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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Visitor

Good morning on this lovely Saturday morning. Today we have the pleasure (I use the term lightly) of  having Miss Sophie come to visit for the the photo below will tell you she was not having any part of having her photo taken.
Oh Purleasssee!!! Would you mind!
There is tree lopping going on at her abode and it offends her sensibilities so she is visiting us. She is such a Princess.
I have been tied to my chair a lot lately to get my hand quilted project finished and it has been made very pleasant by watching the whole 2 series of this......
In fact I would have to say it saved my sanity. I am not a fan of regular TV watching and on occassion when I do have it on in the day time I get mortally sick of ads saving my family from the burden of my funeral every 5 secs, how to get rid of the love handles, mop my floor, chop and dice like a pro......AARRGGHH! So if time is spent in my chair during the day it usually something of my choosing and I have to say I adored this Series. It was wonderful. 
Now that the pressure is off you would think a rest would be on the cards but I had to straight away give into my obsession of having some redwork to do and started on some blocks I drew a while ago.....I do worry about myself sometimes.
Have a great weekend everyone. Tune in next week as I am having a little giveaway.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Poor Miss Sophie......know what you mean about tv ads.......they are horried....Your new redwork looks really sweet!

  2. Your new redwork stitching is gorgeous and so is sweet Miss Sophie. I agree about those Tv ads and in fact most day time TV is petty bad too.

  3. You can't beat red work, can you? Glad you are more relaxed now. Have a lovely weekend doggy sitting. Hugs....

  4. Your new redwork is looking lovely as always Michelle - love redwork also, always have to have some on the go as well

  5. Wanted to let you know the package arrived. I love the little quilt and plan to start on it in a couple of days.
    Mama Bear

  6. What a cute pup! As usual your stitching looks lovely. You forgot the arrrrr bra! Hahaha. Sharyn:)

  7. Ooo i just love redwork. I do so agree about those ads. I get so fed up with them. Hugs,

  8. Don't you just love it when pets get treated better than we do. And we all do it!! :)
    Great way to enjoy your stitching - smart move.
    Love your redwork - lots!!!

  9. during the holidays I got sick of the ads that you have mentioned! they drove me nuts!
    very sweet new stitchery.
    when you are that pretty it is ok to be a princess,

  10. Love the new stitchery.Princess is treated very like my own Belle lol :) Barb.

  11. I hope the precious girl enjoyed her visit. Lovely relaxing, productive time in front of tv.

  12. Oh your first picture of Miss Sophie reminded me so much of Lady, she use to turn her head away when I tried to take a picture. Yay for Downton! I am addicted to watching it, next episode tomorrow night, can't wait. I too hate the TV Ads there is one in particular that really gets on my nerves will tell you later!!! Hugs

  13. dont turn the tv on during the day unless it is to watch a dvd lol. downton abbey is wonderful and our english girls are currently watching season 3 so hopefully it is not too far away for us. our tess would like to be out with the work getting in the way but our previous dog bindi was a bit of a princess too. much better to move them for a while to keep them happy than have them stress out over it.

  14. Lovely photo about Miss Sophie. Downton Abbey is a great serie, I have watch them also when they came on tv here. Luckily on one without adds during the program :-)
    Good luck with your redwork and have a great weekend !

  15. Your reluctant house guest really is very cute. Too bad she wouldn't smile for the camera!

    I LOVE Downton Abbey and completely agree with you about daytime TV. When Im off sick for the day I swear watching those ads just makes me feel worse.


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