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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Oh here I am scraping in by the skin of my teeth again for Tuesdays Treasures. But I made it and that's what counts...
My treasure today is a celebration of the fact that I am a 'bower bird' and I have a little table with a large glass jar on it into which goes shells, pretty stones, pieces of glass etc. from jaunts to places of natural beauty. It is a continual struggle for me to resist the temptation to bring a little something home on these occassions. I think I was a Victorian lady in a previous life with a penchant for collecting things. Anyway my little jar gives me great pleasure whenever I walk past reminding me of beautiful places and special days.
There are other little treasures on this table as well. The star fish were given to me by a friend.

I am linking up with the very wonderful and inspirational MELODY who is our hostess with the mostest. Pop over for a visit and see what else is being shared today or better still share one of your treasures.
The reason I am so late is because I was determined today to finish "A Christmas Tail" so I could finally get a bit of peace from the 'mouse' I finished the Santa Sack "SHE" just had to have and the binding is on the little quilt.
Great! Thinks I. That will be a nice little bit of stitching for this evening......but NO! Of course not! "Bossy Mouse" now thinks she would like those 'puff things' on the bottom of the little quilt. So I have just cut out a whole bunch of circles for some 'puff things'. I am scared to think what she will want next......
A few of you have asked me what fabric I have used for her little quilt. It is "Hugs & Holly" by Wooden Bear for Red Rooster. Some gorgeous Chrissy fabrics in this range....I love it and thankfully so does Miss Mistlemouse". Well I am off to make a whole bunch of Yo-Yos.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Blessings Michelle xxx
PS Forgot to say yesterday I will draw the giveaway on Monday 22/10/12.(senior moment)


  1. You haven't "just made" it in my part of the world it's only 9.30am in the morning here. I love the idea of a glass jar full of memories, oh and here we don't call them "senior moments" we call them "craft moments".... Can't Remember A Flipping Thing" moments. LOL Hugs x

  2. I just love the way you have given your little mouse a personality.

  3. Love the little birds near your special jar Michelle. I have a few of them myself. Sharyn:)

  4. She is just the cutest little thing. Have fun with your yoyos

  5. I love your jar of treasures Michelle. The starfish are particularly cute. From what Ive seen of your house you have such a gift for putting interesting collections of things together. When I do it - it just looks like I havent put stuff away!

  6. I love your glass jar filled with all your wonderful mementos , The star fish are really cool!Can't wait to see Miss Mousy :-)

  7. I think "she" is the cutest mouse I've seen! Well done Michelle! She'll be a hit for sure! :)

  8. Hi there, finally managed to do a bit of blog reading.... so much happening at yours and your Christmas mouse quilt is just awesome.... I hope it will come with you when you visit so I can see in person....

  9. Your little mouse is a bit bossy. Hope the Suffock puffs finally make her happy. Tell her we think the quilt is beautiful. Hugs....

  10. I love the way you let the little mouse get into your head. The quilt is looking good.
    I completely understand how you love your treasure jar.

  11. What a great treasures you have !

    That little mouse is so cute. Good luck with the yo-yo's. I never have make one, going to give it a try one of these days.


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