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Friday, January 13, 2023

My Slow Stitching Addiction

 Hello there. I mentioned in a previous post that I would share my stitched books and snippet rolls. I have always enjoyed handstitching. So when this so called "slow stitching " movement emerged I found myself becoming more and more interested. The first project I undertook was the 52 tag challenge by Anne Brookes which exposed me to loads of lovely projects.  I didn't however like the really rough and rustic finishes favoured. I decided nothing was preventing me from creating the way I wanted to.

I  became enamoured with 'snippet rolls' and embroidery books and decided to dive in.
My first book.....

I loved stitching it so much I really wanted to create another one. I decided on a Nature theme for my next one.
This is my front cover....
And the back cover.
Couldn't not have a Bee page.....and birdies appearing too.
Always fancied Sunshine and Moonshine pages.....I  tried some dyeing with watercolour pencils on these pages.
Beautiful flowers and our beautiful beaches.
Feathers and butterflies. Used some stamped pieces of fabric on my Feathers page.
Leaves....lots of leaves and a nod to upcycling using a little orphan stitchery I had designed and stitched. Lots of selvage strips to.
I have had the blue hexie for over 20 years and it was made from 1800's fabric and given to be by an old lady in my first quilting group.
Lastly a compilation of birds, leaves and buttons.
Even though I loved every minute of making these books. I still cannot get a good finish on assembly but the enjoyment makes up for the less than perfect finish. Featuring all those special bits of fabric, buttons and lace....loved it!
Now my true addiction is the little snippet rolls which are attached to vintage bobbin spools.....cannot stop making them.

Truthfully I can say there will be more lol!
I have been making use of my new sketchbook.....I fell in love with some reference photos of an adult and baby Orang-utans....I think that maybe the adult will become a bigger coloured pencil study.

I saw this quote and really loved can see I am getting back to my soppy self.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend. 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx



  1. Lovely resume of your beautiful projects Michelle and great sketches. xx

  2. Your stitching is beautiful, Michelle! That's a lovely quote, but what about chocolate? We need our

  3. Lovely work Michelle, both sewing & drawing

  4. Love seeing all your favourite things in your books & on rolls. Keep up the enjoyment. Of course your drawings are always amazing...xox

  5. I think this is a very good addiction to have Michelle ... probably more healthy for me than my current chocolate addiction ! I just adore all your slow stitching work.
    For the book pages ... do you kind of sketch out a rough outline of what you are thinking first? Or do you let the pieces decide for themselves? I love that quote - just perfect. Is that a peace lily growing outside? I did not know they could grow outdoors. Enjoy the weekend Michelle. xx

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.... little works of art on each page. I love my special needlecase with some on. Orangutangs are such perfect posers for your art. Great quote too.... xx

  7. Your books and rolls are exquisite, Michelle. Your are a fabulous artist and stitcher. I have made two rolls, very basic indeed, and loved doing them. Finding spools has become difficult. One antique shop wanted $60 for one like you have used! I have done some Christmas pages, but have to figure out how to make a book with them :) Happy Stitching! xx

  8. Your slow stitching is always gorgeous. i do like the idea of those snippet rolls!

  9. Love the quote. So many beautiful slow stitching creations and gorgeous art work as always.

  10. I am up there with you, I have always preferred hand stitching, so much more character!
    I have some pages around somewhere, should put them together into a book; it could be a project for this year :-)

  11. Beautiful slow stitching projects. Love the quote.

  12. I'm finally getting to comment on your recent posts. For some silly reason Blogger won't let me comment on either my iPhone or iPad. I just love your slow stitching projects. It is something I'd like to day. Your artistic talents really shine on these projects. I hope you continue to create such lovlies.

  13. Beautiful slow stitching projects Michelle, lovely to use all your special bits and pieces. Great quote.


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