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Monday, October 21, 2013

Clever Folks

I had a beautiful Yoga class this morning....thank you Helen. Loved it. I bought some little gifts home from my Yoga sisters today...
Freshly picked avocados from Sam's trees. Thank you Miss Sam x
and inside here are another little gift.
No it's not asparagus.....inside are my very own little compost worms. YAY!!! Terribly excited. I know you may think I am crazy but I have been wanting to make my own worm farm for ages ( I know it doesn't look pretty but it has every thing required) and thanks to my friend Helen my farm now has residents. I have been researching and reading for ages so thank you Miss Helen for the wrigglies...made my day. I guess you have to be careful who you announce to that "you now have worms" LOL!

Now on to clever people. Our blogging friend Val Spiers has embarked on a little journey making the most amazing glass adornments e.g buttons for bags and lovely pendants which are well known patchwork blocks...they are so cute and very reasonable priced too. They come in a lovely little box and are already just to slide on to your favourite neck chain. Perfect as a gift for a 'stitchy' friend (or yourself) Val's new endeavour is called "Glass Applique"

and you can pop over to the website and have a little peek.....Here                                                         

On the stitching front I am still addicted to making little Christmas trees and have been working on my red hexies and they are making a very nice little pile.  

That's it from me as I am losing patience (yes even after a Yoga class) with this stupid blogger not letting me align my text properly....has a spack from time to time, so apologise if it looks all weird and all over the place
Enjoy your evening all,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely avo's and I think the worm farm is an excellant idea. I would love one too.
    The Christmas stitchery's are looking beautiful.

  2. Ooo lovely avocados. Not sure what my worm farm is doing. Keep asking my son to sort it out. Love those hexies. Hugs, xx.

  3. I had a worm farm... and they did so well... sadly i neglected them!
    blogger was messing around with me today... I am a bit releived it is not just me...

  4. lol i wondered what was going on with your post you thought you might've had a glass or two,lol.xx

  5. Have fun with your worms. Love your little hexagons, interesting to see how you sew them.

  6. A worm farm is a very good idea! Love your glass pendant too.

  7. Ah, avocados: food of the gods!
    Blogger can be such a pain at times.
    Worm farms, a worthy and environmentally sound idea ... which I will never follow because I absolutely can't abide little crawly critters. You can have 'em!

  8. I had a worm farm a few years ago, then I got chooks and couldn't keep the scraps up to both. Although at the moment I don't have either. Lovely redwork there Michelle. Hugs.....

  9. Hello Michelle,

    Good luck with your worm farm, we killed ours in the heat. Did you watch Gardening Australia on the weekend, there was a great article about things like this. You can watch it on-line.
    Val is so talented isn't she.
    I wish I had someone gift me some avacado, enjoy.

    Happy days.

  10. I so love avocados. I have just started putting them in salads this week. Nice blurb. Thanks very much. I hope the worms go well. Worm water is great for veggies. I really like the stitchy hexies.

  11. Worm farm will be great Michelle. Your hexies are coming along beautifully

  12. I hope you have a very successful worm farm, and then your garden will love you even more. Your hexies project is going to be beautiful.

  13. A worm farm sounds like a great idea , I am sure they will thrive beautifully . Love your hexies !

  14. Love the ornies... & good on you for announcing that you have worms! :)

  15. Good luck with your worms Michelle!! Lol! Ours got cooked in the heat of last summer - I wonder why plastic worm farms are made with black plastic?? Didn't help that I forgot to put in water though!! Love your hexies! I miss the avocado's from he trees we got in NZ, have been paying $4.00 each for them here!

  16. well now ain't you spoilt...worms and all...Hehe

  17. Oh boy a worm farm. Is this something you put in your gardens and it helps the soil? Your Christmas ornaments look great.

  18. Love those hexies. Good luck with the worms and enjoy the avacados. Yum.


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