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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Letter to My Daughter

 Due to some hard work by my friend Fiona @bubzrugz I was able to gift my dear daughter her quilt on her birthday. Even though much complaining and some tweaking about the assembly of this quilt, it meant a lot to stitch it for her.

I enjoyed working in the brighter palette for a change and I think all the brighter Tildas worked well.

Fiona's quilting made it shine!

Dear Daughter with her quilt.....I nabbed her fresh from the shower lol!

Of course being a birthday there had to be cake.....Belgian chocolate cake.....her Dad's include him in the celebration x
BTW I think I was somewhat clever giving birth to a little woman on International Womens Day *wink!
As my main objective was to get the binding on that quilt done I have now only gotten back to Gossip in the Garden with Fiona. I completed this easy "Daisy in a Teacup" block.....very hard to get a good photo.....its so skinny and long! 
It is lovely in real life. I am also working on the second stitchery for Owl and Hare with Lorel but nothing really to show there. 
Another spool roll has been calling to me.....I wanted to stitch a Christmas one and as I had it already cut out and prepped I dove right in!
First page is "snowy" and before all the Aussie......we don't have snow at Christmas....begin to tutt.....I LOVE snowmen and so I am having snowmen lol!
Always feels good to free those little treasures from their tins and drawers and create something with them. The doiley half I retrieved was a collar from a dolly I had made way back when and who was damaged and couldn't be saved.....I like that!
Well friends the day is closing in and as I have actually cooked.....yes you heard that right....I made a pot of tasty bacon, potato and carrot soup and I have a fresh, crusty roll to go with it.....I am going to enjoy it.
Leaving you with my two awesome little women of the future. 
Take care and hug your tribe.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such a beautiful quilt Michelle and the cake looks delicious. Lovely start to your spool roll, so pretty. xx

  2. What a lovely 'letter to your daughter', Michelle! Yummy, chocolate cake.....your soup sounds delicious. You can have Christmas any time you want!

  3. That is a wonderful finish. What a lovely quilt for your daughter! Very special and it looks great.
    Yes, you can definitely have snowmen on your roll. Love it!

  4. The photo of your daughter wrapped in her new quilt is wonderful!

  5. Tus labores son preciosas. BESICOS.

  6. Beautiful quilt. The soup sounds yummy. Love the roll & the snowman.

  7. Quilt for your daughter is beautiful. Lovely photo of her in her quilt. Your soup sounds wonderful and your Christmas roll is lovely and why shouldn't you have a snowman??

  8. Your quilt is just lovely and so many personal touches.... great picture of her wrapped in love .... that soup sounds good - was it? cant go too wrong if you add bacon. Love the new spool idea and pretty daisy in a cup.... it is such a sweet one...

  9. So clever to have daughter's birthday on IWD! The quilt is stunningly beautiful, and I love the palette. Your Christmas roll will be beautiful, and hope you show us as you roll along. I so love a snowflake and a few snowmen. My DD says the snow is so deep over there (half way up her laundry door, lol), that it will still be lying around in May when we arrive :) Darling little women of the future. Off to see my one and only granddaughter today. xxx

  10. Hi lovely ,this quilt is simply gorgeous,you can see how much Liss loves it ,well done on your beautiful work Michelle and also well done to Fiona for her beautiful FMQ it’s stunning. Oh your soup sounds so yummy,good to see you are doing some cooking,take care my lovely friend 🌹🤍🌹

  11. A beautiful quilt for your DD to treasure.
    Another fun block for Gossip in the Garden.
    A pretty start to your spool roll.
    A gorgeous photo of the two young ladies in your life.

  12. I'm sure your daughter will always treasure such a beautiful quilt from her mother. There is so much love stitched into it. A very similar daisy block is in the Some Kind of Wonderful quilt as well. Have fun with your spool roll.

  13. Well done, Michelle! I had every intention to start Letter to My Daughter as well, but other stuff got in the way, so my daughter will never have one :-( But there are so many others to choose from!

  14. Your daughter's quilt finished up beautifully! You got some nice pictures of her with it. Hope her birthday celebration was enjoyable.

  15. Your daughters quilt is absolutely beautiful Michelle & I agree - those brighter Tilda's worked well together. I love the one of her wrapped up in it. A gorgeous photo of her with her sons - they look like their Mum. Fiona's quilting is just wonderful. xx

  16. More beautiful work on display Michelle.
    I love the LtmD quilt. It's really pretty.
    Some ladies at guild are making it too so now I look forward to seeing theirs as well.
    Nice post... xox

  17. You are amazing my friend. Belgian Chocolate....he was a man after my own heart!!! You bred amazing women very proud of you sweetheart xxx


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