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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Country Threads & Show and Tell

Good morning all. I do hope those of you who shared the long weekend with me here in Queensland and elsewhere had a good one. I was silly enough to decide to finally get into my front garden for a spot (a lot) of weeding and to plant a couple of new native shrubs...boy I nearly expired it was very hot. Just have a bit of mulch to go and it will look a lot better. Still have the big one to go.We thought we would have nice warm spring weather to get it done before the heat of summer but I am not so sure now.

Sewing wise I have been continuing on with my hexies and I have my little Christmas stitcheries sort of together...
It just needs borders now and I think it will be a very sweet wall hanging for Christmas.

Speaking of things Christmas, Country Threads have their Christmas Issue out and I am in very good company with Deb from Frog Cottage, Jenny from Elefantz and also Fee from Fee's Shabby Shack and many more of our great designers.
My little may remember this little sneaky.
Well here she is with the rest of her gingie mates...
I hope you will enjoy stitching it and that the "gingie fans" are appeased for another year. LOL. I get lots of requests for "gingie themed" projects....not that I find it a chore being smitten by these sweet little folk as much as any of my "gingie followers"
Now to Show & Tell. I love seeing what you are stitching and even though I don't always get time to post about them be assured I appreciate every piccie and email. So here are few I have been saving...
My lovely friend Lorel (no blog) stitched my "Cup of Friendship" cushion..
A lovely lady by the name of Irmgard (no blog) all the way from Canada stitched "Cupcakes Kisses" for her DIL as a gift.
and a close up of one of my favourite blocks...
Joy in Bundy (no blog) has been very busy as always and stitched my little "Angel Tote"
She also stitched my little "Gift Teddy Tote" as well..
Lastly but by no means least we have Jeanette from Jeanette's Place who stitched my "Mini Christmas Stars"...
and also "Walter, a Very Respectable Snowman" who is very close to my heart...lovely Jeanette!
Thanks so much everyone for choosing to stitch one of my designs and for taking the time to share it with me.
I must away lots of jobs to do today but (yes there is always a but..) just had to say the Jacaranda's are out people and it makes me happy. I took this photo in Grafton NSW last year. My little tree is just bursting in to blossom but I couldn't get a good photo so I am cheating...
Have a great day,
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. wow some great projects Michelle ,such lovely designs just flow from you,well done on those cuties.
    Love what the ladies have made,walter is my favourite also.
    Cant believe you are having such warm weather,we are still in our thermals down here,lol,cant wait for the warmer weather,have a lovely day Michelle.xx

  2. More gorgeous designs from your pen Michelle - now wonder they are popular!
    The first stitchery I ever did was your cupcake QAYG hexagon table centre, so I can credit you for inspiring my love of stitchery... ♥

  3. That should be 'no wonder', sorry x

  4. The Christmas stitcheries look lovely. Hopefully the paper shop will have that mag in now. I've been looking. :) Hugs,xx

  5. Beautiful projects, Michelle. Well done on your magazine project also - looks gorgeous, as always. It would have been very hot working in the garden yesterday - I stayed in my sewing room with a fan on.

  6. G'day Michelle. Your stitcheries are just beautiful, as always. Take care. Liz...

  7. Lovely show and tell. You do ooze with great designs yourself. Ah yes. Jacaranda - they are special when in bloom aren't they! great post!

  8. thanks for sharing... off to the newsagency to check the magazine out.... you are very inspiring and motivating lady

  9. Oh some gorgeous things my friend. Oh you are making me feel so lazy with all you are doing. Love Walter he has such a cute face...

  10. lovely to see all those projects... I seldom buy magazines these days but I did go in search of that one.. looked in 3 places but to no avail... will hunt again in a different shopping centre!! (I see Jeanette has also been looking so maybe it is just delayed) You have so many lovely designs out now...

  11. What a lovely tribute... to both stitchers and designer I think! Love ALL your designs Michelle. Little Miss Ginger looks great! :)

  12. Oh lots and lots of scrumminess Michelle!! How exciting it must be to see what people do with your designs :-) And your latest design, the ginger lady is so cute!!

  13. Such wonderful little projects! The magazine looks like a fun one, esp. this issue.

  14. It's nice to see people's interpretations of your designs. Well done on another published mag project Michelle. Sharyn:)

  15. Gorgeous designs and finishes by you and all the other ladies Michelle.I'm glad you didn't expire in the garden on the weekend. Hugs.....

  16. All projects are so wonderful.

  17. Glad you didn't expire in the garden Michelle. I think we have been cheated out of Spring this year, and plunged right into summer. Not fair!
    I'll be off to buy that Country Threads asap, and love your little ginger people.

  18. Gorgeous project in Country Threads Michelle - can't wait til its in my shop. Lots of lovely projects being stitched by your loyal followers

  19. We have an almost identical photo taken from the same spot in the same street in Grafton! Ours was taken two years ago. Your stitcheries are very sweet.

  20. I agree with Patricia!! I think we should start a petition to make spring stay longer LOL!!! I love your designs (am a bit of a blog stalker) and will be looking out for the magazine.

    I just had comment though as the street you took the photo of the jacarandas is a couple of streets away from where I live (excited and surprised when I saw it). Whilst this is my adopted 'home town' (I grew up further south and moved here 6 years ago) I absolutely love it this time of the year when the 'jacas' put on their show and feel very proud to call this area home. Thank you.

  21. You are such a talented lady , each of your designs are beautiful as displayed by yourself and your many followers , lovely !

  22. Lots of lovely examples of your patterns to inspire me. Can't wait to get the new magazine with all that talent on show.

  23. Lots of lovely projects there Michelle. It must make you very proud to see people's end results with your lovely designs.

    Im adoring your Christmas project too...I should pull my finger out and make a start on something Christmas related !

  24. Love the wall hanger and can't wait still the country threads mag is out here in NZ, I think we are 2 months behind! I love all your stitcheries!!

  25. Wow your design in the mag is just what I want to make, you must be reading my mind..... lovely projects.


  26. It is great fun seeing the photos of your designs being stitched. Lovely work.
    Thanks for the heads up on the magazine. Always enjoy checking them out.

  27. Love your Christmas stitcheries!
    It should be very pleasing to see your desings realised by other people :)



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