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Sunday, November 8, 2020



Only just squeezed in....nearly forgot it was FNWF over at CHERYLL'S....phew! 

I  chose to get some more work done on my Christmas secret Santa projects so this is all I can share......

It took a while and I finished off the evening with another little Heartstrings stitchery. I think that I am now ready to do the centre panel....they really are such sweet stitcheries. 

Not very exciting for you.....sorry!
Thanks Cheryll for gathering us together once again.
These two little ladies in my family love to bake!

This year I didn't want a stocking stuffer that was just plastic rubbish, so I decided to make them each a reversible apron.....Christmas and everyday. 

I have bikkie cutters,  patty cake cases, wooden spoon and a cake mix so they can get baking straight away. Also a little matching dilly bag to keep their bikkie cutters safe when not in use.

Looking forward to sampling their efforts.
Due to  Covid I really haven't ventured out to just wander the shops but this week I finally got to spend a voucher I received for would you believe Mothers Day!
So I came home with 2 new books....I often have books that I feel that I would like to have permanently on my bookshelf.....Where the Crawdads Sing is one of these.
I was thrilled to bag it on sale along with Graham Norton's new book.
I am a very pleased little bookworm.....thanks family xx
Thats it from me....I have a date with my pencils today. 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Fantastic idea for your grandies. I have seen that book on the shelves before lockdown but haven't seen Home Stretch before. I shall look that one up. Some more lovely stitching there. Enjoy.

  2. Can't go wrong with baking accessories for young cooks, Michelle!

  3. Love the colours in your Christmas fabrics.
    And the little sets you have put together for the budding cooks are gorgeous.
    I have to agree with your book selection, too.

  4. It's that secret time of the year with our sewing...
    Nice little stitchery..
    What a fantastic idea for Christmas stocking fillers for the little chefs...

  5. I love that stripe in your Christmas item... and what a lovely set for the girls... just wonderful and they will be well used.... lovely books too... I have reserved Crawshank to listen to and enjoyed GN's first book... I must remember to book the others

  6. What a good idea with the reversible aprons Michelle, and adding the cooking bits and pieces too. Children are such fun in the kitchen. The Secret Santa piece is very pretty, such good colour combinations. Happy stitching xxx

  7. Wonderful idea for the Christmas stocking for the girls, they will be so happy.

  8. Very pretty Christmas fabrics in your secret project.
    Such pretty aprons for your gorgeous girls

  9. Those aprons are a great idea - I am sure your cooks will love them. xx

  10. The girls will be thrilled with their chef aprons and goodie bags.

  11. Lovely gift ideas Michelle. They'll be a HiT.
    Look forward to the ssshh project reveal too.

  12. Nice aprons, what a good idea. Bet the girls love them.

  13. Pretty stitching and I wonder what you will be drawing. What a great idea to make the girls aprons with baking things. I'm sure they will love it . I'm wondering if my seven year old grandson would like an apron as he does help his mom in the kitchen quite a lot. I'm not going out much still mostly for groceries; looking forward to the day when this all will be behind us. It's best to play it safe.


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