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Saturday, December 7, 2019

FNWF December

Oh my goodness! The last Friday Night With Friends for the year....a big thank you to CHERYLL from Gone Stitchin for gathering us together in cyberspace to create together.  She is so clever....she can Marshall us from planes and ships lol!
I had a lovely relaxed evening stitching away on? ........1797! How did you guess lol!
I am on the second side of this row. I think 2 more big rows to go and then 4 small corners. I can kind of see the end in sight.
I received a gorgeous handmade card yesterday from a very dear friend yesterday. Ann makes beautiful cards and she knows I love Frosties.....this is so cute!
It opens up in 3 folds...
Love it! Thanks so much Ann xx
It is so revoltingly hot here today with the smell of smoke everywhere....poor Frosty would be water! Thank goodness we are very blessed with air con.
So stitching in the cool is the go!
I decided on a little bit of pink for my table this year....
Take care all.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Definitely stitching in the cool today - going to the movies later, so that will be cool too! That is such a pretty card, your friend is very talented.

  2. It is always nice to see the end insight on a long term project. Pretty Christmas decorations.

  3. Nice to sit quietly in the cool and stitch Michelle. What a lovely card. xx

  4. Hi Michelle well done working on your 1797 it's looking fantastic and I am glad that you can see the end in sight .
    Love love the card that Ann made you she is very clever.
    Hmm pink on the table maybe you are turning into a shabby chic chick,lol,looks very festive. Namaste and blessings my friend xx

  5. Gorgeous header!!
    Your 1797 is growing.......

  6. Your paper pieces project is coming along beautifully . . . I enjoy paper piecing, it's such a calming thing to do in the evening before bed.
    Sweet card, she is very talented.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.
    Connie :)

  7. Your 1797 is coming along well Michelle. Your temps have been super hot this last week or so. The card Ann made you is beautiful , and very special.

  8. 1797 is growing beautifully … was fun sewing with you.... Love the card.... the heat is horrible... and the smoke...

  9. Quite amazing that the end is sort of in sight for 1797. It's going to be so beautiful. Your Frosty card is so sweet :-) It sounds like horrible conditions over your way....great that you've got something to keep you busy under the aircon.

  10. Lovely stitching. Great to see the end in sight.

  11. Lovely to see all Christmas things. What a great time of the year. Enjoy.

  12. Such a lot of beautiful stitching on this project, Michelle. So hard to think of you in heat as we bundle up before leaving the house!

  13. 1797 is going to be a really special quilt :-)


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