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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Time for Tuesday's Treasures with my lovely friend MELODY My 'treasure' today has a little story. Yes I can hear you groaning and saying "don't they all". Many years ago we had a little extension put on our humble abode and in anticipation of it being completed I had put on lay-by (if you don't know what that is ask your Mother) a lovely rustic country kitchen dresser. I had paid it off bar about $50 and was due to pick it up after a 2 week vacation at the coast. When we arrived home I was rushed to hospital to have emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix. When I regained some sense I reminded Hubby I needed to collect the dresser. He arrived at the little country store to find it totally empty....on further enquiries in the centre it turns out they had packed up in the middle of the night and as they say here in Oz "Shot through" Now this was no tiny store and it was packed to the rafters with furniture. I was devastated when a very ashen Husband told me what had happened. I had scrimped and saved for that cupboard. A week later when I returned home I found that my husband had managed to find one that was similar and arranged to have it delivered and in place when I got home. So I really love my dresser and I have totally ignored any references to it no longer being in 'vogue'
Don't care it will always be in vogue for me. So my treasure is my kitchen dresser.
As you can see I am no minimalist and I love that it holds a lot of my other treasures.
Why don't you pay a visit to Melody's lovely blog and see what other treasures are being shared.
I recently got such a fright reading on other people's blogs how many days until Christmas. The main reason being I have not finished the long hexagon quilt for my Mum's 80th in December. You may remember some posts about the lovely Japanese fabrics that she just loves. So I found the box, got them out and finished all the cutting out and recommenced stitching them. I now only have 12 more left to make and then I can sew the half hexies down the side and sew the rows together.
Still a few gaps but I am getting there.
The quilt in the "naughty corner" has now told me what is required and it does involve a little more work from me and some unpicking....yuk! So that's where you will find me today. Still nursing a horrible sinus headache but at least I feel better than I did over the weekend.....a day in your Jim Jams cures a lot.
A little quote I like to send you on your way.
"A good friend loves you in sunshine and in shadow".
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love the Dresser story Michelle, makes its place in your home so much more precious. I love your non-minimalism!

  2. how special is that hubby of yours Michelle he is definitely a keeper and i fully understand why that dresser is a treasure,well done Mr R.
    Wow Michelle your mum's quilt is going to be gorgeous,i love those blocks.xx

  3. Oh my... so glad your lovely man found you another dresser... it's lovely and holds lots of other treasures.... love your hexagons... just a few more to go.... hee hee....

  4. I would love a dresser like that Michelle. And I also love your non minimalist way of decorating. Great Treasure.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. Love the dresser Michelle. Your decorating style is so much like mine.. no minimalism here either! Glad you are on the mend... this time of year is hard for those of us who suffer with sinus and hay fever isn't it. Your Mum will love her quilt I'm sure. I love those Japanese prints.. so elegant.

  6. I have a dresser like yours - it holds soooo much stuff. Love the quilt for your Mum.

  7. I love your dresser. The story behind it makes it very special. Your hexi project looks great. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  8. That looks like my sort of dresser Michelle. Your mum is going to love her hexi quilt it's looking gorgeous. xx

  9. Interesting story Michelle and I love the dresser it would always be in vogue with me ,thank heavens you have such a dear hubby to go find one for you . Your Mom's quilt will be gorgeous , those fabrics are to die for :-)

  10. There must be a few of those dressers around as I have one just like it too. Bought it when I moved into my home over 20 years ago. Love the fabrics in your Mum's quilt. Sorry your not feeling well, get better soon. Hugs......

  11. The dresser is lovely complete with story.........and love the long hexies.

  12. That was a sad story but your sweet hubby saved the day. I like your dresser and adore the quilt you are making.

  13. your special dresser is lovely.
    love your hexies can't wait for it to be all together, it is going to be such a stunning quilt.

  14. I love your dresser and that your hubby got it for you under such awful circumstances. Another wonderful treasure.Love those hexies - the quilt is going to be amazing. X

  15. I am so looking forward to seeing the end result of this quilt for your Mum, I love Japanese Fabrics. How long are the blocks Michelle?


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