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Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Spy Quilts are all Set.

I received another lovely parcel of I Spy fabrics from the very generous BARB of Barb's Creations yesterday and so now I am all set with lots of variety to finish the Grand boys quilts.
I am still decked out in thimble and quilting thread and hard at the hoop quilting away.
I love the meditative quality of hand quilting or hand stitching for that matter and the fact that I can allow my mind to drift off into my imagination and Anything is possible. The only thing is sometimes I have to take a break because an idea will not pass me by. So I did have to down tools and pick up pencil and paper just for a little while and get it all drawn up on paper. I indulged myself and bought new pencils and pens just recently.....even at school I loved nothing better than a brand new sharpened pencil.
I am having fun planning the future of these sweet blocks.
We are expecting quite high temperatures here today and I have to admit I am loving feeling the heat seep into my bones....I must be a Queenslander as I have missed it. Although you can bet I shall be complaining when it gets really hot and humid.
Dry hot weather is just perfect for the Bougainvilleas that grow on my fence and they are beginning to bloom there little stalks off.......despite their thorns I think they are beauitful.
Well I must fly as I have a busy weekend ahead.....Family stuff.....and more quilting and of course the
"Big Race" at Mount Panorama in Bathurst this weekend.
Being huge HOLDEN fans in this household (in fact the other brand is a dirty word) we are hoping resident Queenslander Craig Lowndes does well.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend wherever you are and that you find a needle and thread in your hands at sometime.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. we are 10 deg at the moment and raining,and it was 28 deg on thursday and that day i was inside most of the time for the GD's dance comps from 8.45 to 1/4 11 at night so really didnt get any of the warmth,oh i so want to see the sun and feel its warmth,enjoy your weekend my friend.xx

  2. That's a cute little angel peeking out in your picture! It's fairly warm here today, but next week we will be in Canada - it will be much cooler there.

  3. your quilting is coming along so beautifully.
    Some cute fabrics for you i spy quilts too.
    As much as I like the other brand that shall not be named, I really like Craig Lowndes and hope he wins.

  4. Like Shez said, it's cold and wet here. Although we had 31 degrees on Thursday! I think today is only suppose to get to 13! Perfect for sewing. Your cottages are lovely.

  5. Love those drawings. Can't wait to see what you do with them. It's 32 degree's here in Ipswich at the moment. But at least it's not humid. Hugs,

  6. Getting warm here too. Hope to sew and garden. Enjoy your weekend too.

  7. I do love the look of your Christmas quilt and your lovely hand quilting.

  8. Yes, lots of car noise in the background here already. Lovely quilting and design ideas.
    Am enjoying going through Handmade at the moment and feasting my eyes on your felt goodies.

  9. Broommm broommmm! Go Craig!
    Love the sneak peek Michelle... and good luck with the eye spy... perhaps I'll be inspired by you yet again! :)

  10. Your hand quilting is gorgeous, Michelle. And those drawings on the blocks are so amazing. :o) Have a great weekend. xo

  11. Have fun spying all those interesting designs to arrange.

    Nice quilting and your new sketches are lovely too.

    May the best team win.

  12. You are so clever to be able to just pick up a pencil and draw such delightful creations. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  13. Have a great weekend. Cold and wet here. You are so talented, wish I had the patience for hand quilting. hugs

  14. Just taking a brief break of hand stitching to check on blogs ,your sketches look wonderful , have fun with the I spy , they are always fun. Hugs Sheila

  15. I love the quilting on your new quilt ... do you quilt without drawing on the fabric? And I love that fabric you used for this quilt, love those gingerbreads. Is that fabric from a special line?
    I also love your new drawings, can't wait to see what you will come up with.
    Good luck with the I spy quilt !!

  16. love the quilting and your new designs look gorgeous.

  17. You are so talented. Can not wait to see what you are creating.


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