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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Simple Joys

It's that time of year when lots of secret stitching is taking place in sewing caves all over the place.
Here is no different....only a smidge more to do and it will be ready for Santa's sleigh.
I am so happy to finally be getting the last bit of "Remembering Roma" done....sewing blocks together.
There is no denying that I am truly a when my lovely friend Fiona from Bubz Rugz sent me some extra prebasted hexies, all gorgeous French General ones in our Friends Hexie swap, I just had to include them in this quilt....I added some extras and they were perfect for my corners..
 I like that scrappy look too..
So finally one completed flimsy!!!!! Yay!
First on the quilting agenda when the weather is cooler next year!
Now Joy was the title of my post and I just had to record the unbridled joy my Granddaughter Miss E. revelled in when she discovered her Mum's Doc Marten boots in the wardrobe.....
I know I am not supposed to go in there....But look what I found Lol!
Meanwhile her cousin..
wanted a peek yesterday of what was in my art folder when I dropped him off at school yesterday. Master C. is like his Nana in his love of wildlife and animals.He regales me with all kinds of 'amazing' facts. So I showed him my latest piece (which I can't show you as it is a gift and their are eyes everywhere) My little art critic said "Fantastic Nana, just Fantastic!" you can't get higher praise than that! Lol! Love my little people.
I hope you are enjoying your day whatever you are doing.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Don't you just love the little ones!!! What a wonderful grandson!!! Miss E has such a cute could you be mad with her??? Secret sewing looks lovely to include hexies from Fiona...make the quilt that much more special!!

  2. Hi Michelle,wow i love this quilt,well done my friend it is amazing,how cute are those grandies,they bring such joy into your life,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  3. Lovely work there Michelle. Enjoy your little ones.x

  4. Your Roma flimsy is just gorgeous - as is the little lady in boots! xx

  5. Beautiful work on your quilt top, Michelle. What a delight to see it all together. It is wonderful.
    Lovely to see the fun with your grandies - so much to enjoy!

  6. Congratulations on Roma, you've put so much of yourself into it (and a little bit of Fiona too), it's beautiful. Your little people are lucky to have you too.

  7. Your Roma quilt is stunning and can't wait to see it quilted. What pure joy on your little girls face - you just want to bottle it. x

  8. Your quilt is SO beautiful !!!

  9. Beautiful top Michelle!!
    What a wonderful labour of love
    Little miss e looks gorgeous in her mums boots lol
    Great to have your very own fan club, the best kind too

  10. Dear Michelle,
    your Remembering Roma top is just gorgeous, love the corner blocks, so neat they are from Fiona. Perfect look.

    1. How gorgeous are your two grandies. Roma is just stunning - you will be thrilled to bits how it's turned out Michelle

  11. Roma is very beautiful. Gorgeous grandies. Hugs, xx

  12. Beautiful Roma.LOL,I have a pic somewhere of my youngest daughter at 2 wearing my shoes. Seems to be quite a thing with littlies. Gorgeous grand children pics.

  13. you must be so thrilled with the progress Roma is just stunning and so are the grandee's

  14. Your quilt top is gorgeous!! Love the photo of your granddaughter in the boots, not sure what I love more the boots or the face!!

  15. Lovely post is always so interesting to see what you are up to. I really wish I had some little peeps to dote on!

  16. oh those little darlings! - great pics of them - I take it your DD doesn't wear the Doc Martens any more?


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