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Monday, January 23, 2017

I am Back!

I have had a very busy time of visitors and Grandie minding. So I was very happy to take time out on our Sunshine Coast...

It doesn't look very sparkly in these photos but a storm was building...very relaxing to dip my toes and have an ocean stroll.
We had another agenda...
To surprise a dear friend on his special birthday. Here he is with his beloved girls...

These 3 have been mates since we were all young and beautiful  (Mr. R. on the left)
Mrs Birthday Boy arranged for 11 of us to spend the weekend together in this huge house! We ate out...delicious seafood, barbecued...ate cake and other treats!
We had a wonderful time together! Laughed ourselves nice to have such history and memories with old and dear friends.
We took the long way home and popped in to visit my bestie Ann. I come home with a lovely gift of Ann's beautiful cards. I thought I would share them with you.
Aren't they pretty...Ann makes gorgeous  cards... I cannot pick a favourite! I will find these very difficult to give away!
Stitching wise I have my teeny hexies appliqued on their background blocks...

and I cut out another hexie crown for my Brinton Hall quilt ready to baste.
Last but not least, I finished drawing my Major Mitchell Cockatoo. They are such pretty birds...really happy with how he turned out.
Oh dear! Chores await as they do....and then definitely an early night.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. What a fun time you must had have. Love those vintage cards, they are indeed very beautiful, just as your hexies and painting.

  2. Hi my lovely friend,wow you sure have had a busy time,glad you had fun xx

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  4. Love the cocky. Busy, busy, busy

  5. What a great way to celebrate a birthday! Pretty cards and gorgeous hexies.
    Your major Mitchell drawing is absolutely amazing

  6. Love Michelle,
    I like your coast. Thank you for the picture.
    Michelle what a great Chocolate Cake, i love choclate Cske, i bring with me 2 pots of choclate fudge from London, you geyt it not in Germany :)
    I like your Hexagon, i am looking forward for the Quilt :)
    I wish you a lovely new week, creative regards Marika

  7. What a lovely way to spend a weekend! In my Big Smoke choir we sang those friendship words - they had been set to music a long time ago, and were sung as a round.

  8. Great weekend and lovely stitching. Your quote says it all.

  9. That would have been some party - all weekend long.

  10. oh my gosh you need a rest after all that!!! very special having that time with friends.. what a lovely celebration....

  11. Lovely to see your special time enjoyed Michelle. I have always loved your friends cards whenever you have featured them.

  12. How lovely to spend time together with friends and celebrate a special occasion. And you even managed some stitching time.

  13. Lovely to walk in the water at the beach! Wonderful to have a celebration like that with life long friends. Your little hexies look great and I love the cockatoo, such beautiful colours. Anne's cards are beautiful.

  14. Your time away looks exciting. Good to see you enjoying yourselves.
    Anne's cards are so precious it would be very difficult to part with them.
    Your sewing is coming along nicely.
    Just love Mr Major amazing. So very talented. Xx

  15. A surprise birthday party - how lovely! That cake looks like it might have been OTT scrummy! xx

  16. What a wonderful opportunity to get together and share memories and make new ones. But there is always time for a little stitching and drawing.

  17. Major Mitchell, how I love that one, it looks very detailed & majestic!

  18. Any time near the water whatever the weather is grand to me ! What do you do with your beautiful drawings ? Thank you.

  19. Love your saying; I too am very sentimental about old friends. Your hexagons and so sweet and what a beautiful painting of your bird; what a talented person you are!

  20. It sounds like you had a fabulous time away Michelle...nice after your busy time but I'm sure it was all pleasure looking after the grandies :-) I do love your painting, even the detail on the branch is amazing. Sweet wee hexies too. Have a lovely day.


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