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Saturday, May 25, 2019

FNSI MAY and Another No.6

We were catching up on our postponed Friday Night Sew In last night. Over at WENDY'S .....hope you are feeling much better now Wendy  x
As I am a bit  behind with my Postcards that was my choice for the evening's stitching. The 2nd for the month got completed.....
And I  began on No.3.....but then this happened!
I could have sworn that I had one more skein! Searched high and joy! So that put paid to my Postcards for the night.
However that gave me the opportunity to try out some little clam shells in rosy fabrics I had been wanting to I chopped and basted until bedtime.
Happy stitcher! Working on my Clamshells is supposed to be my UFO CHALLENGE for May but I suspect that didn't mean play with brand new little ones....oh dear!
My Granddaughters are 4 weeks apart in age and so.....another big Number 6 celebration was in order. My youngest little girl's favourite place is the Pancake Manor.
Down the hatch lol! I honestly don't know where she puts it! Birthdays are always nicer with family.....We were laughing about the pancakes for them when there are hot chips....sheesh!
Was very delish!
We have another Grandie birthday in a fortnight....I am sure some of you have  birthdays grouped together like this lol! Thank goodness I love cake!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I know that feeling of "I should have another one of that".....very frustrating. Pretty clam shells and enjoy the birthday celebrations

  2. Loving the postcards......and the rosy clam shells......birthday celebrations are always fun!

  3. lovely postcard.. bummer running out of thread but glad you made the most of the opportunity for those tiny clams! Lovely birthday party girl...x

  4. Love the postcard, how annoying to run out of thread. The clamshells are so pretty. Hugs,xx

  5. Your postcards are great, shame about the thread, but maybe it was clamshell time instead!! 😊 love your fabrics.

  6. Hi Michelle, your clamshells are so pretty, and so is the birthday girl. Wow, she really loves pancakes (and so do I, lol). xxx

  7. You Are A Happy Stitcher No Matter What Your Working On. Always Good Too Like Cake.

  8. OOPS! on the postcard project but look at all those clamshells! Great job! It looks like a fun time was had with the birthday girl. She's adorable

  9. That's what I love about our stitching. There is always something else to grab when one project doesn't go to plan.
    Love all the birthday fun.

  10. It's it annoying when you're sure you have that thread a trip to the shop....with blinkers on...of course!!!
    Birthdays are always great times. We have two Granddaughters two weeks apart..they were 15 this year...feeling old. Enjoy your sewing. A catch up is over due.x

  11. It looks like your GD had a lovely birthday outing Michelle. And lucky you having another celebration to look forward to soon. Your pile of postcards must be growing nicely, and I do love your clamshells. Such pretty fabrics :-)

  12. Hi Michelle you have been busy lots of beautiful work,your postcards are looking terrific.
    Happy birthday to Erin ,boy they sure are growing up quick.
    Lovely family pictures,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  13. I'm loving watching the postcard quilt evolve.
    Some NiCe family pic's too... xox


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