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Friday, August 23, 2013

Bendigo Part 1

As Bendigo is only a quick drive down the highway from Echuca we arrived and set up with plenty of time to investigate our surroundings. On our way into the town centre I espied a sign directing us to this.
Having been a studio potter for well over 10 years and a mud slinger from way back just had to have a look see. We also have a marvellous Bendigo Pottery Bread Crock we received as a wedding present way back when ( it has risen considerably in price as a vintage piece NB Children of ours) I was wonderful to see the resident potter doing his thing and I have to admit to having little flutters watching that clay evolve into a beautiful piece before our eyes...several keepsake pieces are coming home with us. When you order a hot chocolate here what else would it come to the table in but a piece of Bendigo Pottery of course!
We were asked if we would like a photo together next to a selection of gorgeous pots and the huge brick kiln....made my old kiln look like a matchbox.
Note to self: Always change out of travel clothes before sightseeing and having a photo taken LOL!
It was so well worth a visit. I loved it. There is something special about a piece of earth shaped and persuaded  in to a work of art by the hand of a potter. They also have an Antiques & Collectables centre attached and I was very generous in my support of some of the stall holders...I'll share when I get home as they are all wrapped for safety.
When we awoke this morning we did question our sanity in leaving our blue skies and warm T-shirt weather in Queensland as it was not only freezing but bucketing down with rain. Still we fortified ourselves with a hearty breakfast, rugged up and set out for Castlemaine and Maldon. One of the main reasons this trip came about. We ran out of time last year to visit the Grampians and these two heritage towns and promised ourselves a return trip. The main reason I wanted to visit Castlemaine was to visit this place.
"Habadash" is a purveyor of Vintage buttons, notions, linens, laces, ribbons, jewelry and other is the most delicious store if you are a lover of Vintage wares.
These are my little bundle of purchases...
Mr R. had made his way back from the railway station in the pouring rain so sustenance was in order and found at Apple Annie's Cafe Bakery just across the street.
The 'best' Brownie with fresh cream and raspberry coolee...yum! Two vegie pasties were purchased for dinner this evening but after lunch in Maldon as well not sure we can fit them in.
I managed to discover in Castlemaine the wonderful patchwork shop Threadbear Quilts...beautiful shop with gorgeous Applique quilts and all manner of gorgeous fabrics and yes I did buy a few little samples.
Off to Maldon and what a sweet little town. Mr R. made enquiries about a steam train ride for Sunday and as usually happens he got talking to a gentleman who had been involved in restoring this train carriage to it's former glory...
Apparently it had been almost gutted by a fire and  then as usually happens we got invited on board to check out the interior...which is hosting a wedding tomorrow.
A beautiful bar...
and very comfy leather arm chairs made from up in good old Queensland. All fitted out true to it's original time period.
Mr R. managed to get a few more train shots...( I am only included 2 of the many)
I am sure there will be more train photos Sunday lol
This is the main street of Maldon...
Beautiful little shops and lots of lovely homes....I just love all the wrought iron work on them...This is an iconic Aussie advertisement.
After a very soggy day and I must say we did try very hard to keep the enjoyment levels up we made our way home....we really are hoping for better weather tomorrow.
However something cheery that we don't see often at home....beautiful happy daffodils them.
I'll be back with Part 2 tomorrow if you are up for it.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such a shame the weather has been so horrible. You are getting a real taste of a Victorian winter.

  2. Such a shame the weather has been so horrible. You are getting a real taste of a Victorian winter.

  3. Isn't Haberdash an amazing place. There are things everywhere you look! Yes, it is a pity it is so cold and wet for you. I love Maldon too. It's a bit like stepping back in time.

  4. Lots of fun things going on here Michelle. I've never been to Maldon, but it certainly looks like we should go! Next time...
    Love all your purchases, and seeing the iconic Bendigo pottery must have been great fun. Daffodils for Daffodil Day.. well done! xx

  5. you are visiting one of my favourite parts of Aus! I love Haberdash, Threadbear.....and Maldon is so pretty....could live there easily I think!

  6. Hello Michelle,

    Oh the inside of the train is so lovely. Great to see the Daffodil's. today is Cancer Council Day, the flowers mean Hope.
    Hope you have a bit warmer weekend.

    Happy days.

  7. Pity about the bad weather! The goldfields region in Victoria is very interesting, I have a family connection with great-great grandparents migrated from Ireland to Sandhurst (now called Bendigo) in the 1850s. They would never recognise it now!

  8. Michelle what a great time you're having. Even us Victorians are complaining how wet and cold its been this winter. Hopefully it's better for the weekend. I love Bendigo pottery to and have several pieces. Maldon and Castlemaine are both favourite places to visit - don't forget the Christmas shop at Maldon if you havn't been there already

  9. looks like you are enjoying yourself a lot despite the unfavourable weather. Hope you get to see some sun eventually before you go home.

  10. despite the weather you really are seeing a lot each day! I am now thinking our next trip to Melbourne will be the long way si I can revisit Maldon & Castlereagh!! It would be over 20years since we have been there. Hope the sun makes an appearance over the weekend for you!!

  11. what a wonderful time you are both having,just wish it wasnt so cold for you both,have a lovely weekend my friend.xx

  12. Good news for you and Hubby, next week the temperature is suppose to be around he 19 deg mark so you may receive some sunshine to warm those Queensland bones.

  13. how lovely.... you seem to be coping with the inclement weather... and finding lots of interesting places to see...

  14. You're certainly experiencing some typical Victorian weather on this holiday. That's gotta make you appreciate home and how great you have it up there a little bit!

    I love Bendigo - its one of my favourite places. Great picture tour!

  15. Did you go to the Bendigo woollen mills?? Love visiting there when I make a trip back home to visit the parents. Sounds like you had a lovely time :) Barb.

  16. Hope you found the patchwork shop in Maldon as well! You are having an amazing time despite the weather!

  17. Luckily you can always find a quilt shop to brighten your day Michelle. Hope you still have some room in your van. Glad you are having a great time despite the weather. Mornings quite cool here but days are beautiful. Keep safe. Hugs.....

  18. So are like trains so pleased you included them...Love the purchases. Hope the weather will improve for you. take care xo


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