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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Early Christmas Lunch

 Yesterday I joined my friends to visit one of our group who now lives in residential care. We decided to take our Christmas gathering to her so we could all still be together.

Some lovely Christmas decorations greeted us in the foyer.....

We had a really delicious lunch and wicked dessert...sorry no photo....went down the rabbit hole too quick lol! Coffee and chocolates to finish! Delish! I think there may also have been some bubbles consumed....
The staff were wonderful and ensured we had a lovely celebration.
Here we all are. We were also joined by the sweetest little girl...Kays Granddaughter and she stole all our hearts away! She was so good and enjoyed herself immensely. 
We do secret Santa each year and we also have a little gift for everyone.
I made a table topper in Christmas colours but rosy fabrics that can stay out all year round if you want for my lady....Moira.
My small gifts to the girls were tree ornaments made from my very  favourite Christmas French General fabric. 

And what better way to use it than to give it to folk you love.....
I came home with loads of goodies.....ooops forgot the rocky road in the fridge.....its there truly!

And my Secret Santa was friend Sandra and she made me a gorgeous cushion with vintage laces, buttons and fabric and lots of hand stitching....I was very spoilt!

Also in my parcel was the most beautiful little print that Sandra found that she thought I would like and she was right...... I adore it!

It was a lovely day and great that we could all be together once is such a blessing to call these ladies "friend".

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. So nice to get together with your friends, the decorations are beautiful. Lovely presents.

  2. What a lovely day.....spending time with friends is the best!

  3. How wonderful you could all be together for an early Christmas and exchange lovely gifts....

  4. Michelle que deliciosa entrada haces hoy divinos obsequios!!
    Maravilloso celebrar Navidad
    En Europa este año será una Navidad diferente
    Covid azota demasiado
    Gracia por compartir alegría

  5. Such a lovely pre Christmas lunch spent with special friends.

  6. What a wonderful way to spend the day..... good friends, food and fun. Lots of gorgeous gifts given and received.

  7. How lovely that you could all get together in the rest home Michelle. That is a gorgeous cushion Sandra made you. I saw your french general decorations over on IG & just loved them.

  8. What a lovely day for your all. I love that Winter wonderland decor, and your vintage cushion is absolutely fabulous. Lucky girls to receive your Christmas ornaments - still trying to work out how you did that :) xxx

  9. What a lovely way to celebrate with your friend. Lovely gifts, given and received - the cushion is gorgeous. xx

  10. Before I forget, do you know what design Linda used for that pretty stitchery? Looks like a wreath. Lovely work all of them.You do have the best of get togethers; it all sounds so enjoyable. Esp. to me who is still isolating these days as numbers creep up. I adore your Christmas ornaments featuring fabric I love too. Enjoy it all!

  11. what a lovely get together..
    very pretty christmas gifts!

  12. very special that you could do that...

  13. Great fun had by all. Love your gifts and the ones you received. I was taken aback last week when Christmas music was playing in a shop. Looks like Christmas starts in Novemmber now lol.

  14. How nice is it that you could all gather for a Christmas get together at the aged care facility. Unfortunately, the one that Mum is at still only allows very limited visitors by appoint only and they residents are only allowed out for medical appointments.

  15. Good to get together and celebrate. Lovely Christmas decorations and ornaments.

  16. Christmas is certainly creeping up on us...Lucky to be able to meet at your friends place. Gorgeous ornaments you made and the little cushion you received.

  17. Very Nice Get Together. Ornaments are lovely. We are having Thanksgiving Today, Your Having Christmas. Be Safe.

  18. Love your the rocky road still in the fridge...mmm if it was in my fridge, it would not last long at It is great that you could all get together and there were some lovely decorations too. Lovely stitching and gifts too.. Glad you had a wonderful day..xx


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