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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This and That.

Good Morning everyone. I hope all of you in SE Qld are safe and didn't sustain any damage in yesterday's storm. The skies got very angry...
and my garden got very excited but I am afraid apart from a bit of a drizzle was disappointed. Thankful for any of the wet stuff at the moment though and also thankful we didn't receive any of the hail or damaging winds. I have been a bit 'off colour' this week hence the scarcity of posts. So a bit of time has been spent lolling about feeling sorry for myself. So....
I have been working on some Christmas goodies which I can't show you because snoopy little Elves may be about and we don't want to spoil any surprises and....
I have also been working away on "My Red Fancies" framed hexies quilt. It features 13 little redwork stitcheries of all the red things that take my 'fancy'. I really love it. I have had this quilt in my head for years and love that it is finally being created. I got it all together and quite quickly as well which surprised me as I thought it would take forever but I then decided it need another row all the way around.
So here I am back on the hexie making trail. Such a hardship... tee hee!
As far as favourite 'red' things go I had to include DD's naughty black poodle Miss Sophie after one of  her groomings in her pretty red bows...always loved how she thought she was very special in those red bows.

Speaking of pretty red things I finally succumbed to the new French General range "Josephine" I resisted for as long as I could but ...oh my delicious!! After looking through the charm squares I think there is a little more of it I fancy. I feel all "Appliquey" when I look at it..hmmmm!
Love!!! The little honey bees!
One of my next little jobs is to make stockings for my two new Granddaughters so although these are panels I think they are so cute and I am going to embroider their names along the top. They are both such gorgeous little girls I am sure Santa will fill them to the brim for them xxx
***Just a reminder about the quilt stolen from Springwood Community Neighbourhood Craft group. I have a photo for you of the quilt.
If you see it or are offered any raffle tickets for it please contact the Springwood Police on 07 33878333. The proceeds of the raffle were to go to making up hampers for needy families and helping children in the district. It would be wonderful if it were recovered and those responsible were caught.

As I have been really feeling my age and beyond this week I thought a gentle reminder was in order. So note to self....
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hope you are feeling better. Love the hexie quilt Coming along nicely and in my favourite colour
    And your little quote on the bottom is very true I remember one day I was complaining about my wrinkles and my daughter, who was very ill at the time reminded me that I was lucky to live long enough to get them Kinda put things in perspective xx

  2. Ohh...those bees are super cute! Your stitching is gorgeous as always. There was a decent amount of rain at my house so hopefully the cracks in the yard will close up now before I fall in. LOL. xx debbie ps I love your quote. So true.

  3. Miss Sophie is just lovely Michelle. Your hexagon quilt is looking fantastic.

  4. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather Michelle , hope you will feel much better soon . Your hexie quilt is beautiful , sweet poodle ;-) take care. Hugs Sheila

  5. your hexies are just fantastic.... love how it is looking and some pretty new fabric which I hope is helping you to get back into a suitable colour!!!

  6. Your hexie quilt is looking gorgeous, Michelle, and Miss Sophie is the star. I have been admiring the Josephine range of fabrics - can I keep resisting, as it looks beautiful. Keep taking it easy and feel better soon. Hugs xx

  7. Your hexie quilt is looking so beautiful, it is going to be wonderful. I love the saying at the end, so true! xx

  8. That bee fabric is a 'must have' for me, very cute indeedy!
    I'm sorry you have been unwell, and trust you are now much better, making more of those gorgeous red hexies. The poodle is a treat.
    Not much rain over here either, just a bit of noise and lightning. Better luck next storm.

  9. Hugs flying your way Michelle, and glad you were spared the wild weather. I adore the Red Fancies, what a great idea... gorgeous! x

  10. take it easy and get better soon.
    love the hexies - some lovely stitcheries.
    "they" rally go overboard with storm warnings these days - a bit of a fizzer rally.
    Enjoy your wrinkles...LOL

  11. I hope you are feeling more like yourself soon Michelle. Love your hexies. Sharyn:)

  12. You draw so much better than I do. =) Love your hexagon quilt. Very different from mine! Your saying about growing older is so true. My husband died just before his 62nd birthday, and I'm still here. =) Must be work left for me to do somewhere!

  13. So much lovely work happening at your place.....your hexies are divine. I am caught between Josephine and Midwinter Reds......maybe both? Hope you have a chance to rest and rejuvenate. X

  14. Love the hexies and the stocking panels. I am sure those lettle girls will be very spoilt this year! I should have that saying at work( so many of my pts say they hate getting old) and I know that Christopher would have loved to get old. Hope you are feeling better now.

  15. Oh Michelle I love the poodle so very French and love your new fabric and those hexes are looking a awesome,well done and I hope you are feeling better soon my friend.xx

  16. The hexie quilt is looking amazing. keep up the wonderful work with that one.
    I think we are getting all the rain down here that you are missing. not that we are complaining, but we would happily share it with you.
    Hope you are bouncing back to good health!

  17. Love your red hexie quilts progress. How much fun will it be to sit and look at all the stitchery on it. As always... wonderful work Michelle! :)

  18. I hope you are feeling better Michelle, love your hexies, they look lovely, the quote is a good reminder to us all!! Look after yourself

  19. Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit under the weather, hope you're feeling better today (((HUGS)))) Love the Christmas stocking panels and I'll keep my eye out for that quilt now I've seen a picture of it :) Barb.

  20. your hexie quilt looks amazing, how terrible that you had to make more of them... I would have suffered so much making them if it was me.
    Your new fabrics are very pretty, I love those bees too.
    Hope you are recovering from your 'off colouredness'

  21. That hexie quilt is looking amazing !!!

  22. Love that hexie quilt, esp the little poodle. I have my own princess poodle, miss Matilda and she is very special. Sorry to hear you are having an off week, hope November is so much better.

  23. Your hexie quilt is looking fabulous. Isnt it wonderful when an idea that has been floating round in your brain becomes a reality. This one was worth waiting for.

    You seem to have rather a lot on the go at the moment- I havent even thought about Christmas.

    Hope you're on the mend and feeling better MIchelle.

  24. Your red hexies are coming along beautifully Michelle. "Josephine" has been drawing me in too - havn't succumbed yet, but I'm sure I will

  25. So sad to haear about stolen quilts and monies. Your Red Fancy is beautiful!!! Looks like a lot of fun to make. Hope you are feeling beeter and having a lovely weekend.


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