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Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Quilty Post

As we head through January after our end of year breaks, we have a series of little fresh starts....meeting up with friends again is just one.
Yesterday I had a lovely morning with friends to stitch......made a new friend, Sarah too.
Our dear friend Jan was our hostess and provided us with a beautiful cool space to work and delicious morning tea. Jan escaped my camera but I did get permission to share 2 of her works in progress.
Jan like a lot of you has been working on the 365 day challenge.....
This quilt is so rich looking with it's chocolates and tans and creams (no pun intended ) I find this quilt mind boggling....such intricately pieced little blocks! Amazing Jan!
The other is a half hexagon quilt and the effect is wonderful. Thanks for sharing x
Robyn was finishing off a late Christmas project...or she is early for this year lol!
So very cute and those  little stars are perfectly pieced.
Theresa is trying to pretend she is not in the photo lol!
I worked on my clamshells and managed to get a few more basted.
Robyn spoiled us all with gifties from her Tassie trip. I have no idea why she thought that I would like this tin?
Ohhh isn't it the dearest it...and the fudge is still intact!
So lovely to catch up....big birthday hugs too Monica xxx

It was a nice start to the year to have a project in the January issue of

I loved creating Cherries and Chocolate! It contains some of my favourite things...fabric from friends, birdies, hexagons, a bit of red work, applique and was beautifully quilted by my lovely friend FIONA FROM BUBZRUGZ

It is a happy,  joyful quilt for me. I hope you really enjoy it if you choose to stitch it too.
Time for coffee for me.
I wish you a lovely day....stay cool or warm depending on your Hemipshere.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I love when it's time for quilty get togethers to start up again. The projects all look lovely. Congrat's on being in Homespun with you beautiful quilt. Hugs,xx

  2. It sounds like a wonderful day. Lovely friends and beautiful work.

  3. Great to see you in print again, and what a great quilt and name for a quilt! You are a Star, Michelle. Hi to a few old friends I see there too :) x

  4. A lovely day spent with friends stitching. Beautiful show and tell...
    Congratulations on your publication in Homespun and great quilting by Fiona...

  5. Holidays are wonderful but there is a comfort in getting back to routine and catching up with friends again.
    Looking forward to getting my copy of Homespun. Congratulations on another beautiful project.

  6. Good morning my friend,its always a good day when stitching with friends,love those quilts and Robyn's xmas table topper is gorgeous.
    Lol i wonder why you like this tin,so cute with the bears.
    Congrats Michelle your Cherries and chocolate quilt is amazing and Fiona's quilting is awesome,what a great team you 2 make.
    Namaste my friend xxxx

  7. So many beautiful projects there. I agree with you about that one with the chocolate, creams and tans. Such a lovely combo and amazing patchwork. IT is so good to catch up with quilty friends especially when they provide a cool place to stitch lOL Cute tin. One can never have enough tins, or boxes, or pincushions or........hehehe. Congrats having your beautiful quilt in the mag. HOpe you stay cool. I am trying to stay warm here!!

  8. Friends, quilting/patchwork and good food - what more could you ask for!! Love all the photos too.

  9. I love show and tell, those quilts are just beautiful. Your quilt in the mag is really pretty, thanks for sharing. Guida

  10. Lovely to have a stitching day with like minded people, is wonderful to recognise familiar faces there! Some beautiful projects being worked on, that is a great tin!! Congratulations on having your quilt in the magazine. Beautiful quilt and quilting by Fiona.

  11. Thank you for my birthday wishes Michelle. I was spoilt yesterday and today.
    Congrats for your published quilt it is awesome.
    Love all the show and tell. Xx

  12. You have some very talented ladies in your stitching group! Congrats on having your beautiful quilt in the magazine......will definitely have to get the Jan issue of Homespun just so I can add your project to my "to do" list - which seems to be growing by the day!xx

  13. Sounds like a lovely catch up morning Michelle and what beautiful work your friends have produced. Your Cherries and Chocolate is gorgeous. xx

  14. what a wonderfully talented bunch you are!
    the 365 day quilt is amazing!
    well done on your new design it is so beautiful. Fiona's quilting has finished it beautifully!

  15. Thank you for sharing your friends' quilts - always interesting to see what others are doing! Cherries and Chocolate is so pretty, I bet it will spawn lots of little babies.

  16. Hi and Happy New Year... It was a beautiful day and I have purchased my own copy of Homespun.... Beautiful....

  17. Lovely start to the stitchy friendship Cherries and Chocolate, beautiful...

  18. It is good to have a break from all the groups but it is also fun when they get back together.
    Thanks for sharing the amazing projects on show.
    And congrats on your latest magazine display. I was impressed with the presentation of your gorgeous project.

  19. It was NiCe to catch up Michelle.
    Thanks for allowing me into your world...xox

  20. I can just imagine all the chattering going on there and everyone's work is just gorgeous. Congrats on your design in the magazine - you are TOOOOOOO clever!

  21. Lovely show and tell and the quilt in the magazine is great.x

  22. Lovely to get back to your friends groups. Such beautiful work they do. Love that gorgeous tin from robyn

  23. A lovely post Michelle :-) One good thing about life returning to normal after the Christmas/summer period is the restarting of our routines like this. It looks like you had a lovely day. It's nice to see the photos of the your friends' work. Beautiful quilt in the Homespun, well done!!!

  24. The perfect get together ... cool, yummy, sewing and friendship xx

  25. Congratulations on having a project published in Homespun! It's wonderful to see you and your friends having a lovely time.

  26. A catch up is good for the soul Michelle congrats for your homespun publication

  27. Got my copy of homespun, got the papers, got some fabrics out and traced the stitcheries. Was going to be for one person... maybe, then a friends daughter got engaged so.... it's going to be a wedding present. Chocolate and cherries quilt that is. Thanks.

  28. I am back. I no longer came before Facebook louder, to the blog. Now I deleted my Facebook account and I can once again on our beautiful blogs focus.
    I say thank you, to you. You look always at my Blog :)

    You enjoying your motning Tea and the Works are lovely.

    Iam looking forward for the new Quilt
    I wish you a lovely Sunday

    Kind regards Marika


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