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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back to Your Regular Broadcast.

Good morning all. Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to you all and I  have truly felt like I  have been wrapped in a huge loving hug. Your kindness is overwhelming. To those who have not received a reply from's the old "no-reply blogger" setting preventing me from doing so but know that I deeply appreciated each and everyone of your comments. Please know that your support and caring and sharing my quilt has been much more than I anticipated and is all the gift I need.
So I feel much happier knowing that you are all being vigilant on my behalf xxx
Now back to the business of stitching and happy things.
My Robyn Falloon pattern arrived and I can't wait to start....take a note of the design name....very apt.
This arriving certainly gave me the "hurry up" to finish the last Roma blocks...
Not that I haven't enjoyed every stitch because I really have. I wanted to include a fan of some kind because my Grandmother was a church minister's wife and Sunday services did not include air conditioning and a fan was always in her handbag. 
I have begun to lay all the blocks out and I have decided that there will be no final border but a binding the same pink as the inner border will finish it off.
Hopefully it will be all together very soon. Then perhaps a bit of a wait until cool weather quilting is possible. I'm really happy with how it has turned out.
Yesterday was a lovely treat....I went to the movies with 2 friends to see this.
Not at all what I thought I was expecting. ...I just loved it. Laughing and crying with good friends throughout it was wonderful. Lunch and a post mortem of the movie was the perfect finish to the day.
As it is threatening more rain here today I feel a bit more stitching coming on.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Perfect to have a lovely new project to start, I,m sure Roma still knows she is loved :-) Need to see the movie!

  2. I know we are all wishing you good luck. Good to see your trying to keep on going. Hopefully some day you will get good news, that your quilt has been found.

  3. I still have everything crossed that your beautiful quilt will be found...Love your new quilt and yes the dressmaker was wonderful xx

  4. Love the Robyn Falloon pattern. Roma is looking fabulous. Hugs, xx

  5. Dear Michelle,
    I have just caught up with the news about your Quilt and books, I am so so sorry that this has happened to you.
    I do hope you will Quilt back very soon.
    Good luck and warm hugs,

  6. Loved the movie too. The clothes!! (sigh!) Your quilt is looking gorgeous xx

  7. Your blocks are wonderful and that new pattern looks great too.

  8. Hi Michelle,wow your quilt is going to be awesome,i am loving the blocks,yes i loved the dressmaker and i would go again to see it,lol,oh you will enjoy your new pattern,cant wait to see you start,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

  9. Loving the quilt - everyone is loving that movie too - I've read the book but not seem the movie - think I better get to it!

  10. I came here from Chookyblue, I hope your quilt will still be found. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I love your stitching designs. I am not actually doing any stitching or quilting right now but would love to add your 'BLESSINGS ANGEL' to my Sunday School coloring book, with copyright line included, of course. My little ones will love the happy design throughout the year!

  11. The border blocks for Roma are looking lovely and that new pattern looks right up your street! xx

  12. I still have everything crossed for the return of your quilt and books.
    The blocks look superb, that is going to be a truly beautiful quilt.

  13. what a fun new pattern Michelle and I do love the look of Roma each time I see it... I felt the same watching the dressmaker, so unexpected at every turn... the "I'm back you bastards' had me taken in! Hugz

  14. Love your Roma quilt, the addition of the fan is so personal. DH and I saw The dressmaker on Friday and I too shed a tear but I really enjoyed it and would like now to read the book. Enjoy the Robyn Falloon pattern.

  15. Ooooo your Roma quilt is absolutely beautiful! So glad you are feeling better emotionally about your quilt. I read The Dressmaker a few years ago and have the book on my shelf somewhere. Looking forward to the movie when it is available to watch at home. Take care.

  16. Hello Michelle,

    Isn't the Dressmaker a great movie, Hubby took me along last week to watch it. I just loved Huge Weaving in it. I will have to read the book to see if it is the same as the movie.

    Happy Monday.

  17. Your Roma quilt is looking wonderful So lovely to see all the blocks together. Impressive.
    Hoping to see that film very soon, too.

  18. wow Michelle , Roma is coming along just beautifully, well done.
    Glad that some lovely mail arrived for you, now we just keep everything crossed for some lovely mail of a quilty sort!

  19. Dear Michelle,
    love your Roma layout, such a wonderful quilt design.
    Still in hope you will find your Christmas quilt again and looking forward to the new Blessings quilt.

  20. Love the look of the quilt! And that movie has been curious - sounds like such a fun afternoon!


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