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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Busy Week.

This week has just flown by with somewhere to be and something to do every day. But Thursday I took myself off to the Sunshine Coast...
To visit this gorgeous lady...
My best friend Ann. We had such a lovely day talking about all manner of things and I think Ann is actually visiting from the "Dark Side" (card making) and doing some stitching which is lovely. Although I have to say that she did make me the most gorgeous card for a swap I am in. I shall show when it gets to it's recipient.
Ann also gifted me the most beautiful Art Journal.
Which I intend to fill up with lots and lots of sketches....first page has a new friend.
The postie bought me some lovely new coloured pencils that I treated myself to that I need for a workshop later in the year. Hopefully I can add some colour to my lovely journal....the pages are soooo lovely!
Where is the stitching I hear you shouting???? Well! I have RR's centre together.
I'll whisper in your ear....I am quite chuffed it actually resembles the picture in my head!
The next step working out where these blocks will go.
......oh and make 25 more! Thinking cap on!
I am off now as I am on morning cuppa duty.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle how lovely you got to spend some time with Anne,and it's nice to put a face to that name,lol. Oh my goodness your bird is amazing and Anne gave you the perfect gift,you will fill it with many wonderful drawings. Wow your blocks are looking fantastic , your creative steak is certainly on a roll my friend ,I hope you and G have a wonderful weekend,namaste .xx

  2. Enjoy your sketching, the results are beautiful. RR is going to be a beauty and isn't it wonderful when your creation resembles the idea. Doesn't always happen, does it?

  3. It's lovely to have a close friend like Anne... who gives gifts
    Love your new project...& I'm sure you'll work your magic and come up with something splendid. xox

  4. What a lovely friend you have in Anne...the art journal is lively and your sketch beautiful! Your quilt is looking amazing

  5. Your little wren is gorgeous and what a way to start the journal from such a special friend.RR is looking fantastic

  6. Hello to Ann - looking good, Girl! x
    Michelle, your birdie sketch is adorable, and a journal full of such goodies will be priceless. happy sketching, and Happy Valentines's! xx

  7. You will have fun with your new journals, and those lovely new pencils! What a sweet little bird - and how wonderful that you were able to have a day with your friend.

  8. Beautiful sketch of the wrens, I'm sure your new pencils will make them even more wonderful.

  9. Only 25 more! Just an afterthought? Lol. Your quilt is taking shape beautifully. Looooove your pencils. Your birdie is so sweet. Makes me want to sketch now too.

  10. your first drawing for your new journal is so beautiful.
    great seeing your blocks coming together.

  11. That is the most beautiful little wren you've drawn in your new journal Michelle. RR is looking amazing

  12. What a lovely thoughtful present from your friend, and such a beautiful first drawing for it too. Makes me wish I could draw than a straight line! lol xcx

  13. You two have been having a lovely time. So good to catch up with a special friend.
    And RR is looking wonderful!!

  14. You are one talented lady Michelle! Beautiful little bird you have sketched and that quilt is shaping up nicely.

  15. You are so blessed to have the gift to be able to draw like that! What a lovely sketch. You quilt is really coming together nicely!

  16. Your drawing is lovely. I shall enjoy seeing how you fill your new book and the progress of your quilt.

  17. Lucky you, what a gorgeous journal! Love how your beautiful blocks are going together so well for you, I can't wait to see how the next border works with your previous one :) Barb.

  18. lovely friend, lovely journal, lovely drawing, lovely sewing..... you have been very busy!

  19. Time spent with your bestie is always time well spent.

    Im sure you’ll fill your art journal with all manner of pretty visuals . Im not known for being able to sketch particularly well but I can definitely relate to the excitement of new pencils.

    RR is such a visual feast. I love it.


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