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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Sunday Stitchers

 This past Sunday I was able to join my friends at Sunday Stitchers. It's been 2 years since I was able to be there. It felt lovely to be back amongst friends after so long. 

As ususal there was a morning tea theme and being January it was Australia Day.

Show and tell was some great charity quilts from Inca and Susan, a baby quilt from Susan and a Sister stitch along finish from Anita.
Also Susan, Sandi and De had some Spargo House blocks....I didn't catch what or where for those....probably too busy talking lol! But they are very cute!
I took my slow stitching bits and bobs....

I may have just inspired (corrupted) a few of the girls to create some new slow stitching projects.....thank you girls for the lovely welcome back xx
I worked on the label for Letter to My Daughter quilt. 
Finishing it off over the last couple of evenings.
This quilt is now a flimsy and off to my lovely quilting fairy.

I am really happy to have this quilt almost done as then I could enjoy my new project with a clear conscience lol!
I am having a bit of a SAL with my friend Fiona @bubzrugz Prep is underway....yay!
I am using a beautiful collection of fabrics that Fiona gifted me for my last birthday.

One more little project was on my list before I began this new one and that was a smaller Kanthi mat for my Mum's treadle machine to match somewhat the one I made for the nearby coffee table.

My art group also resumed this week and I decided a bigger version of the Orang-utan I sketched would be my new project.
There is going to be some much shorter pencils after this little he has to be very much darker which equates to lots of pigment.....but I am definitely enjoying his company.
Ok! That's me done. I am off to get some dinner.....something I have found very difficult, I have lost intetest in dinner making. 
Take care friends.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. It looks like a lovely day with your Sunday Stitchers, and Australia Day to start the year. I have not heard of Kanthi, and google did not enlighten me. However, I recognise the style of your beautiful mats; I guess they might be Japanese? Yay for the Letter to my Daughter quilt which has turned out wonderfully. xxx

  2. How wonderful to be back with your friends again, Michelle....and to show your beautiful stitching! I like your kooka friend. Looking forward to seeing your new quilt when it's done too.

  3. Lovely to be welcomed back to your group after so long. A Letter to My Daughter looks beautiful and I am sure will be beautifully quilted too! Hve fun with your new project and your new art work too. xx

  4. Michelle me alegro de tu día lleno de diversión y bellos trabajos con amigas. Saludos

  5. You are having certainly been creatively busy. Your Sunday Stitchers event sounds like a great day. I love the Letters to My Daughter quilt and look forward to seeing it quilted.

  6. How nice to get back with your groups again, both the Sunday Stitchers and your Art group. I'm sure you felt enveloped with hugs and love. I can understand how you find cooking dinner difficult now, and do hope you find a solution to meet your needs. Take care.

  7. woohoo..... lots of lovely projects there and great to sew with friends... hope you found an interesting dinner to have.... or an extra TimTam

  8. The Spargo houses are based on a book called Homegrown by Sue Spargo. A few of us decided to do the quilt (without the outside border) and we set some timelines for Show & Tell, so that we would all stay motivated...(well, that was the plan)

  9. Looks like a fabulous day & lots of lovely projects. I miss being able to attend Sunday Stitchers. Have fun with Gossips. I loved making it.

  10. So good to be welcomed by both your stitching friends and art group Michelle.
    I really like the fabrics you used for LTMD , lovely finish.. Enjoy your new project.
    Maybe order some pre made dinners to have on hand.
    hugs .

  11. You have a very productive group. Great to see what everyone is doing.
    Lovely work on your quilt top. Great to see your gorgeous flimsy finished.

  12. So nice to be able to be at your Sunday group again, and such a lovely show and tell by all! Love your finish, look forward to seeing how it gets quilted! xx

  13. How good to join in with the Sunday Stitchers again. They are a talented bunch. Have fun with Gossip. Nice to see your kookaburra back.

  14. Lots of beautiful show and tell. Love your quilt! Maybe you can freeze some food and just thaw it out? It must be hard for you and I send many healing hugs x

  15. Lovely to be with your Sunday Stitchers again, they are a talented bunch. Love your finished quilt and your new one. Could you pick up some cooked meals maybe at the supermarket and freeze them as Ondrea suggests, then they can be thawed and heated through? Sending hugs xx


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