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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Just Scraped In

My friend Lorel and I joined the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at So Scappy again this year. We decided to add to our blocks from last year's with 4 patches with a touch of applique. January's colour was PURPLE. I really did scoot in my the skin of my teeth. Here is January!
We are going to alternate butterflies and birds.
Brinton Hall is moving slowly along with all my hexie crowns sewn and awaiting applique on to their special fabric.
LOTS of hexies in this project....just as well I like them.
I made a token gesture towards my huge pile of outstanding Splendid Sampler blocks and traced out Lynette Andersons cute block...
On a completely different tack, I wanted to share a little piece of news that has me both thrilled and terrified equally. I began the year with the news that I had been accepted as a member of the Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Incorporated.
I had to submit some pieces of my artwork and you may remember mentioning that I was working on some special projects last year....these were my pieces.

I am so looking forward to being further inspired by these amazing artists. Also learning more about one of my passions....our amazing wildlife and the natural world.
Thank goodness I am also a quilter I am going to need the quiet meditation of stitching to calm the nerves and excitement.
Thanks to all you lovely people for being so kind and encouraging when I have shared my scribblings xx

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Brinton Hall is going to be a very special quilt.
    Congratulations to the new member of the Queensland Wildlife Artists' Society.

  2. Congratulations, Michelle - how wonderful! Your work is so beautiful that I am not surprised at your achievement. Looking forward to seeing more of your blocks too!

  3. Congratulations xx
    A finished block...good progress and an exciting new membership 😊

  4. Congratulations Michelle.
    Lovely blocks and nice block of Lynette's to stitch...
    I'll be doing a workshop with her next month Yeh!

  5. Fantastic news about your acceptance into Queensland Wildlife Artists' Society Michelle, how exciting for you and what an honour! Your RSC block is so pretty and you're plowing on ahead with Brinton Hall - love the fabrics you're using :-)

  6. Many congratulations Michelle on being accepted as a member of the Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Inc. Your artwork of native birds and animals is so beautiful - you are very talented indeed.

  7. Congratulations Michelle! !! Well done. No surprise though as your work is beautiful. Your butterfly block is lovely as are the hexies. Stitching is great for some calm relaxed time.

  8. I love your scrappy blocks ... birds and butterflies will be great. lovely work and you know I am very proud of my artist friend!

  9. Huge congratulations on being accepted into Qld Wildlife Society Michelle. Of course, they recognize talent when they see it :) I love the group of pictures you submitted. Well done girl! xxx

  10. Your first rainbow scrap block for 2017 looks great Michelle. And congratulations on becoming a member of Qld Wikdlife Artists' Society; a very well deserved achievement!

  11. Thanks for sharing your lovely stitching projects.
    But big congratulations on your new membership!! That is very exciting!

  12. Wooohooo! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I knew you were good at it LOL.

  13. Hi Michelle,love your butterfly and hexie blocks.
    Well done my friend you have so much talented,it warms my heart to see your work being recognized,Namaste xxxx

  14. You are amazing so talented in sp many areas 💖💖

  15. Congratulations on becoming a member of the Qld Wildlife Artists Society - a well deserved honour!! Love all your stitching projects!

  16. Congratulations Michelle - that is brilliant news. I am looking forward to seeing lots more of your artwork. I love your purple butterfly block. xx

  17. Hello Michelle

    Great, Many congratulatiins
    I am looking forward for more to see
    I like your Butterfly
    Have a nice week Marika

  18. Congratulations, Michelle, that is wonderful news. Very well deserved as your art work is superb. I also love the butterfly block.. you know what they mean to me, so glad you are sewing them onto this quilt.

  19. Wonderful news! You must be really chuffed. Lots of lovely sewing projects to keep you busy as well.

  20. Oh I am so excited for you Michelle. I knew they would accept you. You are so talented - well done xx


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