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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In a Bind...

I have been avoiding getting some finishing off jobs done because the air con doesn't reach my sewing cave very I got up early and got those loose ends tied up! Lots of binding sewn on.
Remembering Roma was first.

Next a new pattern I am working on....have been for a while! Hopefully not tooo much longer folks!
Feels good to have that bit done. Now I can sit in the air con and stitch all that binding down.
I have got a sinusey coldy thingy.....too much partying I think recently! Anyway, until today haven't felt like doing too much after art class so I have just been quietly basting hexies for Brinton Hall. I nearly have enough for all the crowns in the first round.

I am basting them people.....I know it will take me forever but I failed gluing! Nope! Not a fan! Sigh! See dinosuar thinking is not extinct lol!

On a completely different note...
I have the sweetest Aunt and I visit her whenever I am able. I have loved her for as long as I  can remember. Soft of voice, quick to smile and a wonderful sense of humour. We also share a love of the critters in our natural world. I love spending time with her. Recently on a visit she gave me a little box of family treasures.....from my Grandmother. She wanted me to have them. When I peeked inside.....ohh!
Two more little chintz china demetasse cups to go with the one my Mum gave them so much....and then there were three!
This one bought a tear or two....
It came from my Grandmother's dressing table, where it always sat holding her rings.
Not worth a Kings Ransom to others  but priceless to me. Beautiful memories.
I don't know where my sentimentality comes from but I can't be any different.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Your new treasures are so pretty! It has been hot here too, too hot to concentrate on sewing.

  2. Here I am thinking I'm doing well and then you show what you've done when you haven't done much....makes me feel amaze me with your effects.
    You little China gifts are gorgeous...treasure forever..know how you feel. Catch up soon...xx

  3. Beautiful treasures and I love your sewing. I do like making hexies, slow but therapeutic x

  4. Hi my lovely friend,cant wait to see your new pattern,well done with your stitching.
    OMG what beautiful gifts your Aunty gave you,i know they will be treasured with you Michelle,Namaste my friend xxxx

  5. Lovely progress on those quilts; clever girl getting up early to Stitch on the binding!
    I much prefer thread basting for EPP too 😊. Those treasures from your granny are gorgeous...your aunt knows you will take such good care of them. 💕

  6. Love your projects, what a sweet Aunty you have to give you something you will treasure. Take care. Guida

  7. I remember those china pieces that had ballerinas with stiffened skirts! My grandma had one too but I can't remember the actual ornament... just the skirt :)

  8. You are working on some pretty projects. Love the china cups and that ballerina is beautiful

  9. They are so sweet. Such good memories

  10. The heat can be so stifling and doesn't encourage creativity. Beautiful family treasures from you aunt.

  11. Good scheme for getting to your binding Michelle; I hear there's been some HOT weather over your way! I"m loving the sneak peek look of your new pattern :-) How lovely of your aunt to give youthe family treasures. Just gorgeous.

  12. Beautiful family treasures indeed!

  13. Good idea to do the work that you need to in during the times when it is less hot . Your treasures are beautiful, I am sentimental too 😊

  14. Well done getting into the Cave early to get the machine sewing done..
    LOL we have a lovely lady at our Patch group who tired gluing and failed, she also loves bashing her hexies..
    Oh what beautiful treasures your Aunt gave you..

  15. Those treasures are just perfect for you! Your sewing is coming along nicely.

  16. How beautiful to get some treasures from your grandmother. I too failed gluing and much prefer basting. Easier to do the flat back stitch when basted!

  17. Good to get those little bits completed before the heat of the day, and how special to have those treasures from your grandmother! My grandma was very special to me too!

  18. Great to see a lot of progress on your stitching. The weather does restrict what we do far too much.
    Lovely to see your beautiful family treasures.

  19. Go basting the old fashioned way.... why the need to hurry I say? lovely projects - Roma, Brentons, new one.... and how lovely to have those pretty cups and pretty ring holder


  20. I still sew hexies, none of this new fangled glue for me!! You have some wonderful projects under way there. Beautiful gift from your Auntie, so lovely to have things that have wonderful memories.

  21. Hello what lovely work,
    I look forwards for your new thinks
    You have so lovely and wonderful Projects, i love all
    Kind regards Marika


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