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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Finish!!

I hope every one had a nice weekend. I have finished sewing the binding on Country Garden....yay! I really like this quilt. The photos don't do it justice.
a little close up...
I enjoyed that spot of hand quilting so much I am going to baste up Portabello Friendship. This one....
Mistlemouse is progressing but alas I have run out of fabric and had to order more...isn't it always the way.
Apart from all these little bits and bobs I decided to drive myself and my better half completely insane by purchasing a not the medicinal type!! I have long felt the need to be able to keep in touch with you sweet people when Mr R. needs our computer for his work.....
Now I am not at all techno savvy as you all are acutely aware and Mr R. is but does it for a day job and doesn't really want to try and explain ever so patiently how all this is going to work to his other half (but he did  sort of) The upshot of all this is that I now am able to go away and keep in touch with you all or when I get thrown off the other one have another option.....never thought I would see the day!!!
Actually I am quite impressed with myself. I am telling you this to encourage all you poor folk out here who like me think you will never get a handle on it all. Just goes to show you can teach an old Yogini new tricks (sort of).
Have a great week everyone,
Blessings Michelle xx
PS I might actually get around to a few more blogs to comment now.


  1. Your quilt looks gorgeous in those pretty colours.

    Enjoy the new tablet.

  2. Your quilt looks fantastic Michelle. That little Merry Mistlemouse is looking so so cute!

  3. Gorgeous stitching/quilt! And a tablet, wow! Congrats. I've been eyeing them. How fun! Hope you have a great week. :)

  4. both lovely quilts...well done with the handquilting finish - you might have 2 to bring up later this month? loving the look of your mouse quilt... techno savvy you... enjoy...

  5. Im procrastinating on a tablet, so am glad you got one..I bought the hubby an ipad and must admit; I think I need a can do more with poor laptop gets taken everywhere...I think it needs a break lol

  6. The quilt looks great..
    lovely applique too..
    Mislretoe Mouse is looking good..
    Hmmm!! Like you I am not techno savvy BUT have been thinking about an iPad for awhile.....

  7. wow Michelle they all look fantastic,you have been very busy,good luck with your tablet.xx

  8. Lovely stitching there Michelle, I have just had a kindle and an iphone. Right this minute my brain feels full but I am sure it will all become second nature ready for the next thing. Good luck with yours.

  9. Your quilt looks fabulous, and I am loving Mistlemouse! x

  10. beautiful finish!! Your next hand quilting project is gorgeous, go girl.
    Now whose legs are those under that quilt?

  11. It's a beautiful finish, well done. Have fun with your new toy, I don't know how I managed without mine!

  12. Love all your quilts Michelle... finished and still to be finished!
    And in no time you'll be giving lessons on your new toy I'm sure! :)

  13. Enjoy getting to know your tablet.
    Country garden is beautiful. Mistletoe Mouse is looking gorgeous.

  14. Just beautiful Michelle , you do such lovely work. Good for you getting a tablet , you will love it !

  15. Gorgeous sewing as always. I love my tablet, means I can read blogs in the garden.

  16. Michelle your quilts are beautiful.

  17. Quilt looks gorgeous and the mistlemouse is looking very cute! Congrats on the tablet!

  18. I love your quilts Michelle. I also love my iPad. I'm still finding different ways of using it after 6 months. Finally joined google so I can comment on yours and other ladies beautiful work. NSW Sharyn

  19. Lovely to see your Country Garden finished and looking great.
    I am impressed that you are taking on another hand quilting job!
    Have fun with your new tablet.

  20. Beautiful sewing, they look fabulous.
    I love my tablet, couldn't do without it.


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