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Friday, March 24, 2023

Ladies Who Lunch

 Good morning. After a showery couple of days, the sunshine is back. Ever so slightly cooler and I for one am thankful.

I have had a visit to the city with my DD, DIL, GDs and friends to belatedly celebrate DDs birthday as life's schedule just doesn't always work out.
We have a family tradition of the girlies and Nanas going to the Shingle Inn for high tea. I did it with my Nan and so it went down through the family.
I was excited to take my Granddaughters. 
Whilst the fittings have been preserved having been dismantled from it's original site and stored until being set up in our City Hall......sadly the service and food was NOT as we remembered! The insta photos are pretty though....goes to show you can't always believe the internet lol!
The takeaway from the day was however.....great company and fun!

Sewing wise, I am managing to keep up with my BOM Owl and Hare with the completion of the last block in this part. I really am loving this project.
Gossip in the Garden is also progressing well. With this part completed to await extra blocks further down the track.

Because as you know I dislike piecing and will usually go to all manner of lengths to avoid bits I don't fancy, I have opted out of 15 star blocks around the main block. Instead I have paper pieced some elongated hexagons to make kisses.....with the block amongst them....butterfly kisses.

I have six more kisses to make and applique down....I like them!
My weekly stitching meditation is coming along.....such a calming thing to do....just stitch and let your mind relax.

My sweet Orang-utan is now rendered in coloured pencil. It was a lovely experience with his gentle eyes watching me draw the rest of him.
Someone commented to me a while ago that it was an odd combination that I stitched and quilted and drew birds and animals.....I was a bit taken aback.....why? Without nature we are nothing was my response! Why must we be one thing or the other. Why can't we embrace all the things that make our hearts sing. That make us uniquely us.
I think the strangest animal sometimes is the human being lol!
Well on that profound note I shall finish.
Take care lovely people.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. It's the differences in us all that make us unique - and interesting, Michelle! How boring the world would be if we all liked the same things. Looks like your had a lovely day with loving company, and that makes it special even if the surroundings aren't quite as perfect as they could have been.

  2. A lovely occasion for all the ladies in your family. Your projects are all looking beautiful Michelle and your Orang-utan is amazing! xx

  3. as you said - very disappointing that Shingle Inn has gone "off". There would be a lot of people like you who regarded it as something special.
    Lots of projects to keep you busy.

  4. Shame your high Tea was not as it has been, so good all the girls could go together. You are making wonderful progress with your projects. I agree your orangutan is amazing, the eyes make it, and the beautiful hair!! Love the maggies too.

  5. And I find it odd that someone would find that odd! As a nature lover who can't resist showing my birds, etc. on my mainly stitching blog I think it is awesome to see others sharing their pursuits like drawing, photography, or whatever they love. Family outings are always special -beautiful photos. Love seeing your project updates, and beautiful stitching on your meditation piece.

  6. The day with your family sounds wonderful. It is too bad the food was as expected. I am always so happy when I read about, and see, your varied talents. So much beauty in what you create.
    I agree, the strangest animal is the human!

  7. A lovely family tradition to keep going. Beautiful stitching and art work as always.

  8. Pity about the venue - hopefully there will be another place that does better for next time.... love the kisses for piecing replacement... they look really good and of course you know I love that orangutang.... I would have thought designing and stitching and moving with art are a natural link....

  9. Shame the food wasn't up to par but look like your all had a wonderful day out. My kit for owl & hare has arrived, short some fabrics but at least i can make a start on the stitcheries. Darn i wish i had though of an alternate block in Gossips for those pieced stars, love what you've done. Love your orang-utan. Those magpies are gorgeous. I have a family who visits me & i just love to see them.

  10. I think you are blessed to be so multi talented... so embroider, quilt and draw away to your hearts content... LoVe it all... xox

  11. How wonderful your granddaughters are now coming to high tea with you. I am sure they enjoyed the day, despite the deficiencies of the Shingle Inn these days. The ones in the suburbs are so disappointing too. That was an odd thing for someone to say, but then I find non-stitchers do say odd things at times. Both are visual art forms, and I do exactly the same: draw little birds and animals, and stitch away every day. Currently on Roxy's Journal of Stitchery vol. 3, Down the Garden path. Orang-Utan and magpies look magical and make me smile, and the new quilt is going to be gorgeous too. xoxox

  12. What a wonderful outing to the city Michelle. I think its great that you carry on these traditions with your girls. Very special.
    I love all your sewing as usual. Your drawing is magical - you really make them come to life. I agree with you - we should embrace all the things that bring us joy. Someone also told me that it was strange that I sewed & yet I painted old things too. Should I do one or the other ... heaven forbid !! 😉😊

  13. Such a lovely time with your family. A wonderful tradition. Lots of beautiful projects and I love your weekly stitching meditation idea. Drawings are stunning. Hmm, I agree, a very strange comment about drawing vs stitching.

  14. Hi Michelle what a lovely high tea with family very special. Wow your blocks are amazing you do such lovely work and your drawings are always so real,well done my friend,hope you have a wonderful day 🌹🤍🌹

  15. What a wonderful way to spend time together and to continue a special tradition.


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