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Friday, October 19, 2012

Lots of Suffolk Puffs

I have been madly making suffolk puffs and as they were a little bit smaller than I had thought I had to make more but thankfully I am now stitching them together.

So hopefully peace is just around the corner Miss Mistlemouse is very pleased.
I now have some photos to show you from the Quilt show yesterday as promised. I am always drawn to the appliqued quilts and these were lovely.....needleturned and mostly hand quilted.

I have always fancied making a black background appliqued quilt (the list just gets longer)

When I first started quilting the very talented Aussie designer and quiltmaker Robyn Ginn came to my quilting club to speak to us and show us her quilts.....and I have been a fan since then. I love Robyn's immense talent and her individuality. She is an extradorinary artist. She makes beautiful quilts which are often hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted. I was thrilled to see one of her quilts on display.

I just had to take a close up of the medallion in the centre.

There was this gorgeous offering from the very talented Michelle Hill. Stunning!

More Applique. I loved this one. It was hand quilted so beautifully.

Some hexies....
More hexies...
Finally a small selection from the Red/White quilts on tour....

Well I guess it is no secret which quilts attracted me. This is only a small selection of the gorgeous quilts on display. The only thing that disappointed me was that I couldn't get a closer look at the quilts which were hung up high.
So that folks as they say is it. The Queensland Quilters Quilt show.
I wish everyone a great weekend. If you are going to the show, enjoy.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Wonderful quilts Michelle. Thank you so much for sharing them with us all.

  2. thankyou for the tour Michelle,and your puffs look good,have fun with them.xx

  3. I can totally see now why Miss Mistlemouse demanded the puffy things! She has excellent taste :)
    Wow those quilts are amazing, seems a bit daft to hang quilts too high to be seen well tho, maybe they could provide opera glasses, heehee

  4. So many gorgeous quilts. Thanks for showing them to us Michelle.

  5. beautiful quilts,thank you for sharing them. I love your Miss Mistlemouse, she looks great.

  6. The loveliness continues with all those gorgeous quilts!
    Good luck with your puffs.

  7. What a wonderful way to spend time... admiring quilts and handiwork! Your little miss M looks cute!!! :)

  8. There is something so folk artsy about the quilts you showed....lovely work.
    Mama Bear

  9. Your Suffolk Puffs look just like pepermint lollies. No wonder Miss Misletoe likes them.
    Sew many gorgeous quilts,thanks for sharing.

  10. suffolk puffs look interesting- and I agree they look like peppermints! Love the quilt tour, the black background is a favourite! Have a great weekend, Michelle.

  11. Michelle the quilts are just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. I've never tried those puffs Michelle...fabulous quilt show there!

  13. those quilts are amazing!
    love your little puffs. Can't wait to see them coming together with the quilt.

  14. Fantastic quilts Michelle. Sharyn:)

  15. What a amazing display of needlework and quilts... look forward to see what your creation is with the puffs

  16. Yay lots of suffolk puffs cant wait to see little mouse finished!!
    Such gorgeous pics of the quilt show!

  17. I think the hexies are my favourites. Such different fabrics and layouts yield such different results.

    I bought a yo yo maker three months ago and I have yet to make a single one !

  18. Lovely show. Thanks for the tour.
    Those applique quilts are amazing.
    Love the stripey yo yos.
    Enjoy your goodies, especially your cute bear.


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