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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Charming Charm Quilts

 As I have posted about previously I am trying to accomplish making a "charm quilt " out of my Applecores quilt. I have always wanted to make both! 

So I went off to research exactly what a Charm Quilt was as I was not sure if fabrics of different colourways but same design were I have a few in this category. 
It is permitted as long as it a completely  different colour of fabric. I also discovered they were called "Beggars" quilts because quilters often 'begged' their friends for scraps to grow their quilt with no duplicates!  But often a quilter would duplicate ONE fabric in the quilt and the challenge by others was to find it!
Fabrics attached to a joining fabric were not considered a charm quilt....usually One Patch blocks were used.....clamshells, squares, triangles, hexagons and Applecores which I was interested to learn is also known as SPOOLS or DOUBLE AXE....who knew!
Some lovely friends have once again surprised me by popping 5 inch squares in the mail to add to my collection and aid my challenge. 
I am using only Botanical or Floral fabrics in mine just to give it an extra dimension of difficulty. Anyway I found these little pearls of information interesting and thought you might too. Call me crazy but I love knowing that what I am stitching was stitched by  needlewomen before me.
So today adding more to my pile.....
I have also been stroking this favourite piece of Christmas French General fabric and decided that it needs to be used so I will be playing with it to in the near future.

Earlier this week drawing and reading had my attention.
DD gave me this book to read......could not put it down! Loving our talented Aussie authors lately!
Set in rural Australia....a murder mystery......loved it!
Ok little people due in for afternoon tea soon.

Namaste and blessings Michelle xx x


  1. Thanks for that educational post, it is lovely to know the origins of our crafting...

    The floral fabrics look so pretty.

  2. It is nice to spend time petting and patting a favourite fabric. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  3. Thanks for finding out that information Michelle - fascinating. Not sure I would want a double axe head on my bed though lol. xx

  4. hi lovely lady ,how pretty are those apple cores,Thankyou for sharing your information with us,very interesting. Glad you enjoyed your book and I am sure I have some French general Xmas fabric floating around too somewhere,forgot I had it,lol. Namaste and blessing my beautiful friend xx

  5. That's interesting info Michelle...good job finding it out too.
    Good luck with your fabric hunting...xox

  6. interesting research . Looking forward to your progress.
    Have fun finding a project for your favourite fabric.

  7. Thanks for including me on your journey of your quilting...I look forward to every progress. Love your work.

  8. Oh yes, good book, it passed through our house quite a while back. I have never come across a charm quilt before, a new one on me,

  9. Charming applecore blocks indeed. All so pretty and with the addition of fabric treasures from your friends it will be so very special.

  10. Thank you for the information Michelle, I didn't know there were charm quilts! Have just been looking at my clam shell quilt and it would not qualify as I have several clams of the same fabric. That book looks interesting.

  11. I did not know that about charm quilts Michelle. That is very interesting - thank you for sharing that. I love your apple cores!!

  12. Fascinating info re the beggars quilt. Have fun collecting fabrics.
    Glad you enjoyed The Dry. A great read and one I
    Would go back to again.

  13. Love your apple core. I looked up that info too when making my coffin quilt as i wanted to know the "rules" for a charm quilt. I'm hopeful that there isn't any doubles but if there is i'm leaving it there as i've no desire to unpick & replace. :)

  14. great to read about the charm quilts... and the different names of shapes.... a double headed axe!! hmmm...


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