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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Round in Circles

Summer has found us here today....sticky and hot!
I hope if you bet on the Cup you had a about that winner.... first woman jockey to win the Melbourne Cup! Well done Prince of Penzance and Michelle Payne.

I didn't have a  bet...I saved my $$$ and ventured to buy the new Kate Morton book "The Lakehouse" of my favourite Aussie authors.  I found it was on special. I  then discovered a new title by another favourite Aussie author Di Morrisey...also on special! So! Add a little extra and buy both??? Of course!

The hard decision now is....which one do I disappear into first?
Stitching has me going around in circles....little circles.

This is a block I have been looking forward to working on. I loved it when I first saw it on the Sundial quilt....if I am happy with it I will stitch another one.
Lots of Christmas stitching has been also been happening....but only a little sneaky.

Can't see them properly? Nevermind guess you're just going to have to wait lol!
Artwise I have been working on my naughty "Petunia Pilfering" Cockatoo.....
Lots still to do but progress is being made.

This little feathery friend is good fun....thanks to my dear friend Trish for the reference photo. Trish is the owner of the pretty petunias.
Well that's me all caught up. 
Namaste and Blessings to you all, 
Michelle xxx


  1. Those books look good. Maybe I'll head off and see if I can find one. Your Cockatoo is looking terrific. We have them in hundreds here. Sometimes you can't hear yourself think for the noise they make.

  2. Ooh, so cute to see the naughty cocky Michelle. Who thought my photo would end up so famous?
    The Melbourne Cup result was a lovely unexpected surprise - very memorable. Happy reading xx

  3. I have been wondering when Kate was bringing out a new book. I have them all and shall now need to go book shopping again thanks to you LOL. Your mystery project must look great with those yummy Christmas fabrics. I had a cockatoo wake me up the other morning making funny sounds like pipes being moved around the back yard. Turns out s/he was sitting on a branch of the nectarine tree, pinching unripe nectarines, de- pipping them and dropping the pips on a metal thingo which was underneath the tree LOL.Naughty bird! I don't follow the horse racing as I don't like the idea of using animals for profit and the risk of injuries. Just a thing I have. Thanks for another lovely post.

  4. Lovely block.
    I am not a cup day better but threw in to my son,s sweep and ended up winning first prize! And we didn't even watch the race.
    Another gorgeous drawing
    Happy stitching and reading

  5. I guess these sporting wins are good to share.
    Sneaky peeks look interesting!

  6. Lovely block....good on Michelle..she and the horse did really well....enjoy those books.

  7. Great to see Michelle win....lots of great reading there too.

    1. Hard choice - which book to start on. Lovely lot of circles and am loving your cockatoo

  8. Great choice in books Michelle...I recently bought those too!

  9. It was exciting to have an Aussie be the first woman to win the cup. A very exciting time for her and her family.
    You have been busy stitching and drawing. Good luck choosing which book to start!

  10. some great reading for yoiu.... love the sneaky peak and the start of your new bird... I can never get close enough for good pics


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