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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Day at the Bay & Stitches & Craft with Bloggy Friends

Some of you will have read the wonderful book "Salvation Creek" by Aussie author and one time editor of the Australian Women's Weekly, Susan Duncan. I adore this book and her other works and so does my dear friend Gaye. So when Gaye asked me if I would like to go with her yesterday to hear Susan speak and introduce her new book "Gone Fishing" I couldn't say YES!! quick enough. She is such an inspiring lady having overcome much and triumphed. You felt as if you were having a natter with one of your girlfriends and she is so no nonsense and genuine with a wonderful sense of humour. I loved listening to her.
As I have some of her books already I decided to take advantage of the special they had just for the day and bought (for half price by the way ) her beautiful coffee table book dedicated to her home on Pittwater.
And she signed the inside cover for me while we had a little chat. It is such a feast for the eyes and I cannot wait to curl up in my chair and devour it page by page. Here she is humbly accepting our applause.
You can tell by Gaye's face and my grin just how happy we were with our morning.
We finished off our day with a very nice lunch. After which we popped into the gorgeous gift shop Linen and Lace at Cleveland and said hi to Marilyn it's lovely owner. Love visiting Gaye down by the Bay.
Today another lovely day unfolded as I met my friend Ann at the Stitches and Craft Show and we joined my blogging friends for a cuppa and a chat. It was so nice to catch up with all the girls as it is ages since I had seen hugs all around. Jane from Quiltjane took this lovely photo of us all ( I have borrowed this piccie from Sandi)
We have (front row L-R) Val, Teresa, Tatyana, Sandi, Marilyn and Noela.
Back row L-R Lynda, Susan, yours truly and Fiona. My lovely friend Ann was off buying me a coffee...spoilt aren't I. It was so nice to spend time with my best mate from up the coast.
This photo was stolen from Teresa. I think there is going to a bit of borrowing going on. I just want to say what ever is going's Fiona's fault. LOL!

I made a pact with myself that I was going to really think about my purchases today as I am trying to clean out my sewing room so didn't want to undermine my efforts. I was very pleased with my purchases...more red/creams for my red hexies. Those reds are not that bright!!!
I also bought a cool little LED battery operated lamp for when I go to stitching group at night as I find it hard to see without my light from home. My friend Diane told us about them last week. I also was thrilled to get some papers for some teeny tiny chubby little Dresdens and some gifty type things and cute buttons.
So all in all very useful purchases (my story and I am sticking to it) A wander through the beautiful quilts with Fiona, Lynda and Marilyn and a last look around with Ann (you don't want to miss anything) finished off a lovely day.
So huge thank you to everyone for making it such a lovely day.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It was great to catchup - loved you purchases...

  2. Lucky you to hear Susan Duncan speak, I really enjoyed her books. Also lucky to have such a fun day at the craft show. Nice purchases.

  3. Looks like two lovely days with friends. That book looks amazing.
    Love the reds you collected for your project.
    Enjoy the light.

  4. I have never heard of Susan Duncan, but am going to check her out!! You ladies had such a good time. It's fun to get together with other bloggers.

  5. Michelle, it looks like you had a wonderful day. I planned to go today, but didn't make it - sorry I missed you! Susan Duncan's book sounds really interesting.

  6. Lovely to at last catch up Michelle. It was a lovely to see all the other girls too. I managed to do some necessity shopping also.I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts tomorrow. Hugs.....

  7. looks like a wonderful day all round. That was my saddest point about not going today - that I wouldnt get to see you all. Hugs

  8. Wow Michelle what a wonderful time you had with such special ladies,love your buys.xx

  9. It was so lovely to have the chance for a catch up Michelle. Cant wait till we can do it again, and do go ahead with your plan if you can. (just choose where and when, travelling is fine). Lovely purchases today. Your other outing sounds great too.
    Hugs xx

  10. Sounds like the perfect day! Love the purchases especially that red and cream fabric!

  11. the time went far too quick... was so lovely to catch up... now my plastic bottle with pieces of lemons looks very dodgy... people will wonder what I put in it... especially with us two giggling like schoolgirls! well done with the shopping...always fun
    I must look up Susan Duncan..

  12. Sounds like a couple of lovely days spent with friends.

  13. If you ever need anyone to back up your story - count me

  14. Wow, such a full social calendar!! Looks like you had a great time. Beautiful purchases and good idea with the light... I have a friend's that I borrow when I go away, it's brilliant. Congratulations on more new patterns too :-)

  15. sounds and looks like two lovely days of bliss and friendship

  16. Sounds like you had a couple of great days!!!

  17. Looks like you all had such a wonderful time!

  18. I have just finished reading Salvation Creek for the second time and loved it again. ow wonderful to have the opportunity to hear Susan speak. Love the photo on the front of her book - it looks just like she describes the house.
    And the day at the craft fair looks like a lot of fun, too. Always a wonderful way to catch up.

  19. looks like you had a fantastic time,
    come to think of it Fiona does look a little guilty....

  20. It was so good to see you and I can't wait to catch up again... soon!!! I love your purchases.. the lamp sounds like a brilliant idea. xx

  21. Lovely day at the Show, wasn't it?
    Great buys too :)



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