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Monday, November 9, 2015

Stitching Stuff

Happy Monday to you all. I am feeling all blissed out after a beautiful Yoga and Meditation class. Thank you  Helen x
I promised to get back to stitching this post..... I have been drooling over a Robyn Falloon pattern for a very looong time. I never usually have time to stitch other designers work and I let them slide by me with a sad face. BUT! I decided that has to change and if I  really love something I am going to  make time. So after sending for this pattern it occurred to me how much fabric was involved..groan, groan! Wasn't I suppose to be making a dent in my stash?? * lightbulb* I then remembered a huge stash of fabric that I  had collected ages ago to make a quilt I fancied but could not work out how to make it using needle turn applique so had banished it in disappointment.....oh joy when I discovered the yummies I had squirreled away...want to see?

Aren't they lovely and they will be perfect! I want an olde world but not drab lot of fabrics. I will show you the pattern when it arrives. I then must leave them alone until I  get  closer to the end of Roma's Quilt. I know that I will fail and have to have a little turn of it!
I  have finished my Jacobean type, species unknown birdie block.

Last night I nearly completed another birdie block who happens to love strawberries. Tiredness defeated he needs his legs and a little more embroidery. 

Still have about 6 more blocks to ponder on.
Honestly sometimes I just think I must live in a hollow log or it takes me a while to notice new things that come into view. Recently I discovered a  new (to me) magazine at the library which I just loved but I quickly read all they had and was impatient not seeing others I hadn't. I was very excited to see the other day that my local news agency is now carrying it. You will all probably tell me it's been around for ages but folks I am just loving....

Some of the quilts featured in Quiltmania are just was I vowing no more mags for me...ah well! I  say admire beauty and take inspiration where you find it.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle ,that is so wonderful,i love Robyns designs too,i had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago when she came and did a workshop and a talk at my guild,yep that mag has been around for a bit,lol,as you say,take inspiration when you see it,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Hi Michelle, I only know that mag has been around for awhile as was given some old back copies of it. Your new birdie block is just gorgeous & that fabric range had my mouth watering :-)

  3. Love love love your birdie block, also what a great stash to find just lovely !!

  4. Love your Roma block/s and how exciting to be planning a new project!! Robyn's designs are beautiful. I love the Quiltmania magazines, they are just lovely and also the Simply VIntage which IS a new one, put out by the same people :-)

  5. glad you had a good yoga and so nice to find those fabrics to use... roma's block is lovely.... I have heard that magazine is great but I havne't bought it myself

  6. I love your birdie's block, it is looking wonderful. Can't wait to see which Robyn Falloon pattern you ordered.
    Yes the quiltmania is a wonderful magazine. I buy it every month for years and years now and have all the magazines that came out. I'm making one from this quilt mania, those diamonds for Di. When I saw that quilt I just loved it.

  7. That bird is just gorgeous..your work is beautiful.

    1. Ooh such yummy fabrics for your new quilt. Can't wait to see progress in those pretty fabrics. And your two birdies are just gorgeous

  8. Your birds are lovely Michelle - I wonder what is up next! You have a lovely collection of fabrics there for your next project and I am looking forward to seeing the pattern. xx

  9. It's always a lovely read and visit to your blog Michelle. I am so looking forward to seeing Roma's Quilt all finished as it will be stunning I'm sure. xox

  10. Love the fabrics, can't wait to see the quilt you are using them in. The bird blocks are very pretty.. Hugs,xx

  11. How perfect to find the stash ready and waiting, a New project is always exciting, bonus to have the fabrics already. Love your latest blocks especially the little strawberry thief. Very pretty

  12. Your birdies are just beautiful...wonderful to find a stash of fabric that is perfect for what you are wanting to do! How lovely to be blissed out after your class!! have seen that mag too, wonderful to browse and dream over!!

  13. Four blocks are looking wonderful. I always wonder how designers can continually come up with beautiful new work, but it seems to be working for you. It will be a nice break for you to follow a pattern, especially with such a lovely stash of fabric.

  14. Those spefcis unknown birds are lovely - maybe they are a new breed - Ridgeway robins??
    You are right about Quiltmania - lovely mag and has been around a while - so different to the usual Australian ones.

  15. How exciting to rediscover special fabric in your stash and know that it is perfect for the project you have planned.
    The birdie blocks are lovely.
    And the Quiltmania mags are delicious,


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