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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ouch & Gratitude

I have awoken today with a very achy head...something that thankfully doesn't happen too often anymore after suffering with them for many I  thought I would take it easy and pop in and visit you.
The "reverse sewing faerie" came to visit me and my emerging circle blocks! Arrggh! That will teach me for being cocky.

Turns out my circles were a smidge too big. It is not surprising as I only had this picture in my book to go by. So lots of guessing has been the case.

After a few more attempts at the right size I finally settled on one. I have ended up with a teeny gap between them and perhaps the star is not as apparent  but I think I can live with it. Don't know if I can unsew again!

I am glad that I have persevered because I really liked this block.

At the commencement of the year I was inspired to begin and keep a "Gratitude " jar in which you write down happy blessings, occassions, kindnesses and things that made you smile throughout the year...mine sits on my Inspiration table.

Something that I don't often share with people other than my nearest and dearest is that I have a somewhat depressive and overly sensitive nature and I have to often work very hard to overcome it and remain friends with myself and see the up side of things.....surprised?  A lot of people I think are like me.
 So this jar has been a great reminder of joy and happiness even through this rough year we have had. All those positive little scraps of paper.
My jar although not chokkers with joyful reminders!

I don't share this to illicit any kind of sympathy(I am a very blessed woman) I share it because it was such a simple thing that could help one or three of you out there and has really made me take notice and acknowledge Joy! I plan in the New year holidays to go through my jar and read the often little scribbled notes and look back over the year. Also begin a new jar.
Maybe you might like to  think about one for the upcoming year too.
Thanks for keeping me and my achy head company. 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle your work is beautiful,i think your block looks awesome and what a great idea with the jar,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  2. I have seen this idea for a jar on other blogs and think it is a wonderful idea...great for those not so bright days and you are right we all have them! Your block looks amazing and no one would know whether there should be a gap there or not if you didn't say...looks perfect to me! One lot of unsewing is enough for one day!!

  3. Sorry you are not feeling to well. What a great idea to keep a blessings jar. It's something I might think about

  4. your little circle blocks looks so beautiful, well done for persevering.
    Life's full of ups and downs for all of us and it's good to appreciate the good things, your little jar is a great idea.

  5. Love the jar idea, there is so much to be joyful about. Joyful about your unpicking is maybe not going in the jar!

  6. You certainly are not alone and I perfectly understand where you are coming from. The jar idea is a good one. For me if I can sew it helps.

  7. I think your circle blocks are wonderful. Sorry to hear about your achey head and hope the pain has eased up for you. Great idea to have a reminder jar!

  8. Oh dear I do hope you are now free of that headache. Love your circles. A gratitude jar as a great idea. I used to write 3 things I was grateful for each day but have not done it for quite a while. I, like you, am blessed and I often say that as long as I am smelling the roses all is well. Angel hugs.

  9. For a time, I kept a gratitude journal, and it worked wonderfully for me. I never saw the gratitude jar idea before...I love the idea! I'm a migraine sufferer of the biggest kind, so I can sympathize with your achy head. Feel better soon!

    1. Your circle block is gorgeous and worth persevering with. Lovely idea with the jar. Too often we overlook the simple little joys of life

  10. Michelle, your Jar is a wonderful idea - it's so easy to forget to notice the little things in life, but stopping to reflect & write them down is valuable.
    Thank you for sharing your challenges, I think we all keep tough things to ourselves

  11. Your circle block is wonderful, Michelle. What a great job you have done appliqueing the circles.

  12. I love your circle block. I don't like reverse sewing but sometimes it must be done. I appreciate your comments about finding joy and gratitude. I am a work in progress too.......

  13. Your circle block looks perfect ! I love your idea of the gratitude jar , I too am a sensitive person and some days are kind of tough so I think I will start a jar , thanks for the idea .

  14. I too am slowly learning about joy and gratitude. It's amazing to read the numbers who feel sensitive and not so buoyant, you think you are on your own with this sometimes.Have a lovely weekend.Happy stitching.

  15. I can relate to your post Michelle as this year has been a rather tough one for me. I think maybe a gratitude jar may be in order for me next year dwelling on the positives rather then the negatives. Love your circle blocks. Hugs...

  16. The circle block is unusual, and very attractive Michelle. Looking forward to seeing it in quilt action. A system of reminder of the good things in life is such a good idea. I should do it too!! I think I have a lot of the same characteristics....
    Happy sewing xxx

  17. I hope your achy head is better soon Michelle. The blessings jar is such a good idea and I know several people who have found it so helpful. You will feel so blessed when you read all those little notes. Your circles are delightful! xx

  18. Sometimes the unsewing is worth it. The end result with your circles on the block is much more satisfying. Glad to see you have kept the jar going and have filled it to the brim!!


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