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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A New Little Set of Patterns

You will remember I mentioned I had been hard at it with my pen and pencils...
I have for ages wanted to design a little set of minis that you could say pop in a stitching friends birthday card..
So I did! They are called "Pocket Minis"
There are a series of 6 little stitchery patterns, sold individually -
1. A Frosty one
2. A Stitching one
3. A Country one
4. Lavender
5. Christmas No.1
6. Christmas No.2
You end up with the cover drawing to stitch, 2 on the inside and a little wee one on the back. Well you know I can't waste a spot to pop a drawing.
And they do individually fit inside a regular size card and envelope. Each little pattern costs $6.00AUD plus postage if you live overseas. Payment is through Paypal. Just email me to order them.
I think they are extremely cute and hope you do to!
Before I go, as I won't be posting for a couple of days I wanted to take this opportunity to send my most beautiful best friend Ann all the love and healing I can muster for some upcoming surgery on Thursday...if you believe, we would appreciate your thoughts, prayers and Reiki too!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. what a very clever idea Michelle....they look delightful.... big big hugs and prayers for Ann.... and you

  2. A great idea, I'm sure it will be a big success. thinking of Ann.

  3. Michelle what a wonderful idea - they are just delightful and of course I will need some lol.

  4. they are so cute Michelle,well done and wishing Ann all the best for a speedy recovery and sending you big big hugs my friend xx

  5. they look so cute Michelle, congrats!
    I will be thinking good things for your friend Ann...

  6. Great idea to design some of those mini's !!

  7. Oh, what fun. Your patterns are adorable.

  8. These are cute Michelle. What a neat idea. I hope everything goes well for Ann.

  9. They are so cute & a fabulous idea. Hugs,xx

  10. best wishes to your special friend Ann. Love the new mini stitcheries.

  11. OOh they are gorgeous... as usual Michelle.
    Hugs to Ann for a speedy & full recovery! xox

  12. Love the minis,what a good idea. All good wishes for Ann

  13. Many angel hugs and healing to your dear friend. Gosh, it is years since I have done an absent Reiki! I did levels 1 and 2 in 1991 and became a Reiki practitioner a year or 2 later. Funny, I was just thinking of selling my Reiki table.
    Love your new little designs.

  14. Beautiful work, Michelle, and a lovely idea.

  15. So very cute Michelle :)
    Love your quote :) I was thinking just the other day, that the English language is pretty limited when it comes to 'friends' and 'love' there really ought to be more words for the varying degrees, or at the very least a much more flexible definition :)

  16. They are a great idea Michelle. Sending you and your friend a big hug. Agree wholeheartedly with your words.


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