what a wonderful birthday celebration. I think the coming year is going to be a good one, considering the excellent start.

  7. Oh that vintage doyley is exquisite, I can just imagine it with the quilting and beading: lovely! You have received a wonderful collection of goodies, and well-deserved too. xx

  8. What a lovely birthday you had, Michelle, makes turning 60 a very special milestone - I know, it happened to me in April this year! Having lost my beautiful creative mum in 2010, I didn't get to share my special birthday with her, so it was lovely to read about your mum's gift of that lovely china. My son gave me a plane ticket to Paris (for next year when I'm retired) so that was pretty special!

  9. Oh Michelle, you have so many gorgeous things to drool over. Enjoy my friend. xx

  10. more loveliness!!
    Aren't you glad it wasn't all over in one afternoon?

  11. Just so beautiful Michelle......doesn't it make you feel sooooo wonderfully you are!!!! All so beautiful and I know it will all be treasured!!
    xox enjoy
    sugary hugs :o)

  12. Really beautiful Michelle...your gifts are amazing....

  13. Oh I saw what Fiona made on her blog, so gorgeous. All your gifts look lovely, it has been a wonderful extended birthday for you! Hugs Wendy xx

  14. such a lovely post Michelle love all your gifts,love the table topper Fiona had made for you its such a lovely piece,continue enjoying your birthday my friend.xx

  15. Lots of lovelies in your birthday stash. That piece from Fiona is amazing.
    Love your quilting progress.

  16. Some lovely gifts there, oh, I did like the look of the choccies!!Lucky you.
    Cheers, Anita.

  17. Absolutely beautiful gifts..

  18. Wow what a fabtabulous birthday Michelle...yes I'm behind in the blog reading, again! very Belated Birthday Wishes to You...the quilt your friends made is lovely, Fiona's quilt is stunning and that cake..oh my goodness!!!...enjoy all your goodies...

  19. Such beautiful birthday gifts Michelle - you were very spoilt and deservedly so. Loved that beautiful old family china from your mum

  20. Absolutely beautiful gifts Michelle, you are very lucky to have such wonderful and talented friends.
    Enjoy your new treasures,

  21. More lovely lucky are you, to have such great friends and family!

  22. Sew many beautiful gifts Michelle..
    It was lovely to have your special birthday over a few days...

  23. Lots of gorgeous treasures Michelle, just like you! Enjoy it however long it lasts!!

  24. Wonderful presents! Every one is such a treasure!


  25. Happy 60th and enjoy all the wonderful gifts!

  26. Well, I nearly missed out on your birthday celebrations - so pleased I am home again in time to say a late Happy Birthday. Such wonderful posts and so much fun - you deserve all the special surprises. That quilt is so beautiful - and is that the Robyn M that I know in the photo? So pleased you have had such a wonderful week of celebrations.
    Special hugs, my friend. xxx

  27. The blessings from friends make all the difference. :-)

  28. It looks like your birthday is a national holiday, just like De's.
    LOL! Very lovely gifts. Happy Birthday wishes from me too. xx debbie
    Congrats on the magazine too. That is very exciting news.


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