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Monday, January 2, 2017

RSC and Just Because!

Last year my friend Lorel and I did our version of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, hosted by Angela at So Scrappy We decided on a very achievable goal....1 Dresden Plate block per month. I just scraped in by the skin of my teeth to finish all 12. As I am not a fan of brights, using just my stash to fulfill the colour selection was indeed a challenge for me. But I did it....may not have been the exact brief but it all came out of my fabric drawers...which of course means that I can treat myself in the future.
September was Roses....burgundy, pinks and golds.
October was Sunrise, yellows and golds...
The last two months were to put your quilt together. Lots of ladies do many blocks for each colourway. Or you could choose your own for the last 2. As we have many blooming Jacaranda trees in Brisbane in November, we chose that...
December of course was a Touch of Christmas.
We don't have the rainbow colourwave multiple blocks achieve but I am really happy with the little scrappy plates.
Lorel and I are joining in again this year in our own way....we plan a scrappy 4 patch block in the designated colour with an alternating butterfly and bird applique on top. We will add these blocks to our Dresdens to make our quilt.
January is PURPLE....I have my blocks cut out ready to you can see I am not quite a purple girl!
It is such fun...if you want to join in pop over to So Scrappy HERE and dive in!

"Just because " are two of my favourite obligation to do so.....I was thinking of you.....because my heart told me to....knew you'd love it!
Before Christmas I was so blessed to have experienced this several times!
My dear friend Shez sent me the most beautiful Willow tree Angel..... it is so special!
She is even holding a rosy apple.....I love rosy apples.
I was so touched and it meant so much....
Lovely friend Sue remembered how much we enjoyed the Chili Jam from her area and so a jar arrived in the post! Out of the blue.   Oh so delicious I might thoughtful! 

Another dear friend Gaye gifted me a beautiful book of hers that she had found and I had always loved reading.....just because she wanted me to have it to enjoy.

Beautiful thoughts and gifts and beautiful friends. To know that someone thought of you with kindness is a gift in itself.
Acting on "just because" can brighten days and hearts....a card, a message, a gentle enquiry "how are you doing?" a phone call, that piece of fabric you know they will just love.....a cute button. If you do ordinary things with great love how can we not be changed for the better.....both reciever and gifter.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Hello Michelle,

    A lovely post, a great message to start the year. Enjoy your just because gifts.

    Happy days

  2. I love your dresdens..... and I love the idea of a scrap challenge... not sure??? have started reading her blog though. but I will love watching yours...
    lovely gifties - so special for you...xx

  3. RSC is your choice. I hope to be sewing along with you.

  4. hola sra. michell feliz año mis mejores deseos para usted y su familia

  5. Great post. "Just because" gifts and tokens are more special, because there is no obligation, and they bring kindness to the world.

  6. Lovely gestures. BTW I also love your Dresdens.

  7. It's a lovely idea, planning your scrap project with a friend. Your postie deserves a break, he has worked very hard this year. Precious gifts.

  8. I remember starting that challenge 2 yrs ago .....and then we had several family crisis that took every ounce of extra ....... now that things seem to be settled and I can breath again, this is a great idea! I've always thought of doing a Dresden plate quilt so I'm heading over to sign up now! Thankyou for sharing about this

  9. Hi my lovely friend,i love your dresdens such gorgeous colours,its nice to see you being spoilt Michelle you so deserve it my friend xx

  10. Your Dresden blocks are lovely ... I especially love the November purples and Jacarandas in bloom 😊

  11. What a fun idea to do rainbow blocks. and beautiful gifts to share.

  12. Your Dresdens look lovely all together like that and a good idea to combine two years worth. I am taking part this year - my first time - and look forward to being back home again this weekend and able to rummage through my purple scraps. I am definitely a purple girl! Lovely thoughts to start the new year with Michelle and lovely thoughtful friends you have. xx

  13. I wondered how I would tackle my scraps this year as I faded in the RSC last year - this looks like a nice low pressured way to do it :-) Lovely things you've received via Mr Postie...and lovely thoughts too.

  14. I love your Dresden blocks. The idea of this year's challenge to complete the quilt is fantastic. There is a reason you have so many beautiful friends and may you keep smiling the whole year through. HMmm, fancy not liking purple !! Hehehehe.

  15. what lovely words, you do indeed have good friends and I know you are one very special lady. Love your blocks. Guida

  16. I agree with Ondrea, fancy not having purple in your stash...I am sure we could have supplied you with some!! Lol!! Your Dresdens are beautiful, looking forward to seeing what you add to them. Just because is one of my favourite things!! And that says something for the kind of person your are Michelle when they come to you!! Wonderful post.

  17. Well your dresdens turned out wonderful and so clever of you to only use your stash. I would have struggled with a couple of colors. Lovely gifts from special friends

  18. Lovely dresdens...and lovely "just because" presents, enjoy!...

  19. This is a fun way to enjoy a challenge without too much pressure. And lovely results. Enjoy your new plans.


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