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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sunday Part 2 Sunday Stitchers May

We gathered for our May Sunday Stitchers meeting on Sunday. Mothers Day was our theme. The morning tea girls did a beautiful job and we all bought a shared plate for lunch.
Our birthday girl was Tatyana....that cake was pretty terrific!
Sandi gave us a sweet gift.....almost too pretty to unwrap.
But I  forced myself lol! A gorgeous notebook.....
May was also our meeting for gathering our supplies together  for our toiletry bags we had made for a women's shelter for the homeless.
Packing and filling the bags.....
The completed bags....
My bag....we also bought along undies and socks to pop in side.
Show and Tell for our UFO CHALLENGE No. 5
Finally my Ruth's quilt is together!
Helen's lovely bucket and pin cushions.
Susan's baby quilt and Alison's quilt for her hubby.
Inca's very cute and lovely little was like a tapestry stitching on the front.
Once again a very enjoyable day and one that we  can hopefully cheer others with.
Thanks girls!
Which for me is working on my Clamshells.
If you have made it to the end thank you....bit of an epistle this time.
A Nana Carter Quote to finish.......
"Never look down on anyone unless you are extending your hand to help them up"
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It looks like it was a lovely day out Michelle... with gorgeous ladies...xox

  2. So many lovely projects and a fantastic effort with the toiletry bags.

  3. Sounds like you have a lovely, thoughtful group of friends.

  4. Always good to see the lovely things your friends make Michelle. Great bags, lovely idea. xx

  5. Lovely work by everyone. Tasty looking food too.

  6. Hi Michelle lovely post and what beautiful work you have all done and that cake looks very yummy.
    I also love your clamshells,beautiful hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

  7. Such lovely quilts, bags, and ladies! So glad you had a great day :) xx

  8. What a fun afternoon. You girls are so talented and I love the homeless gift bags.
    Unties and socks are a great idea:)

  9. What a wonderful time you had together, stitching, show and tell, and enjoying lunch. The toiletry bags will be much appreciated icated, such a nice idea.

  10. Lovely day... do you actually do any sewing or is it all eating... and chatting... and show and telling??????

  11. Wonderful food and show and tell. These always look like great days.

  12. These days always look lovely. Great idea with the toiletry bags. Always good to see the show and tell.

  13. Lovely day at Sunday Stitchers. Beautiful show and tell and a great job of making the toiletry bags filled with goodies..

  14. Just catching up on your posts Michelle ... looks such a wonderful meeting that you all had. I think those bags for the women in shelters is such a great idea ... helpful & useful. Your food & your show n tell always looks amazing.

  15. Your Ruth's Quilt top looks beautiful! Well done!! Great to see the bags you ladies have put together for the shelter. They will be sooo appreciated, I'm sure. It looks like they have a great selection of things in them, and I like the touch of the extra socks and undies popped in too. It looks and sounds like a great day.


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