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Friday, March 31, 2023

Hearts of Friendship

 Good morning dear friends. As you may have read in a previous post, I had sent off my Hearts quilt to friend Fiona @bubzrugz for her magic quilting.....and it was delivered back by lovely friends Marilyn and Susan. Part of the "quilting caravan" that goes back and forth up the mountain....and it's beautiful! I am calling it "Hearts of Friendship " and it will be permanently in reach of my favourite chair.

A little background on this quilt. Fiona coordinated blogging and quilting friends to gift me a heart block they had made to show me their love and compassion during the difficult time of caring for my husband during his terminal illness. Blocks came to me from the length and breadth of our land, from our cousins in New Zealand, Texas, Canada and UK. It was truly humbling and overwhelming. But stitchers kindness never really surprises me......they are truly amazing! Accompanying many of the blocks were heartfelt cards and notes of love and encouragement. 
You will never know just how much this gift means to me. It has taken me awhile to get it together as it was just too emotional to attempt it but I know my dear hubby would be wanting me to "get it done!" So with the heat subsiding.....although a fan still necessary, I got the binding sewn on and stitched down.
Fiona's quilting is so beautiful and she has put special meaning into it. She quilted ribbons tying all our hearts together, representing all of our friendship. 

And beautiful continous hearts on the borders.....
Some pics from the front. I also made a couple of hearts to make the layout even.

I have used two heart blocks that were a bigger size and couldn't be altered for the label.
I have written it yet but I will tell it's story.
My deepest heartfelt thanks to all of you lovely friends that sent hearts and messages and to my dear friend Fiona who organised this for me and then gifted the're a rare gem xx
Earlier this week I had a stitching day and lunch with friends at friend Bev's home. We stitched overlooking her lovely tropical garden.....amazing what such a heavenly slice of green does for you.....
I even got to have a little wander.....

And how about this stunning orchid! It truly is an oasis in the suburbs!
Our lunch was delicious and Bev knows her pineapple slice is a favourite of that was dessert.....ohhh it's heavenly....and I got a slice to take home....spoilt just a tad!
I could not have gotten through the last 2 years without my family and kindest of friends. Don't take them for granted....make sure they know what they mean to you.
Have a lovely weekend everyone be it busy or quiet.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Your quilt is beautiful, Michelle......Fiona has certainly worked her magic! I am proud to be part of it, but sad that it was needed. I hope it brings you love, peace and comfort.

  2. It looks lovely Michelle - everyone managed to pick 'your' colours! Great work by Fiona. When you get to turn that fan off it will give you a nice warm hug whenever you need it. xx

  3. Fiona is such a sweetheart. That was a very nice thing for her to do and you received some precious and unique hearts. I'm happy you finished the quilt top and Fiona's quilting truly is meaningful.

  4. The quilt is beautiful & Fiona's quilting is wonderful as always.

  5. Well Michelle, YoU & Mr R were worth the effort.
    Enjoy & remember the good times whenever you wrap yourself in the hearts of love... xox

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful - lovely keepsake and well done Fiona for the quilting. xxx

  7. As Chez said you are so worth it.... great placement of all the hearts. It looks wonderful and is so special...xx

  8. Hi Michelle this quilt is so special ,love Fiona’s special FMQ on it ,Gary will be looking down on this and smiling knowing how much you and he were loved 🥰

  9. Gosh it turned out just beautiful Michelle & Fiona sure has worked her magic on it! The quilting is perfect! I love the last pic xx

  10. That is a delightful finish for your very special quilt.

  11. Such a beautiful heartfelt quilt Michelle and Fiona has made it much more special with her quilting. Nothing better than quilty loving hugs. Bevs garden is beautiful.

  12. it will give you a lot of comfort. its full of love & caring

  13. How wonderful to see it finished. Fiona's quilted ribbon is a beautiful touch. She is a wonderful woman as are you. x

  14. Such a lovely quilt. I am so sorry that I never knew about the hearts as I would have sent you one. My heart was with you anyway xx Family is very precious especially when one has few friends.

  15. What a beautiful quilt to treasure! Enjoy your Easter weekend!

  16. Oh I wished I knew about the heart blocks Michelle I would have made one........
    whats a gorgeous quilt......I agree Fiona is a gem.....hugs


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