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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Good afternoon almost Good evening! I have been trying to get to do this post for a couple of days but am a little busy or as we say down under "flat out like a lizard drinking"! Don't get me wrong it!
I have a couple of new commissions that needed some attention so lots of scribbling and tracing...
Bet you can't guess what season it's for LOL! My poor alphabet is a little neglected...
But at least "D" has a couple of stitches present. My lovely friend Fiona from Bubzrugz has been stitching my "Bear Hugs" Alphabet and even if I say so myself they are stitching up might cute! Fiona lovely stitching helps of course (click on Fiona's name above if you want to check them out)
Before the Inspiration Faerie came calling and demanded my attention I was working on a secret little giftie...for a secret someone.....want a peek?
There may or may not be somebody's initial there! Ain't a-saying! Hope she likes it!
Ok! Pencils have been getting quite a work out around here. Two more drawings from class. I had quite a lot of homework to do as well.....
 I photographed this pretty little mama up at Carnarvon Gorge last year. I know why they call them 'pretty faced wallabies".....homework was the damn rocks!!!! Who knew! Still not 100% happy but hey!
Yesterday was one of those days where I could not get my head around anything so after encouragement from my patient teacher, this pair was mostly completed at home....
 More #@!* rocks! Love Mama Bear's expression! Despite all that I cannot wait to get there each week.
I have had lots of enquiries about Calendar Bears so just wanted to give a little info.
Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you for all your very generous and lovely feedback about them....the "Bears" and I are extremely chuffed xxx Ok...
1. I am sorry but I cannot sell a pattern for this quilt until 1 month after the stitch-a-long is completed in Country's illegal! And very unfair to those folks who subscribed or purchased the issues to enable them to take part in the stitch-a-long.
2. There is a Bear block  (some themed for that month)for every calendar month of the year.
3. A monthly stitch-a-long means just that...1 block will be featured every month.
I hope that answers a couple of questions you may have. I have found that Feburary is now in the shops. A friend also purchased hers from Coles!
For those of you stitching them I hope you are enjoying my little Bears.
That's it from me...must dash! Domestic Goddess duties await!

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Your pencil drawings are so lovely.

  2. gorgeous stitching Michelle and your drawings are so beautiful. It shows how much you are enjoying them.
    Your rocks look perfect

  3. Lovely drawings, certainly can't see anything wrong with the rocks. xcx

  4. Your drawings are wonderful. What a busy creative life with lots of stitching and drawing. Good for you.

  5. Oh your animal drawings are so beautiful, Michelle. The rocks look very natural to me too. Letter D looks like another cutie!

  6. Oh yah so excited that xmas commissions are on the agenda. I am enjoying your gorgeous calendar bears Michelle. Your drawings are just beautiful Michelle

  7. Hi Michelle boy your drawings are so awesome ,what an enjoyment seeing them coming to life with pencil,lovely sneak peeks my friend Namaste ,sleep well xx

  8. I am always amazed at how your drawings turn out. Do you have them framed up around your home? I would. Love them. You are making good progress on the A,B,C's. They are all so cute.

  9. Your artwork is beautiful Michelle, from your sketching to your stitching - and everything in between! We are looking forward to Calendar Bears turning up over here - still (patiently) awaiting January's bear!!

  10. You do the cutes drawing, how sweet to have a stitch-a-long.

  11. Beautiful drawings Michelle. Love the sneak peek. The sheep is so cute. Hugs,xx

  12. Beautiful drawings Michelle, the rocks look fine! Love the sneak peek, and the glimpse of sheep!!

  13. Your drawings are beautiful-- you are very talented.

  14. your drawing is amazing..... and the best part is you are having fun with it... sweet of you to mention my stitchin'.... the little bears are so sweet.... seems the BOM is popular.... well done...

  15. My gosh, you are busy. Good luck getting the commissions done - they always have deadlines. And so far ahead!! Love seeing your drawings, too.

  16. Love the drawings... your rocks look good to
    Take some ME time away from your busy "work" schedule to enjoy. xox

  17. WOW your drawings are amazing! So life like.

  18. So annoying when domesticity gets in the way lol. Looove that blue stitchery sneak peek. Your bears are absolutely amazing! Off to Fiona's now to see your 'D'.

  19. I'm so envious of your many talents.

  20. So many things to do in a day. You seem to be making time for all the things that you enjoy doing.


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