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Monday, June 29, 2020

Last Weeks Doings

It was a bit cool here in sunny Queensland last week....something I am not keen on!
This nasty Covid 19 has made for a peculiar life in lots of  unexpected ways.
Last week Mr R. his Dad and I said goodbye to a lovely family friend and a funeral under these current conditions was a very strange affair.
I finally got a cut and colour from my favourite hairdresser Katie.....
Whilst having untidy hair is a first world problem, my goodness it feels good to be all cut and coloured again.....huge appreciation here!
Clever friend FIONA organised a sit, sew and chat meeting with myself, MARIA over in WA and SUE down in VICTORIA  which was just lovely especially as Fiona made such an effort in her gorgeous hat and pearls lol! I have borrowed this pic from Sue.
Keeping spirits up in these times is very important.....
I worked on another Love & Hugs block while we chatted....I can now add it to the pile.
There are two more little baskets to add to the pile.
I think I have the apple cores sorted out now and just need to work out how many I  need for the width of the quilt.
And last but not least I am slowly appliquing my way around the last border of my Wings and Pretty Things quilt getting all those hexies sewn down.
I am not allowing myself to do anything more to my new project until Wings and Pretty Things is completed!
Which is where I am headed right now.....once the kettle is singing!

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I did love how Fiona dressed for the occasion!
    It has been quite cool...for Brisbane...lovely sewing happening.

  2. Your haircut looks very nice indeed. Amazing how it can boost your spirits. And it looks like you had a fun chat and get together. Great idea.
    Looks like you are getting all your sewing projects heading in the right direction.

  3. Does make you feel a lot better after visiting your hairdresser..
    Was lovely to get to sit and chat with Fiona, Sue and you .. Fiona did look elegant in her fancy hat and ear ring...
    Pretty stitchery, baskets and apple cores.
    Good luck with Wings and Pretty Things..

  4. Love your baskets and I have started some basket blocks--drawing my own design--but they do look a bit like yours-mine though have a squarer bottom on them--I got tired of appliquing heart blocks!!! and have always loved baskets!! Love your teapot in the last photo--I used to have a very large one of those for campfires really--but never did use it but once or twice as I had a short camping life--but I kept it for many years on the top of my kitchen cabinets in NY before moving to Florida--miss that darn pot!!!
    luv, di

  5. It's nice to feel normal every now and again - glad you were finally able to have a haircut :-) Your stitchery work is beautiful. I'm so looking forward to seeing your Wings and Pretty Things completed!! How lovely to have a zoom sew-in with the girls.

  6. Sorry to hear about your friend, Michelle. A new haircut does lift the spirits, doesn't it! Your handwork is lovely......when are you planning your trip?

  7. It was a busy week for you.... always sad saying goodbye.... YOur hair looks lovely and it was great having a catch up... hmmmm I wonder how long you can keep your fingers away from your new project...

  8. WooHoo... nice hair style... & lovely stitching effort too... xox

  9. Your hair looks wonderful, always makes you feel good having a visit to the hairdresser! Your stitchery and baskets are lovely , it was wonderful to have a catch up, Fiona certainly looked wonderful. Going well with your applique.

  10. It's so sad that you have to say goodbye to a familyfriend.
    Love your haircut, it looks good. Such meeting is wonderful, we couldn't think this to do years ago. Love the possebilities this days.
    Like all of the patchwork you have done and the broderie block is adorable, like the birds in it.

  11. We are off to the hairdresser on Friday - Philip get his cut while my colour is brewing! My style is quite long and loose so can take a few extra weeks of not being cut but it will be nice to have the colour updated. Your zoom chat sounds just lovely. Lots of beautiful stitching going on as always. xx

  12. Hi Michelle wow love your new haircut and colour.So sorry you had to say goodbye to a friend,thinking of you all.Well done with your stitching my friend,Namaste and blessings xx

  13. Looking forward to your finished Wings and Pretty Things quilt.

  14. All your projects are so lovely. I haven't been game to visit my hairdresser and plan to wait until Soringtime. Fortunately I had already started on the going grey journey only having black foils but my hair could do with a trim. Your hair looks great.

  15. Love your hair cut. Of course the birds are beautiful. Your projects are coming along nicely.

  16. You have so many projects in the fire, that you are actually working on! I have a quilt top that just needs a border that I have suddenly had a lightbulb moment last night, SIMPLIFY. I have now discarded two previous border ideas, and have one in mind that will actually happen. That is a good feeling, adn lots less weight on my mind.


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