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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Picking Up Where I left Off

Hello out there! I hope you are all well and haven't let the easing of restrictions go to your head too much. I am still not that adventurous.
Since finishing my Baltimore I have been keen to get back to my other projects. I couldn't decide which one so I gave several a little bit of time each.
BLOCK 7 of Flowerville.....
I think this one and the Coffee Pot house are turning out to be my favourites.
Another LOVE & HUGS block......
All the stitchery needed doing.
Another Basket block for BASKET CASE....I am going to rename it as BASKET CASE ANTIDOTE as I noticed another Aussie designer already has a quilt by that name....pure coincidence I assure you
I used this fabric for a border around the centre basket block and I have sewn the first rows of basket around that to see what it looks like.

 I also did a test run of how many baskets I had made so I could determine how many to go......I am liking it so far.....only 27 left to make....I think!
After all the effort on the hand quilting I was also very happy to dive into some reading. I am a huge sucker for a good old  Australian country romance.
Especially if there are strong country women, horses and faithful them!
There was another, a Fiona McCallum book but it's back with its lender now.
Enjoyed every one of them! Love a good yarn.
We have had some nice showers over the weekend which the garden has lapped up...literally!
With a little bit of sunshine this morning my pink geranium was like a jewel.
Well that is me all caught up for now.
One of my favourite poems.....I know I have shared it before but it sums up perfectly what it feels like to love reading.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Beautiful stitcheries Michelle, nice for you to be doing something from the quilting.😁 love your baskets, and your garden photos are wonderful.

  2. Flowerville is pretty and nice Love and Hugs block too.
    The baskets look great together and I love the centre block.
    So nice to have some colour in the garden..
    Will check out if I can get those books as audio ones...

  3. Hi Michelle gee you are a prolific stitcher you are amazing all the work you do ,well done on all your lovely work. Glad you are enjoying your books and glad your garden has seen some rain hope you have a lovely week,Namaste and blessings my friend xx

  4. Lovely stitcheries, Michelle......and your baskets are looking good, even if they have to take on another name!

  5. Oh you do amaze me with how busy you keep yourself. I feel so lazy. Your work is beautiful and I so enjoy following your progress.

  6. Beautiful stitcheries... you got heaps done in the after quilting freedom!!! The garden has enjoyed a bit of rain...

  7. Lots of lovely things to read about today. I love to immerse myself in a good read but.....have to say that I rather like serial killer type books! What does that say about me, I wonder? But justice always prevails in the end and the baddy gets brought to justice.

  8. Gorgeous stitcheries as always. Your baskets are looking pretty. I too am enjoying my "castle" and staying close to it.

  9. Your flowerville is just so beautiful Michelle. I love that poem at the end & have not seen it before. I will save it & print it off.

  10. It is lovely to have a range of projects on the go. Great to see the progress, too. Your garden does look happy.

  11. I have oh, so many books inside me, but being the forgetful type, after a couple of years just may enjoy reading a nearly new to me book over again.

    1. I often reread a book that I have enjoyed....glad to know that you do too x

  12. Oh I love how your basket quilt is coming along, a gorgeous pile of baskets! Your stitchery blocks are beautiful too....are you planning on dong all the Hugs blocks? I see there are some Christmas ones coming out soon.... Nice that you've had a chance to do some reading...lovely poem - so true :-)

  13. Lovely embroideries Michelle. I love how your baskets are looking and the border round the centre basket works well. xx

  14. Gorgeous stitcheries. Love your basket quilt. I'm always looking for good books to get for my Mum. Must keep my eye out for these ones. Hugs, xx

  15. Always fun to see your beautiful projects on the go and the perfect stitchings.


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