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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Nature's Journey and Birthdays

I have been loving a big dose of needle turn applique on the centre panel of Nature's Journey.  First all the stems and leaves.
And then all the pretty flowers and critters....
I have some embroidery left to do on some legs. I am still undecided if I will include the random shapes that are in the pattern on the centre....still thinking!
I also decided that I would prefer 4 corners the same on the last border so made little hexie flowers for those.
Same but different,  if you know what I mean.
I have one more basket to add to my pile....
And one more Love and Hugs block to add to that pile.
Over the weekend my FIL turned 92 years young and so cake was called for. He is a bloke of very simple tastes and a caramel mudcake is his favourite....very easy for me. So I zoooshed it up a bit with strawberries and  malteasers.
Can you see the banner photo? That was draped across his front fence by his gorgeous neighbour. So he would see it as soon as he opened his blinds. She puts something on his fence every year and for all the other celebrations in the year. When the world shows us the worst its wonderful to know one of the best.
Here is Dad in younger days sharing his birthday with our Son who turns 40 today.
Many years they celebrated together......only 2 days apart.
I am so thrilled to be able to celebrate my Sons 40th birthday with him and his family . He has become such a good man and considering all the health issues and difficulties he has gone tbrough over the last 5 years he deserves to celebrate.  We certainly learned the hard way that tomorrow is not promised so appreciate each day.
Looking forward to CAKE and lots of candles! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤❤
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle what a lovely happy post ,you have done so well with all your stitching on these beautiful projects . happy birthday to your FIL and your wonderful amazing son ,he sure is an inspiration,hope they both have a wonderful day Namaste and blessing my friend. PS I am back to yoga tomorrow ,yipee xx

  2. Such a beautiful post with a heartfelt message for us all. You must be super proud of your son and your FIL's cake looks yummy. I am sure he enjoyed it. Love your blocks.

  3. a lovely post.... such special people in your life having birthdays.... great reasons to eat cake! I do love your Natures Journey.... you are so good with colours...

  4. Best wishes to the birthday boys! Love your very pretty.

  5. Beautiful stitching, and Happy Birthday photos, such a lot to be thankful for.

  6. Your applique is beautiful Michelle and those hexies are cute. Lovely to celebrate two birthdays, nothing in life is guaranteed is it!

  7. Happy birthday to the birthday boys. Gorgeous stitching as always.

  8. How lovely to enjoy celebrating birthdays. Looks like it was a good time. My mum is 92 in a couple of weeks but we will still be in lockdown, so lots of time on skype for us.
    Your blocks are looking lovely with all the delicate needle turn. Beautiful work.

  9. What special birthdays celebrated by both family members Michelle. Happy Birthday Wishes to them both - your photos look great & I love what you have been working on. xx

  10. That centre panel look lovely Michelle - lots of nice projects to be working on. Lovely birthday pictures too. xx

  11. Natures Journey is looking great. Such a nice one to do...
    Like you Blue Basket and dragonfly blocks.
    So good to have been able to share some family birthdays and enjoy cake.

  12. HaPPy BirTHDaY to both FIL and DS.
    Hip hip hooray...🎉🎂💕

  13. Happy Birthday to those in your family! 92, Woohoo! I have never heard of a caramel mud cake but after doing a search I have to make one. I love all of your handwork.

  14. Lovely work Michelle. Wonderful special birthday celebrations very cherished times.

  15. Lovely post and birthday wishes all round Michelle xxx


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