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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Out and About

It's been a week of being out and about. Hubby and I took advantage of a Mother's Day gift and headed off to the movies early in the choice!
Which was....
Lovely film and we enjoyed the music and seeing landmarks in the Northern Territory that we had visited.
Other here and there's happened, that took time but not very interesting enough to share.
Today we hedged our bets with these moody clouds looking threatening....
And joined our family for fish and chips down at the Bay to celebrate Mr R.s birthday.
I made cupcakes and we sang happy birthday much to his embarrassment lol!
The kids loved it!
Lots of fun....photopbombers and playground action.
We also got a walk in out along the jetty....I do love the mosaics along the way.
This may seem not a terribly exciting place to some.....but to us it's our special, happy family place and we always love being together here. The weather held and we even had a few rays of we were blessed!
I have been stitching....working away on my Clamshells and trying to catch up on my Postcards....last one for April....just finished and the first one for May just started.
Tomorrow our Son is doing another bike ride for cancer research.
Which involves riding up and down Mt easy feat over 100kms. We would like to thank all of you who have once again supported his efforts to raise funds for this cause that he is so passionate about. Once again thanks to family and friends generosity he has exceeded the entrance donation level. So if you happen to be awake tomorrow morning at stupid o'clock please give him a thought and a prayer.
That's it from me. A nice hot cuppa (all I can fit in after lunch) awaits.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks.
 Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. After reading your post I went and watched a trailer for Top End Wedding - looks good, will watch out for it :-)

  2. A busy fun time....
    All the best for your son's ride tomorrow.

  3. You have been doing some fun things... always so great to have special family time and happy birthday to Gary... lucky he gets lots of help celebrating! And you fitted in some stitching!

  4. Happy birthday wishes to Mr R!

  5. Very special to have a family place for gatherings and special occassions. Good luck to your son on his ride. Enjoying seeing your 0ostcard progress.

  6. Hi Michelle. My sister and I are hoping to see that movie when she comes down next weekend if it's still on.
    Happy birthday to the Mister ,what a pretty place to have family gatherings,looks like a lot of fun was had and I am glad the rain stayed away for you all,lovely pic of you and Gary enjoy your Weekend my friend xx

  7. Oops I forgot to say how awesome Lucas is ,boy that's a long way to ride ,go Lucas wishing you all the best mate xx

  8. It's lovely to have special family places. Happy Birthday Mr R and am thinking of your son. xx

  9. What a lovely happy day out. That movie looks good from what I have seen of the shorts. I shall wait until it comes to Sony and watch it here at home. Yummy cup cakes. My hat off to your gorgeous son.

  10. Looks like a lot of special family time regardless of the weather. Pleased all went well.

  11. Lovely pictures of family and fun! I love those mosaics too.. quilt inspiration :) xx

  12. Hope Lucas managed the ride. Amazing effort.

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  14. Lovely post Michelle. Great to see all the family together for birthday celebrations.
    Gorgeous weather for outings ATM... xox

  15. What nice family photos, happy birthday being shared with all.


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