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Sunday, October 13, 2013

This & That

I have sewn the binding on the little Christmas quilt...
and it is all finished even down to the label on the back...
I thought when I looked at it finished what a Jolly little gathering they were so that's what I have decided to call this pattern "A Jolly Holly Gathering". It measures around 26 inches square.You will also be pleased to know I have written the instructions for it (yes I have been busy) and just need to get it printed. YAY!
I have been asked recently for two of my other designs to be in pattern form so I now have patterns for
"Teacups & Roses Table Runner"
and sweet little "Angel of the Tea Party"

So that is the sewing bit covered.
Last night our local footy club had their end of year break up and as we live very close to them we were able to sit on our verandah and watch their fireworks over the roof tops...
It was great to just sit and watch and enjoy them.

Today is the day my Husband and Son wait for all year round I think....the big race at Bathurst when all the big V8's go head to head to be King of the Mountain for this year. If you followed our trip you will know Mr R. took many turns on the track when we were there and has the piccies to prove it. I am sure he will be driving every corner with them. Lol.

Boy Heaven!!!

My Daughter loves photography and is constantly snapping all kinds of things and she often sets herself little projects and challenges from time to time. One of which recently has been a Super Heroes theme. She has taken some great photos of my Grandsons but she sent me this one of my little "Super Heroes" having a rest on the see-saw after the shoot...Superman and Donatello (Ninja Turtle) lol.
I also love this one she took at the museum of my oldest Grandson...
I think it expresses the awe that little boys have for Dinosaurs. Love it!!!!
Ok! That is it from me today, must dash. A busy day ahead.
Enjoy your day and of course we are barracking for the Holdens!!!!!!
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. what a gorgeous wallhanging a jolly holly gathering is Michelle,well done ,i know the boys will enjoy their day,think i can smell the rubber from here,lol,love your daughter's pic,the dinosaur one is gorgeous,have a wonderful sunday my friend.xx

  2. Beautiful hanging. Love it. Great photo's of the grandies. Hugs, xx

  3. well done on your new pattern and finish.
    your little super heroes look adorable and the dinosaur pic is fantastic.
    Enjoy Bathurst! vrrrmmmmmmmm

  4. The Christmas pattern looks gorgeous. Must finish mine now. Your other patterns are lovely too.
    Great photo of the grandies. Oh guess what is on our tv today. Bathurst too, then Nascar as both on at the same time so Nascar recorded for a later viewing. GO Craig and GO Marcos Ambrose(Nascar). Have a great day. hugs.....

  5. Lots going on in your neck of the woods. Love your new Christmas pattern. I must get a wriggle on and get your Christmas Miss Mousey quilt finished.

  6. Your projects are fantastic..great photos of your grandies..

  7. So long as your husband didn't hit a kangaroo, there seems to be one on the track nearly every year! Your patterns are really pretty.

  8. Congratulations on all the new, wonderful patterns. Lots of work involved there. Looking great!
    Yes, we too have had Bathurst on all afternoon and now have embarked on the Japanese grand prix. I have had plenty of time to do my things all day.

  9. I love the Jolly gathering, quite a festive wall hanging. No race for me, just pottering in the garden and craft room today.

  10. I have just finished Tea cups and roses Turned out beautifully Will send a photo when I get back from holidays

  11. Oh great job all finished and as always gorgeous. xo

  12. Just love the jolly wallhanging, can't wait till the pattern is ready so I can buy it and make a start!

  13. Yah - glad your new project is finished. Will look forward to hearing when the pattern is back from the printer. Guess Mr R is a bit disappointed that Holden didn't win today, but 2nd and 3rd is pretty good. Lovely photography from your daughter

  14. Teacups and roses runner looks very pretty Michelle - but what I really need to know is where does one buy a Ninja Turtle suit, size 3????

  15. Grandie kiddo's are so cute. Love that hanging. So pretty

  16. love that last picture with the dino.... so big... so small!!
    your christmas jolly holly is fantastic... and well doen with all the pattern writing.... we had the racing on too... glad Ford won...

  17. Lovely new pattern. Writing the instructions is such a big job. The fireworks photos look good and the museum photo is perfect. I didn't know super heros sat on see saws.

  18. Your new patterns are lovely, I especially love the jolly holly gathering! Cute photos of the grandkids, hugs Wendy

  19. Sadly Holdens weren't #1!
    Love your christmas stitcheries. I would have loved the fireworks too,


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