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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Week That Was

Good Morning All. Friday has once again arrived leaving the week that was a blur. It has been such a lovely week for me catching up with friends and having the opportunity to see just how clever, creative, innovative and wonderful women are through their quilts and stitching. It really makes my heart and soul happy to see such strong evidence of this. The other thing that is wonderful amongst stitchers is their ability to share.
This week I received 3 more little packages of squares for my boys I Spy quilts. A lovely bundle from Fiona  Bubz Rugz, a sweet package from Susan from Susan's Sewing Space (with extras for future I Spy's) and also some cute squares from Marina from Maisie and the Boys.

Thank you so much girls, it will be so lovely to have a little bit of you all in my Grandies quilts.
Wednesday saw me down by the bay for my Friends stitching group at Gays home. I love it down there. We were a very small group as many are still away travelling. My friend Denise gave me this gorgeous package complete with real Lavender and as we were at Gays with all her gorgeous treasures found I couldn't waste a photo opportunity.
This is a belated birthday gift and is such because my friend dropped and smashed the first one and had to wait until she went home to her country town to get another. You see she knows I just love home made jams.
This jam is from the quaint little Queensland town of Nanango (my Grandad was Minister there many years ago). Can't wait to have a little try (or big try) of the contents of this jar.
On the sewing front I am starting to put the long hexies in to rows and have 4 done so far. Stitching the black however is proving to be a bit difficult on my eyes. I find I am nervous to look at what I have stitched in daylight.
I have also been doing secret stitching (not as much as I would like) and I am back basting the quilt that wouldn't play nice. I think it is going to have to wait until next year. I will show you a pic when it is done.
I have also completed the BOM "Merry Mistletoe" I was sharing with my online stitching group. I had to get a wriggle on because these girls were threatening to overtake me and a lot of you had asked me for a pattern. Want to see a pic.......
I had added a bonus block and made a little giftie bag with it.
I have finished the pattern and just need to get to the printers next week and then it will be available for all you people who have enquired about it. The price will be $16.50 Aus.
Now I also have STRICT instructions from the "Bossy Mouse" to tell you that her pattern is called "A CHRISTMAS TAIL" and just because her family name is "Mistlemouse" she is in no way related or involved with the quilt above. It appears "I" have confused you all and she is not amused. I am now in possession of the rest of her fabric and she is next on the list. I am beginning to think her name is "Moaner" Um Can Mice read???? Hope not or I will never hear the end of it.
I must fly I have a man coming to give me a quote on a new front screen door. Finally!!! It has been torn for so long since Miss Sophie and Doccy got overexcited when another dog went up the street and it looked dreadful. So YAY!! Then off to have a catchup coffee with my Bestie Ann.
I hope you all get to do something that makes your heart sing today.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. yummy Michelle that jam sounds so nice,oooh that pattern is so cute,well done Michelle and enjoy your day.xx

  2. Your posts are always so happy and busy, love them. Best not upset the Bossy Mouse. Have a fun morning.

  3. Your Merry Mistlemouse quilt looks great. I wish I'd stitched mine in red now that I've seen your one in red and green. The bag is gorgeous too.

  4. It looks to me like you need a weekend of rest after this busy week!
    Your I Spy quilts are going to have a wonderfully diverse collection of fabrics in them.
    I am pleased your patterns are ready to go. It takes a lot of time to check and re-check and change and improve .... etc. So it is a delight when it is all over! Well done.
    Enjoy your coffee.

  5. How can I order you patterns from the United States?

  6. Yum, home-made jam! Black is a hard colour to sew on, isn't it? That's a bossy little mouse in your house today!

  7. You have had a lot on this week..... hope that bossy mouse lets you have a bit of rest now!!

  8. Love seeing the quilt finished & the bag is so cute. Hugs,

  9. your quilt looks lovely!
    Great that there will be lots of squares for when the next grandie needs an I spy quilt!

  10. Yum to home made jam,nothing beats it! Love the quilt and will definately be buying it when it's back from the printers and Miss mouse is becoming very bossy lol:) Barb.

  11. Love the stitchery quilt and little gift bag... Look forward to seeing it for sale..

  12. Yum to jam and Yum to quilt. Great work Michelle... your patterns are wonderful! :)

  13. G'day Michelle. Doesn't that jam look yummy? I bet it tastes delicious. I love the Christmas quilt and the bag, they are beautiful. Well done. Take care. Liz...

  14. Oh Michelle, just beautiful. You will have to stop designing as I want to make them all not to mention all your great patterns in the magazines. Hugs....

  15. Hi Michelle - what a lovely week you've had and love your new quilt and would love a pattern please when its back from the printers

  16. Wow you have had a full week.. I'm exhausted just reading your post. That jam sounds delicious... Love your quilt and little bag .. you've done well to get all that done and off to the printers. I hope you get a chance to take it easy this week... xx

  17. Sounds like a super busy week. You have inspired me to get a wriggle on with stitching the last few of your gorgeous Christmas blocks.

  18. There is just no rest for some people is there?? the jam sounds lovely - maybe its jsut as well its not too handy. great looking pattern Michelle.

  19. Your new quilt is gorgeous, such lovely stitcheries. The little bag is beautiful too.


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