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Friday, July 17, 2020

Favourite Wednesdays

After not seeing each other since March it was wonderful to catchup with friends for a stitching morning. Wednesdays are our special days. As you can imagine lots and lots of chat, laughter and good company.....I think we did fit in a stitch or two and knit a couple of rows....
I tried to be arty and get me in the mirror for the! Lol!
Friend Bev hosted us and filled us up with delicious snacks, warming vegetable soup and this gorgeous cake.....which happened to feature one of my favourites....
Sweet fresh figs! Work of art I think and tasted wonderful!
So a "diamond day" amongst all the stone days of recent times. Family and friends were all I really missed in lock down.
I did get some stitching done and was able to finish my 2nd last Flowerville stitchery block yesterday. No. 9 (last one) got  underway chatting to friend FIONA via video link.
As I have some cutting and machine sewing to do on Nature's Journey I did a little bit more trial work on Applecores. I have worked out the second row now.
I am sewing the under and over technique, sourced from tutorials on the internet....which is a little awkward to do....its a bit of head patting and tummy rubbing at the same time awkward!
But less awkward than trying to baste the whole applecore and then try and sew it to the ones ajacent and above it. So far I am managing the unders and overs as the back shows...
Now that I have the hang of it and like how it looks I will continue with it but I think it will be a home project after all. I don't want to scare off other campers with the faces I pull sewing this lol! I am loving seeing all those lovely scrappy pieces in the beginnings of this quilt though. I am trying to keep it mostly to florals and botanicals. Why is it you think you will always have an abundance of scraps to do a project but always need to go and aquire more???
I do have a couple of other caravan EPP six pointed stars that I actually began last year on our journey north.
Or the recently purchased Jewels which make lovely have probably seen the liberty versions on the net that are all the go at present.
I bought quite large ones so will sew up quicker and could be quite nice with some fussy cutting is good having options AND something to look forward to.
There is plenty of time to decide as we aren't taking our "Chateau de Wheels" out anytime soon in this current climate.....I am still in semi hermit mode.
Well nice folks.....have a very nice weekend, stay warm, stay safe and stay well!
I have to get ready for a little furry friend who is visiting for the weekend.
Love this photo of my Son and Grandchildren.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. So good you had a lovely day out with your stitchy friends ...
    Pretty Flowerville block , will be nice to see it together.
    Oh those Applecores look far too tricky for me but you do enjoy all your EPP.
    It's always fun to sit and chat online with a friend while stitching...

  2. Beautiful photo of your son and grandchildren.😁

  3. It is nice to be able to catch up with stitching friends again. Lovely photo of the family.

  4. How wonderful Michelle - Yes I missed my crafty friends get togethers over Lockdown too. I wish I could reach into my screen & try that Fig Cake!!

  5. Hi Michelle how lovely that you got to spend time with your friends and how yummy does your morning tea look. What a lovely pic of Lucas and the kids I can see why you like it,those smiles are precious,Namaste and blessing my friend xx

  6. Good to catch up with friends Michelle - we are still far from that here. Our little group will not be getting together anytime soon I feel. Lovely Flowerville. Goodness, those applecores sound tricky - I love the result though. And I thought clam shells were difficult! Have a lovely weekend. xx

  7. How lovely to get together with friends. I am looking forward to that one day soon?
    Lovely work with the apple cores. And I like the look of the stars, too.

  8. Caught up on your posts, Michelle. And I love a post that includes a mouth watering cake. And all your stitcheries and blocks. I always love to see your fabric choices and progress. Yes, birthdays should never be taken for granted that's for sure.

  9. So good now to be able to get together with friends again! Like you, we don't know when we will be able to take our caravan away again......we are hoping perhaps for early November.

  10. Family and friends are the most important aren't they? So glad you got to have a lovely day with your stitchy friends. Your applecores are going to look great - that technique for sewing them sounds good - I've not done them by hand before but very effective. Lovely photo of your son and grandies :-)

  11. Glad to see your having fun with your friends. I am still reading blogs as I can working in garden some sewing some, nothing interesting here to write about.So I have gone blank lol.

  12. slowly slowly getting together with stitchy friends at last.... was great to have our chat. that cake looks gorgeous .... and lovely picture of L,C and C...have a lovely weekend....x

  13. Wonderful to get together with your stitching friends and that cake looks amazing. Your stitchery looks wonderful, and it is good to see you have the applecores under control. Pretty starnand looking forward to seeing your hearts. Very special photo of the birthday boy and his children.

  14. Isn't it great catching up with our sewing groups again. Have been to 2 retreats...such fun. Your apple cores are coming along. Your baby alphabet quilt is getting thete .Am up to "S" now. Am loving it thank you. Enjoy your furry friend

  15. Love your cheery Flowerdale block and your apple core EPP is coming along nicely. I am thinking about doing those hearts after seeing them on Sue's blog but I am not sure that I have seen the templates or papers anywhere to purchase. So good that you were able to meet up with your sewing group. Sadly, we are back to stage 3 lockdown but I still chose to self isolate when we went to stage 2. Grey hair, unmanicured nails, improvisations for sewing supplies and lots of binge watching here lol. My daughter and her hubby just had a beautiful brand new Jayco caravan delivered but they can't go anywhere in the foreseeable future.


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