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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Christmas in July

Its a showery kind of Sunday here fact its been a showery kind of weekend.
It was perfect weather to celebrate Christmas in July in an English Pub called the Fox and Hounds on the road to Tambourine Mountain  with my friends from Sunday Stitchers.

There was so much to look at but due to Covid restrictions we couldn't fully investigate (will need another visit I think) but I did manage to find my family fellas favourite UK footy team scarves next to each other. A fire kept us all cosy.....the girls at the end closest to it  were a bit too cosy!
Our fare was traditional Roast Dinner with Yorkshire Pud and either Pavlova and berries or Plum Pudding and Custard....just the thing on a rainy day.
Sandi,  Helen and Noreen put together some little Christmas babbles, wrapped in beautiful Christmas fabric and filled with ribbon and lace just to add to our festive mood. Thank you ladies xx We had heard about this spot from them and it was lovely to visit all together.

Some of the Sunday Stitchers are embarking on a "Stitch-a-long" with Natalie Birds new pattern.....
Certain people twisted my arm violently and yes I have joined in. I love Natalie's work and she is such a very nice person as well. Its been a while since I stitched one of her designs and this one is so it has a whole lot of techniques I love!  I didn't have quite what I wanted in my stash so I ordered some bits and bobs to add to it. I wanted a slightly brighter vintagey look if that makes any sense. Happy with these.
I have held off beginning until my fabrics arrived and I had finished the last stitchery in Flowerville .....
And its now done! These were so lovely to work on and I loved the CGT I used.
Wasn't I good to wait lol! Lots of little Dresdens now!
So officially I can now begin the very cute stitcheries on the preprinted panel.
Its a bit crinkly because of how many times I have looked at it....sorry about that. But you get how cute they are.....time to choose threads.
I have also been honing my EPP Applecores skills.....and basted quite a few (I won't be practising gluing on these babies....not yet anyway)
I have just begun the fourth row of them and I love their scrappy beauty! I think I have already said that apart from a few spots or plains just to vary things, I am trying to keep all the fabrics flowers and botanicals. During the making of my Clamshells quilt, I was ASTOUNDED at the variety of fabric prints in the world....and I had only barely scratched the surface!
I am still finding them awkward but not enough to put me off. Besides sometimes extra effort is needed to achieve lovely things. I feel so fortunate that the joy of threading a needle and making little stitches has never left me.
Don't you?
Have a lovely Sunday folks.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It was wonderful for the Sunday Stitchers to be able to go out to the lovely pub for Christmas in July. The girls always find great venues and make nice gifts..
    Looks like a Michelle Sew Along with EPP and stitcheries.
    Good to have Flowerville blocks done and gret progress with the apple cores..

  2. Christmas lunch looks so special. Pretty fabrics chosen for your new project. Apple core is looking good.

  3. What a fun idea - a warm Christmas lunch on a winter day! Love your apple cores, now you need some apple blossom fabric.

  4. Lovely to get together with your friends for lunch Michelle. Heartstrings looks right up your street! Enjoy your new project. xx

  5. Very nice to go celebrate Christmas at a lovely venue with your friends. You are doing really well with the applecores, your Flowerville block is lovely and I am looking forward to watching you create your next project.

  6. Hi Michelle how wonderful to celebrate Xmas in July with your friends and what a lovely old pub. Oh I love the new quilt that you are all doing ,I love Naltalies patterns too and this one is fantastic,I will look forward to you doing this project hope you have had a lovely weekend my friend,Namaste and blessings xx

  7. Looking forward to seeing your new project progress,

  8. Looks like the cooler weather was actually perfect for a Christmas celebration. Great time for everyone.
    It also looks like a lovely lot of stitching in your future.

  9. Lovely day out for lunch to a great place too.... so fun..... You will love doing that quilt - just up your street and your flowerville and applecores are coming along too... busy busy bee...

  10. What a wonderful gathering of your like minded stitchy friends Michelle. I love everything you are working on & YES - I love Natalies designs too.

  11. What a wonderful place to meet for lunch, the menu has me drooling!

  12. Oh my! That Nat. B quilt looks awesome. I am not surprised that you succumbed lol. Your projects are coming along nicely.

  13. It was wonderful for all of you to get together. It looked like FuN...xox

  14. Looks like great fun. We sewers know how to enjoy ourselves. I do love Nat's work. ...
    Yours is very impressive too.

  15. lots of fun for Christmas in July.....I missed your birthday so happy birthday and you are making great progress on Natures Journey.......


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