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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This and That!

Good morning all. Well not much progress has been made on "A" from Country Heart overnight....
Now I come to think about it, I think successful stitching actually requires the stitcher  to have her eyes remain open to make any advancement. LOL! This ones eyes kept slamming shut so it was an early night!
I have a little sneaky to show you of a little hexie something or other that I have beeen working on.
SSSh! don't tell anyone you've seen it here!
Yesterday was "World Tutu Day" Yep! You missed the opportunity to don the tulle and pirouette! My little granddaughter Miss Erin did not however......DD took these cute piccies and I know I am totally biased when it comes to both my gorgeous granddaughters but hey that's my job!
Miss Erin embracing her Tutuness!
and how about Miss Charlotte in her cutest Christmas fairy Tutu.
Ok! Now that I have completely and blatantly indulged my Nanahood I am off to complete some "Domestic Goddess" duties and hopefully get back to "A".
 I found this adorable image on Bing. Bye!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. The little tutu wearers are just have every right to be biased!!! Interesting work you are doing!!

  2. How sweet they are, us granny just can't help ourselves.

  3. Hi Michelle - oh the tu-tu girlies are so adorable!
    And the results of your lessons with the drawing as simply amazing, I hope you will continue to enjoy them & relish the time of continuing to develop the skills... x

  4. Hi Michelle,cute pics of your GD's and lovely sneak peek,that all i seem to be making is secret swap projects,lol,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  5. Your 'This and That's' look good to me...........especially the Tutu kidlets!

  6. OK we will let you be the adoring nana of the tutu girls!
    Love the little red hixies. . . .

  7. Lovely work so far. The girls look so cute in their tutu's.

  8. Brag all you like nanna. I am so looking forward to being able to spoil grandies. Your wee ones are so cute. Love your "A". Hmmm, could the hexie be for a swap perhaps?

  9. I've been having that problem with my eyes too! I want to sew but my eyes won't behave. LOL. Gorgeous photos of the girls in their tutu's.

  10. Hi Michelle.
    I am late again catching up with your lovely posts,
    your drawings are fabulous, and your little granddaughters are gorgeous.
    Wish I had known it was tutu day, I wold have donned mine.
    Thank you so much for Sunshine and Showers, it also is lovely.
    Hugs R.

  11. They look adorable, of course you can be a doting nanna on your blog.

  12. lovely stitcheries... sometimes I have had to unpick in the morning because I didn't see properly the night before!!! haha... adorable grandie girls in their tutu's...

  13. What little hexie? I didn't see any little, World Tutu Day - and I missed it! Sadly I don't have a tutu, but I do have a proper tiara.

  14. World Tutu Day? how could I have missed that? Your little girls look gorgeous sharing their tutu-ness. Loving the A is for Apples! xx

  15. The tutu girls are adorable! So are those hexies and the start of the A!

  16. The photos of your girls in their tu tus are really sweet, the A is looking good very pretty xcx

  17. I can see some progress on that letter "A" Michelle lol. Very gorgeous hexie something. You are allowed to be biased with those to gorgeous cuties

  18. How cute are your grandies in their tutu's. Any progress on you letter A is more progress than none I say and I love your secret hexie sewing, lucky recipient :) Barb.

  19. Very cute grandies in their tutu's. Letter A is looking good. Love a hexie project even if it's secret. :) Hugs,xx

  20. Oh such a shame I missed Tutu day! It is a Nana's job to be adoring and totally biased, so very pleased you embrace the role fully :)
    Stitching needs eyes open, oh dear, that's what has been my problem, lol


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