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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jumping in Puddles and FNSI

After the effects of Tropical Cyclone Marcia we had quite a few big puddles around our garden.
We were left thankfully unscathed and my heart goes out to my northern neighbours around Rockhampton and Yeppoon that suffered damage and loss. Apart from watching and releasing water from the pool often..
All was well. So there was nothing for it but to stitch and do a little designing too.
I shall tell you more about that in the next couple of days.
I joined lots of lovely bloggers on Friday night over at Wendy's for
You can pop over if you like and see what everyone got up too. I was really resisting the temptation to play with my "Rememering Roma" blocks but I was feeling very guilty about neglecting the borders on my French General I was very pleased with myself in that I cut and pinned all the bias stems around the remaining 3 borders...
I then stitched and stitched (which I really enjoyed btw...very relaxing)
and got it all on bar one border which I finished Saturday. So I am now doing the extra fun bit of deciding where my little birdies will go and appliquing them in this spotty one!
I hope all my other Friday nighters enjoyed their stitching too.
Mr R. and I agreed if the rain had ceased this morning we would go up in to the bush for a walk, mainly to see the creek flowing as it had been a bit sad and dry. It was lovely hearing the water rushing by over the rocks and down the gullies and the Magpies warbling away. I took my camera which I usually forget to do. So here are a few piccies from our walk.
All the ferns were looking green and lush as the water wound it's way through them and over the rocks.
Look at these huge mushrooms that have popped up.
It all made for a very enjoyable walk although yours truly is going to be feeling the rock clambering a bit later on I think.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx


  1. Happy to hear you got some much needed rain, without any damage or destruction. Your pictures are all lovely.

  2. Glad that you are unscathed. All your stitching looks wonderful.

  3. Rain glorious rain... Your stitching project looks gorgeous can't wait for the unveiling.

  4. so glad you are okay my friend and thankyou for sharing your lovely pics,your stitching is beautiful as usual,well done xx

  5. Good to hear you got some rain but not the destruction. Your spotty bird is so cute and your new designs look gorgeous too :-)

  6. Glad to hear you receive the wet stuff with out too much inconvenience and turned a negative into a positive. Lovely stitchery looking forward to the reveal.

  7. It is great news that you avoided the main storm and good news that you have had some rain. Love all your stitching, you certainly have been very busy.

  8. Hi Michelle, how nice to see the creek running in the bush,and the lovely green ferns. Nothing like a bush walk.
    Spotty bird is completely adorable :)

  9. Glad to hear you weren't damaged in the storm......we were supposed to share in some of the rain, but all that fell was a measly three mls. A wet evening is a perfect excuse to stay in and stitch!

  10. Lovely pictures Michele - thank you for sharing. Your bird is so cute. xx

  11. So glad you didn't get too wet Michelle. Beautiful spot for a walk. And lovely sewing on your dresdens

  12. Thankfully you coped with the wet weather. How difficult is it for those who lost their belongings and homes. The bird is very pretty and looking forward to seeing what you are making with it.

  13. It is so good that you didn't receive the full force of the cyclone. Lots of rain is okay.
    Looks like you made the most of it with all your lovely stitching.

  14. So that is a puddle, thought it was your pond lol. Everything is so lush and green. Such a pretty and relaxing environment you live in. Good to hear that you weren't too badly affected by the cyclone. My brother and his family all live in and around Ormeau and they kept watching their pool too. Mt stepdaughter lives in Airlie Beach but the cyclone bypassed them. Love your little birdie for your stitchery. Your FG dresden quilt is looking beautiful. Another cute bird.

  15. Glad to hear that you avoided any damage and are all safe. Good to see your dresdens again. I think there might be a few in my near future. At least I am hoping that there will be.

  16. Good to hear alls well at your place and you just received some lovely rain...
    Look forward to your secret stitching to be revealed..

  17. You Queenslanders like to do the rain thing with great drama I think. If it rains up there it pours! Glad you got some much needed rain though.

    Love those ferns...I wish I could get mine to grow so prolifically!

  18. I'm glad you wet unscathed Michelle! What a lovely walk you had and what a big mushroom!

  19. Hi Michelle,
    I am happy to hear, all is well with you !
    I love thr little bird , sew pretty !
    Best wishes

  20. Lots of wonderful water flowing! Almost worth the hurricane? You got such a lot ton on your applique - it looks great!

  21. such pretty stitching... those little birds are lovely.... glad the cyclone didn't effect you too much... enough to give a good wash and enjoy puddle jumping!

  22. Such lovely spotty bird :) and your birdie design looks interesting :) Looks like a lovely place to walk :)

  23. Gorgeous photo's Michelle. You certainly get a better class of puddle for jumping in in Australia... ours are always grey and muddy... who'd want to jump in one of them! Totally intrigued by your new birdie design... can't wait for the reveal. Glad you enjoyed your evening of stitching... very pretty spotty bird by the way. Hope your muscles aren't complaining too much


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